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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Small Miracles of the Prairie

I am posting this for jecorbin and her husband (Joel), our writing husband and wife team. Blogger is having its moments with people trying to post these couple of days. I hope they fix it soon. It would be a fun read, coming from the male point of view :-) You guys enjoy and please do comment and write a feedback.


I decided to jump into the pool and try my hand at writing - My husband (who has been sooo TMOOD tolerant) decided to give it a whirl too - Needless to say his writing skills kicked my butt, so I am offering his handiwork for the enjoyment of gang - this offering simply sets up Ray & Livy down the road a bit.........


He stripped off another layer, this time his broadcloth shirt. He already had his coat hooked on the fence next to the gate. This early in April and the warmth could be felt in the mid-morning sun.

“Looks like a early summer.” He mumbled to himself, as was his way when he worked alone.

Wiping his face with his kerchief, he slumped into a crouch near the soil that he loved. He was in a fenced section that was planted in winter wheat. The wheat was in neat rows and was within a month of harvest.

He sure wouldn’t be alone then. All farmers in the co-op would be moving with their rented harvesters and hired help from field to field for a week, non-stop, dawn to dusk. The fields would be full.

As he stood back up and scanned the horizon off this slight rise of a field, taking in the green panorama, he had to laugh at himself. He had been reluctant to switch this field to wheat. Yes, wheat was a good money crop, but the startup expense and the danger of loss were high. Livy had helped him change his ways, although he didn’t think she knew.

He always saw that little smile and look of amusement when he talked of beans. He never tired of their joke, but it did make him think of other possibilities.

“Ah, well.” He quietly said. He pulled out his Dad’s old watch to check the time.

Ray chuckled. “Dad never had a hunch that we could grow wheat in these hills”.

He was committed now and barring hail or four weeks without rain, he should have a nice nest egg to improve the farm. Maybe even lease another 40 to plant for fall harvest. He wiped his neck again, “Heck, I could plant some more of them beans.” He stripped off his shirt and started picking his way down the next row, hoeing out the weeds.

Livy was crying. Looking at the cluttered kitchen table, she wanted to sweep it all to the floor. It was all so frustrating, waiting for the next lesson to come in the mail.

“I just can’t go this slowly.”

She sighed and leaned on the table, tilting her head back she looked toward the mailbox. Turning her head, she peered out the other window down the long dirt road. No dust, no Mr. Günter, the rural route mailman in his old T.

Livy started to clear the books and papers off the table, placing them in her “school-box”, as Ray called it. He and the kids knew not to touch it from the shriek she let out the first time she caught little Danny pawing thought it.

“Time to fix lunch” Ray would be in near noon and Danny would be up from his nap. Livy could hear Troy cooing in the next room, amusing himself in his playpen.

Livy smiled and felt a little pleased, in spite of her impatience with her correspondence school delays. Four years ago, she thought she was destined to a sad, sparse life in the prairie. Since then, she had found more life and love that she had ever found in the city.

Jen (Joel)


Livy's Assurance


I must say this before going any further; to clear my Southern Baptist conscience. I write this episode about Ray and Livy in the sanctities of their marriage. If there was no marriage-I would not entertain this next post. Know that I want more of Ray and Livy but wouldn't entertain these thoughts had there not been the arrangement of marriage:) Read on if you so desire to see a glimpse of these two in the privacy of their marriage bed.

This is a continuation of The Letter I posted on Monday.

Livy's Assurance

Several weeks had passed since the letter came to Ray. Livy had wanted to ask Ray about the letter, but she was scared to know who Amy Cooper was. Regressing back to his shy, awkward ways around Livy, Ray was acting different Livy thought. Ray spent a lot of time with Daniel and began going to bed when Daniel laid down. Ray seemed uncomfortable around Livy; almost afraid to be alone with her. Livy's mind began to worry and thought the letter may have something to do with Ray's behavior. It did. But not how Livy suspected.

Livy wanted to find out about Amy Cooper. Who could she ask? Who would know about her? Who would tell her the truth?

Ray would kiss Livy and hold her, even take hot baths with her, but it had been at least a several weeks since they had made love. Livy is sure they haven't since the letter came.

Ray tells Livy that he's tired and things around the farm aren't getting any easier. He would apologize to Livy several times, about their lack of intimacy. Livy reminded Ray that there is more than one way to make love. That always brings a smile to Ray.

That night, Livy decided to win Ray back. To make him forget about whatever was on his mind-the farm or Amy. Livy thought, I'm here, I'm his wife, and I love him. I didn't come this far to lose him to this farm or an old memory.

While showering, Livy thought about Ray and how much joy and love he brings to her. Even when she didn't deserve it. As the water ran down Livy, she imagined that Ray's nice strong hands were running through her long curls. Livy liked the pleasure Ray drew from her hair. When Livy let the suds run down her back, she could feel the tips of Ray's long fingers caressing her spine. He always did that after they made love and were lying there talking and laughing about something crazy-usually something from their first few months of marriage.

Livy was drying off and thanked God for allowing her to enjoy her husband with no shame or guilt.

Livy reached for her new gown set. Abbey had sent it for her birthday. Livy was glad that she had this new gown set. It was blue with lace on the bodice. It flowed to the floor like a ballroom gown. It had rose buds on the spaghetti straps. There was a robe to match with slippers. Livy knew that Ray would notice her new gown. He always notices her and any small change to her. He notices everything about Livy-her lipstick color, a new clip in her hair, nailpolish on her fingernails, change of perfume. Ray blames his attention to small detail on his loneliness after Daniel left for the Navy. He watches Livy so close because he's afraid that one morning he will wake up in the bunkroom and there will have been no Livy and Daniel. He's afraid he will wake up from his dream to the continuing nightmare of loneliness.

God, how Livy loves him. Livy just hopes that the farm is too much right now, not her and Daniel.

When Livy walked into the bedroom, Ray was reading a library book. Ray looked up immediately from his reading and smiled when he saw Livy. He raised his eyebrows as in realizing the new gown set. Ray held true to his ways and complimented Livy on her blue gown. Livy told him that Abbey sent it to her for her birthday.

"Remind me to thank her the next time she calls." Ray said with a chuckle to himself.

Livy waltzed seductively over to the dresser in hopes to draw Ray into her. Livy could see Ray's reflection in the mirror and he had not taken his eyes off of her. She saw him get out out bed and move towards her. Livy was relieved.

Their eyes locked in the mirror and Ray had his half smile. Livy melted. Ray walked up behind her and placed his hands on the sides of Livy's hips. Livy did not turn around because she could not. She was glued to the floor. Ray began to rub the palms of his hands around her hips.

"I like the way this gown feels-smooth , soft and cool to the touch, just like you Livy." Ray whispered in Livy's ear. Their eyes never broke the stare, they remained steady on each other.Livy lifted her hands to her neck to begin taking down the twist.

Ray quickly requested in his soft sweet voice,"Let me."

Livy moved her hand to the back of Ray's neck. Ray was distracted from the task on hand by the softness of Livy's neck. He continued to caress the side of her neck with his lips and after a bit he began taking out the pins in Livy's hair while he kissed warmly, the back of her neck. Livy couldn't breath, Ray was always so tender and loving.

Ray slowly, lovingly took Livy's hair down. He watched Livy's reflecton in the mirror as her eyes were closed. Livy was being loved by her husband and she had never enjoyed it more. She needed Ray to love her like this tonight and he did.

Ray found his way back to Livy's neck and he began kissing it. His hands slid down to Livy's waist and he drew her closer to him. Ray untied the robe and moved it to slide off Livy's sexy, slim body. Ray loved and desired his wife's body and intended to enjoy it tonight.

With Livy's shoulders now exposed, Ray began to trace the tops of them with his fingertips. He then moved the fullness of his lips to her shoulders and kissed them ever so lightly. Livy moaned, "Oh, Ray!" before she realized it. Livy was a little embarrassed and opened her eyes to see the satisfaction in Ray's eyes from her response. Ray liked it when she called his name and it turned him on even more. He pulled Livy closer to him. Livy leaned against him because she could no longer stand on her own.

Ray turned Livy to face him. He placed his manly hands on her face and drew it to his. Before their lips touched, Ray assured Livy.

"I love you so much, Livy. I have missed you, us. I will never wait this long again. No matter how tired I am."

Livy heard him before she drifted off to lose herself in the lust of her husband and the need to be with him.

When Livy could think again, she reached to take off Ray's undershirt. She dropped it to the floor. Ray stood there waiting on Livy. Their stares met again. And Ray lost his breath. He whisked Livy up and took her to their bed. Her gown moved above her waist as he laid her in their bed. Ray laid down beside her. Their stare had not been broken and that turned Livy on even more. Livy reached up to kiss Ray's full lips and said,

"I love you so much, Ray. I was so scared!"

Ray, puzzled by Livy's words asked,"Scared? You have nothing to be scared of with me."

Together they said, "I love you."

Ray moved closer to Livy. He removed her birthday gown and threw it to the floor. He playfully said, "Thank you, Abbey, I owe you one." They both giggled.

Livy removed Ray's pajama pants very deliberately and innocently. Ray liked for Livy to undress him. It assured him that she wanted him, not always him wanting her. The pants landed on top of Livy's gown.

Ray wrapped his arms around Livy and they rolled over with playful laughter. Livy was on top, the way Ray liked it.

Ray looked intently at Livy, soaking up her soft beauty. Livy's hair fell on Ray as they kissed. With each kiss, they went deeper and deeper. Livy slipped to the side of Ray and removed his boxers. They both remembered separately the first time they saw each other. Ray took Livy's delicate panties slowly and patiently off. Ray moved his lips across Livy's soft and luscious stomach. It amazed him that it was once Daniel's home. Ray stopped momentarily to wipe the wettness from his eyes, he always did when he thought about Livy and his son. One day another baby would live in her stomach and he would kiss it so they would know that their daddy loved them.

Livy looked down at Ray to see what happened, and smiled at the tears in his eyes. Livy laid back and enjoyed the love of her husband.

Ray moved up to Livy's breast and caressed them and kissed them. Ray enjoyed Livy's body-for his own pleasure-like God intended it. Ray was always turned on by Livy and tonight was no different.

Ray's arousal was strong. Livy could feel it on her leg. Livy moved Ray to her face and spread her legs as a sign to Ray that she was ready.

Ray found Livy's glance again, and said with his hands on her face, "I love you, Livy. I waited so long for you."

That's all he could say before Livy half way sat up and kissed Ray hard, long and deep. They dropped to the pillows and Ray entered Livy. With each rise and fall, Livy felt her husband's strength and love. Livy rolled Ray off of her and onto his back. Livy moved on top of Ray and helped him find the rise and fall again. Ray enjoyed watching Livy. Ray knew her well and knew when she had arrived.

Tonight they'd arrive together, but not before Livy had the ride of her life with Ray, several times.

Afterwards, Livy found her usual resting place on Ray and traced his chest-Ray caressed the spine of Livy's delicate back with his fingertips, he knew that Livy liked that. He knew a lot about Livy. More than Edward-Ray was sure of that.

Later, when Ray was fast asleep, Livy assured herself that Ray was there with her and not anywhere else.

But where had Ray been the past few weeks? Livy knew it wasn't with her.

To Be Continued


Food for thoughts

It gave me a kick when I realized that he's wearing this as I was taking some screen shots from the movie Chilly Dogs.

For those of you who may be wondering what's under that thick rob he's wearing in the TMOOD movie, here's a pretty good idea of it.

I surprisingly enjoyed this movie. I've noticed that he's pretty comfortable and effective in a comedy.



I enjoyed myself so much while chatting online with other addicts. I had to stifle so much laughter to not wake the kids! And, it wasn't just about TMOOD, we got to know each other a little, which was great. At least two of you now know I'm a little twisted... =)

I'm wondering if we could find a time that would work for more of us. If others are interested, how about you post a comment for what day/time might work for you. I'm happy to keep track and find something for us, even if it's a week or two out.



Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Need Member voice/vote

There have been a slew of stories being posted recently that I felt it appropriate to address the fact that our writing styles all differ in tone, feeling and purpose.

So-I am revamping or site rules but this time with the help of the members and readers. Since we share this page, I think everyone should have a say as to the availability of materials that will be open to public viewing. I am addressing specifically certain stories that may be published in the future that may be entertaining and satisfying to one but may come out offensive to the other. The rules were set with the main intention of discouraging certain "hits" by floaters (visitors) with malicious intent or certain inappropriate websites linking with our site. Words we use on our posts are randomly picked by search engine "robots" so they can index our site for worldwide inquiries (google, yahoo, msn, etc,)

I have initially set the blog for posting / contribution provided certain "rules" were met. There is now a popular demand for the stories to have free reign in content and material. So I wish to know how the members and readers feel about posts that may deviate from that certain "Hallmark feel".

Your immediate opinion and vote is needed so that we can agree unanimously on this particular issue.

Will you:
  1. Agree on having stories e-mailed to members first and then vote on whether it should be published or not in our website?
  2. Let it be published regardless of its content?

This vote will hold until we find a better way to categorize our posts.


Signs there’ll be whoopee at the farm tonight

This was borne out of a way-too-late p.m. chat session with a couple other addicts who shall remain nameless. We were discussing what might have been those tell-tell signals between a husband and a wife in the 40’s and it took a comical turn (for the worst? you decide!)
Additions Are Welcome!

12. (thx to pbright)
Ray: Ring, Ring, Ring
Livy: Score ! (wink wink)

11. (thx to jecorbin)
Ray: I love coming home, sleeping on my land
Livy: Yes, but trust me Ray the bed can be fun too!

Ray: Want to plant some beans?
Livy: Sure, the North field is ready!

Ray: I’ve been think’n bout Troy.
Livy: Ray, why’d you name our bed Troy?

Ray: I sound like I’m trying to sell you something.
Livy: I’ll buy whatever you’re sell’n, Mister.

Ray: Livy is there anything you like about me?
Livy: Actually yes, let’s start with those gorgeous full lips and go from there.

Ray: I’ll do anything to make you happy.
Livy: Ok, show me.

Ray: Farmers get to bed early.
Livy: Not tonight they don’t

Ray: You like to swim?
Livy: I love to swim. Let’s swim RIGHT NOW (wink wink)

Livy: I may not dance, but I could be persuaded to do other things…

Livy: Doesn’t that thing come with a manual?
Ray: Baby, I know exactly what to do with it!

And the Number 1 way you know there’s gonna be whoopee at the farm tonight…

Livy: Ray, how do you know this could work?
Ray: It works quite well, WATCH!


Funny Part in TMOOD

Waiting for #1 daughter to finish piano lessons today so I decided to watch the 1st scene of the movie and then decided that the funniest part of the movie is when the Rev's wife starts to play the organ after Ray and Livy are pronounced man and wife. She acts like this is some big, happy occasion and that all will rejoice to the sound of her hymn! Meanwhile the church is filled with awkwardness. I think it is funnier each time I watch it. Now...who knows what hymn it is? I don't, but was wondering if it is familiar to anyone.


Station break

I suppose I will call this the "station break" between the entertaining stories we've been getting lately. Although not necessarily a Hallmark card ad, but our own version of TMOOD commercial.

All I've been able to do lately is post short notes--I apologize. Thank you to the other members who keep the excitement going while I try to think about improving this site for our growing needs.

The following are posted by request from other members:


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Day to Remember

It was a Friday in February and two days before Daniel’s baptism. With Livy’s encouragement, Ray had agreed that they would host a luncheon at the house following the ceremony at church and Livy had been working all week on getting the house ready and planning the menu. She had baked two pies early that morning, but was counting on Martha for another two. Mrs. Pratt of course, would bring a cake. On Saturday she hoped to bake a ham and prepare vegetables for cooking so that there would be little left to do on Sunday when they returned from church.

Martha and Ruth would be arriving before lunch that day to help out and to watch Daniel while Livy drove into Wilson for some last minute odds and ends. Hank and the boys would come to the house too as Ray was repairing the tractor and Hank had the special tool he needed for the job.

The noisy crew arrived promptly at 11:30 and the boys all hurried into the barn to find Ray while the ladies came into the house to find Livy and Daniel.

Chester dashed ahead of the others, proud to be the bearer of the special tool for which Uncle Ray was waiting. He was so focused on getting to the barn first that he didn’t notice Ray turning the corner to exit from the barn and he ran head first into Ray, slamming the tool into Ray’s midsection as he did.

Ray grunted as Chester hit him and put out his hands to steady the boy and to slow any further momentum. Chester looked up at Ray with alarm in his eyes. Ray, getting his breath back had to laugh in light of poor Chester’s terror – “Well where’s the fire Chester?” he asked with a light chuckle.

“I got the tool for you Uncle Ray – I was just hurrying to bring it to you,” he blurted out.

“I can see that,” answered Ray smiling and rubbing his abdomen at the same time.

“Chester!” came the stern reprimand from his father. “You better learn to watch where you are going before you really hurt someone. You okay, Ray?”

“I’m fine, Hank. I’m glad we got some helpers here. Chester, can you go and get me the gas can off the back of the beet box? I’ll need a bit of gas for the tractor before we get started working on it and I best get it back in the truck before Livy heads out.”

“Sure Uncle Ray, I can do that,” he said as he turned to head off to the truck to get the gas tank.

Ray and Hank moved back into the garage to discuss Ray’s plan of action. Chester returned with the gas tank and watched as Ray carefully poured what he needed in to the tractor and gave it back to Chester to return to the truck. Chester took the can, but before he reached the door to the barn, he noticed some evidence that a mouse had been nearby and he put the gas can down just outside the door while he followed the mouse droppings to see where they might lead.

Meanwhile, inside the house Livy poured coffee for Martha and a cocoa for Ruth while they sat and listened to Livy review Daniel’s schedule. Livy ate a sandwich and then put on her coat and found her purse as she readied to depart. Martha would serve lunch to everyone else in a little while.

Livy made her way into the barn to say good bye to Ray and the others. Ray put down his tools and moved toward Livy and gave her a kiss. “The wind is coming out of the north, Livy – it’s likely to snow in a little while so you should plan to get back as quick as you can.”

“Don’t worry, Ray. I’ll be home before anyone has even missed me,” she responded with a fond smile as she touched his cheek.

“I don’t know about that sweetheart, I’ll miss you before the beet box is even out of site,” he said as he raised his eyebrows at her and tilted his head slightly to the side.

Livy laughed and kissed him again before turning to head toward the truck. Ray never left the barn and thus never noticed the gas can still sitting where Chester had left it.


Livy headed toward Wilson, humming as she went. She had just a few items to pick up at the grocer in Wilson, but had a secret trip planned to Camp Amache where she would pick up a new suit that Florrie and Rose had made for her especially for the baptism. She wanted to surprise Ray so she hadn’t said a word about the fittings, nor had she let him know that she would be driving out there today. She wouldn’t be long so he would have no reason to suspect. The suit would be beautiful and she hoped that he would be pleased to see her in it.

As she left the grocer with her packages, she noticed the wind picking up and the sky darkening. She clutched her coat around her and hurried to the truck. As she drove to Camp Amache, the snow began to fall. She hastened along and arrived to find Rose and Florrie waiting for her. She declined the very final fitting in order to avoid any further delay and assured Rose and Florrie of her confidence that it would fit. They would get to admire the suit on Sunday as they would be guests at the luncheon.

By the time Livy left the Camp, the snow had picked up and the visibility had grown worse. She quickly checked the gas tank and was dismayed to realize that the tank was quite low. Ray no doubt believed that she had enough gas to get to Wilson and back – he hadn’t factored the side trip to Camp Amache. She decided to refill the tank before starting out, but was further dismayed to find that the gas tank was not in the back of the truck. Livy said a quick prayer that she would make it home and started out before it got any later.

Livy gripped the wheel for much of the drive as she hunched forward to peer through the windshield as the snow thickened. She was determined to be brave and venture on. She thought of Ray and Danny waiting for her and vowed to be home soon. As she started to say another prayer, she heard the engine sputter and gradually grow more erratic before completely coming to a stop. Livy closed her eyes briefly and then hopped out to open the hood of the truck (as if she would know what to look for), but she knew she had run out of gas.

She looked around trying to determine where she was. Although it was snowing steadily at least it was still day time and she had a sense of where she was in relation to the farm – she estimated that it was about three miles along the road. She grabbed her purse from the truck and set out toward the farm – it would be a slow walk and she thought of Ray and Danny waiting for her and started forth.


Martha stood up and started to clear the table after everyone had finished eating. She said that Livy had wanted Danny to go in for his nap about then and asked Ray if he wanted to do that or should she.

“I’ll take him up, Martha. With the snow having started, I better switch from working on that tractor to keeping things swept and shoveled so the walkways are passable come Sunday. I hope Livy will be along before too long – I don’t like having her out there driving when the weather turns bad.”

“She said she wouldn’t be long, Ray. There’s a lot to do around here for Sunday and I know she wanted to get back soon,” said Martha reassuringly.

“Hope so,” said Ray, frowning as he carried Danny upstairs to put him in his cradle.


About an hour later, after he had swept off the walkways and the porch with the help of Hank and the boys, Ray came in to the house to find Martha with a frown on her face. He said to her “I thought Livy would be back by now Martha – don’t you think she’d be back from her shopping by now?”

“Probably so Ray, but she no doubt is driving slowly in this weather. I bet she’ll be along any minute,” assured Martha.

“Maybe so, but I’d like to borrow your truck to drive out along the road between here and Wilson to see if I can meet up with her,” Ray said. “You can manage here can’t you, Martha?”

“Sure we can, honey. You go do what you need to do and bring your wife home safe,” Martha replied.

‘Thanks sis,” said Ray as he gave her a quick hug and accepted the keys from Hank.

“I can come along Ray,” offered Hank.

“Might be a good idea for you to stay here Hank, just in case,” said Ray. “But thanks.”

He grabbed his coat and without delay headed out the door and to the truck.

He headed out along the road to Wilson, trudging along slowly as he peered through the poor visibility. He grew more and more worried as he got closer and closer to Wilson without encountering Livy in the beat box. Eventually, he made it to the store in Wilson where he got out of the truck and scanned the street for the sign of the beet box parked somewhere in the area. He went into the store and asked the shopkeeper about Livy.

“Mrs. Singleton was here, Ray. But she left some time ago, just before the snow started,” the shopkeeper told him.

The blood left Ray’s face as he heard the shopkeeper give him this report. He left the store and went to the payphone to call the house to see if Livy had returned. He was grateful to Livy at that moment that there was a phone at the house. Martha answered after one ring.

“Martha, it’s Ray,” he said. “Has Livy gotten back?” he asked, the anxiety in his voice thick.

“No, Ray. But the Umahara girls called to see if Livy got back safely. I guess she stopped there on her way back from the store in Wilson.”

Ray thought for a moment. “She probably had to refill the tank if she did that – I don’t think there was enough gas in the beet box to make it that far.”

“Ray,” Martha said cautiously. “We found your gas can outside the barn door. Chester forgot to put it back in the truck.”

Ray groaned. “I need to go Martha,” he said abruptly and he hung up the phone and ran to the truck and sped down the road toward Camp Amache. He knew he would need to continue past the camp since Livy had left there and presumably headed home. He was beginning to think that somewhere between Camp Amache and home Livy had run out of gas. What she had done at that point, he couldn’t guess, but he was going to find her.

He sped past Camp Amache and continued along the road toward his farm – their farm he silently corrected himself. Their farm.

He began to pray as he raced along the road. The snow was covering the dirt roads, making it a bit tricky to discern the road from the fields that bordered it. He knew the roads quite well and managed to stay on them reasonably well, but he worried that Livy might not have been able to stay on the road as easily.

After what seemed an eternity, he spotted the beat box. As he had anticipated, it was off the road a bit, but easily reachable. He skidded to a stop next to the beat box and then jumped out of Hank’s truck and ran at the same time. He flung open the passenger door to find the truck empty. He quickly closed the door and looked around frantically. “Livy!” he called. “Livy, are you there?”

He got back into Hank’s truck and started to drive in the direction of the farm, creeping along slowly and keeping his window open so that he might hear something. The snow was swirling, continuing to make it hard to see. He stopped every 100 yards or so to get out and to call for Livy. He continued this pattern for a bit and noted that he must have traveled a mile or a little more. If Livy was walking home, she was going to be very cold and very wet and his worry was mounting with each passing minute.

He continued on and each time ran perpendicular to the roadway to make sure that he wasn’t missing her if she had veered from the road. “Livy!” he called. “Livy, can you hear me? Livy, are you out there?”

Then he finally heard it -- the faint sound of a voice calling “Ray?” Then again, “Ray!” He turned around and ran across the road and to the other side. “Livy! Where are you?”

“I’m here Ray!” she called, her voice growing louder as she moved toward where his voice was coming from. She tried to run, but her legs and feet were numb with cold. Suddenly she saw him emerge from the swirling snow, running toward her. “Livy!” he called as he swooped her up in a hug. She threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him so tightly that he could barely breathe. He kissed her hair several times realizing that her hair was caked with snow.

“We need to get you home, Livy. You’ll freeze.” He lifted her up and carried her to Hank’s truck, which was still running and relatively warm. He put her into the passenger side of the truck and then hurried around and slid behind the wheel. He turned the heat up as high as it would go and pulled Livy over to the middle of the seat where she could sit close to him and take some heat from his body.

He quickly put the truck into gear and sped home. Livy leaned on Ray and put her head down on his shoulder as her teeth chattered. “I was so worried about you Livy, I was going out of my mind just thinking something terrible might have happened to you.”

Livy started to cry, “I’m so sorry Ray. I was so stupid to go to Camp Amache without telling anyone.” She started to cry harder. “I was so terrified that I was never going to see you and Danny again.”

“It’s okay, Livy. You are safe now and we’re almost home. Look ahead, you can see the lights of the house through the snow,” Ray said soothingly.

Livy looked up and saw the house and felt a wave of relief, but the sight of the house and the thought that Danny was inside brought on another round of tears. Ray grasped her hand and murmured, “It’s okay, Livy. It’s okay.”

Soon they pulled up to the house where Ray stopped the truck and then hurried around to help Livy out the side door. The snow in her hair had melted, but he could see that she was soaking wet and she was still shivering uncontrollably. He lifted her again and carried her to the house. “Let me try to walk please, Ray. I’m so embarrassed and don’t want to look more a fool than I already feel.”

“Livy, you are not a fool. If that gas can had been in the back of the truck like it ought to have been, you would have been home long ago. You were amazing to have walked as far as you did in this weather. Don’t you be embarrassed now – it’s family in there,” Ray said reassuringly and almost sternly.

He opened the door and led her inside. The house was bright and warm and Livy struggled to hold back her tears as she took in the familiar sites of what was now home. Martha and Hank and the children rushed toward the door as they entered and showered Livy with hugs, cheers, apologies, and a few tears. Martha led Livy away from the others, saying, “Why don’t I help Livy get these cold wet things off and change into some dry things. That coffee should be ready so someone can get her a cup and someone else can stoke that fire and get it good and hot. We’ll be right down.” They slowly went up the stairs as Livy’s legs were still numb and sore.

Ray shook himself out of his wet coat and hung his hat on the rack. He pulled off his boots which had soaked through and started toward the fire to stoke it. He was pretty cold himself so he tried to warm his hands and feet while no one was looking. Hank went into the kitchen where he and Ruth poured coffee for the adults and made cocoa for the kids. By the time they got back to the parlor, Martha and Livy were coming back down, Livy in her flannel nightgown and her robe, socks and slippers on her feet. Martha led her to the chair by the fire where Ruth put a blanket around Livy’s shoulders. Ray handed her the coffee, which she held by the handle with one hand and warmed her other hand by putting in up against the side of the mug.

“How are you doing, Livy?” he asked gently.

She nodded and managed a small smile. “A little better now that I’m out of those wet clothes.”

Everyone grew quiet, not sure what to say or what to ask – they knew Livy was feeling emotional and embarrassed by what had happened. Suddenly, Chester burst into tears. “I’m sorry Aunt Livy. I’m so sorry that I forgot to put the gas can back. It’s all my fault that you got lost and near froze!” he sobbed.

Livy’s eyes widened in surprise at Chester’s emotional confession. She looked around at the others with a bewildered look on her face. She didn’t know any of what had transpired with the gas can and looked to Ray for some sense of what was going on.

“Aw Chester,” said Ray. “You didn’t do it on purpose buddy – and I know it’s something that will never happen again.”

Taking Ray’s cue, Livy said, “Chester honey, please don’t blame yourself. I’m here safe and sound and that’s all that matters right now.” She held out a hand to him and he ran toward her taking her hand first and then throwing his hands around her neck.

“I’m really glad you’re safe Aunt Livy. We don’t know what we’d do without you now,” he exclaimed.

Livy smiled as she rubbed her hand up and down his back. “Well, I’m not going to give you a chance to find out little man. It would take more than a snow storm to separate me from this family!”

She kissed his head as he moved away from her and went to sit next to his mother on the sofa. Martha put her arm around him. Ray said to Chester. “Tell you what, Chester. Tomorrow, you and I will get your daddy to drive us out to where the beat box is – we’ll take that gas can with us, fill her up and drive her on home.”

“Really? Can I mama?” he looked to Martha.

Martha laughed and said, “I think you better do that Chester.”

Suddenly they heard Danny cry out as he awoke from his nap. Ray got up quickly to go upstairs to bring him down. As soon as he’d changed Danny’s diaper he brought him down the stairs and gave him directly to Livy who reached out to eagerly hold him. Knowing that Danny needed to be fed, Martha shooed the group from the room and offered to make dinner. Ray looked to Livy and said, “Sounds great, Martha” as Livy nodded her consent and agreement.


Once they were alone, Ray sat down facing Livy. Livy had a sad look on her face as she gazed down at Danny as he nursed. “I was so frightened out there, Ray. Not so much for myself, but for fear that Danny would be motherless.”

Ray stayed silent. He wanted to ask her why she’d gone to Camp Amache without telling anyone, especially knowing that the storm was coming. He didn’t want to appear angry or didn’t want to make her feel worse than she already did. He figured she’d tell him in time.

“Livy, God didn’t bring you all this way to us only to take you away – I think you’re meant to be here with us for a long time,” Ray said, trying to reassure her.

Livy smiled up at him with eyes shining from her tears. “I hope you are right,” she responded softly.

“I am right and one of these days you’re going to remember that I usually am!” he teased.

“Okay,” she said more lightly. “You are right and I’ll be staying around a long while.”

“I wonder, Livy,” he started slowly. “I wonder if we should hold off on that lunch on Sunday.”

“Oh Ray, we can’t cancel. People will be disappointed and I can’t let them down. I really think people want to see our home now that there’s a Mrs. Singleton here – I can’t let you down.”

“You don’t have to prove anything to me, Livy. I already think a lot of Mrs. Singleton and no lunch is going to change that,” he said.

She smiled and said, “We still have all of tomorrow to finish getting ready and there isn’t all that much to do, Mr. Singleton.”

“Well, if you are sure. And if you promise to rest up a bit,” he said a bit sternly. “Are you getting warm yet?”

“Yes, I am finally. Holding this little guy close sure helps,” she said.

Ray raised an eyebrow and said, “I wonder what holding this big guy might do for you?”

Livy looked at him with a bit of surprise. “What happened to getting rest?” she asked him.

“I just said holding, I didn’t say anything else,” he said with exaggerated defensiveness. Ray was glad for the opportunity to help Livy relax and settle down after what had happened because it was helping him do the same. He could still tense up thinking about what might have happened to Livy out there and remembering how worried he had been.

Martha came in and called them to the supper table. Ray quickly moved to take Danny from Livy and to help her up with his free hand. Although the numbness and cold had gone away she was still a bit sore and a little unsteady. Ray held her hand and they moved toward the table and he managed to pull a chair out for her with one hand while he held Danny with the other.

The meal began with a prayer of thanks for the food and for the safe return of Livy and Ray, too. Livy added her own thanks for the family members surrounding her.

After dinner, Martha and her family cleared and washed up and left for home.

Ray saw them to the door and then returned to Livy in the living room - she was seated on the sofa with her feet tucked underneath her. She had put Danny in the downstairs cradle where he was sleeping peacefully. Ray sat down on the floor near the fire and took off his socks. “I’ve wanted to take off these wet socks ever since we got back,” he said.

“Well, why on earth didn’t you, sweetheart?” Livy asked.

“Just never seemed to be the right time – I didn’t want to leave you to go upstairs and get dry socks. I don’t want to leave you now either – your face looks so pretty in the firelight,” he said. They hadn’t turned on the lights as it grew dark outside so the room was aglow from the fire.

Livy moved off the sofa and sat down on the floor next to Ray and took one of his feet in her hands and began to gently rub it.

“Oh boy, does that feel good,” he said.

“Well, you were my hero today. Why don’t you just lie back and I’ll give you a little foot rub. I’m pretty good at this – I used to rub Mama’s feet when she was sick and she really liked it.”

Ray did as she suggested, putting his hands behind his head while positioning his head so he could still see her, but he eventually closed his eyes as she massaged his feet.

He wasn’t sure how long the massaging went on, but he noticed when it stopped. He peeked out of the corner of one eye to see Livy positioning herself right next to him, placing her head on his shoulder and her right arm across his stomach. He moved his arms so they were around her. He thought maybe she’d want to rest and maybe even fall asleep until he felt her hand start to wander around his abdomen.

Ray took that as a call to action and turned on his side to kiss Livy. Livy eagerly returned his kiss and their passion ignited there in front of the fire.

Affection took its natural course and afterward, Ray jumped up and dodging their clothes that were now strewn about the room, grabbed a blanket from the sofa to cover them both. They snuggled beneath the blanket and Ray said, “I guess Danny’s won’t be the only christening this weekend.”

Livy looked at him quizzically.

“I believe we just christened this room and this rug in particular,” he said raising his eyebrows at her.

They both laughed and fell asleep under the blanket, in front of the fire, with their son sleeping soundly a few feet away.

Christening story to come….


Monday, March 28, 2005

A few questions

I'm a little confused about something. During his profession of love for Livy Ray says, "I know marry'n wasn't your idea". At first I figured he meant that because it was all arranged, it wasn't her idea to be there.

But then I noticed, during their introduction, when Rev. Case says "we'll be over in the church", Livy shoots him a look. I wonder if she intended to come & stay with Ray until she decided if she wanted to marry him or not, but her father had made plans for them to marry without informing her.

It kind of makes sense to me, as we know that she really didn't intend to become domestic or even to be there for very long. It might even be possible that Abby didn't know they'd been married... no ring, etc. Except for letters, I suppose, Livy would've used her married name on the return address.

Any thoughts?


That look...

My husband downloaded these pictures for me...so sweet!
Somehow those eyes and lips just got to me, so am sharing it with you fellow addicts.
Just a warning to you ladies--keep your hormones in control before viewing.

The good and the bad image look but the same effect...still HOT!


Skeet Movies on TV in April

The TV-now.com site shows two of Skeet's movies will be on TBS Superstation in April (there are others that will be on some of the premium channels -- do a Skeet Ulrich search at the site to see what's on).

Those two movies are:
Mon Apr 18 02:00A on TBS Superstation – The Craft (2 stars)
Fri Apr 22 01:40A on TBS Superstation – As Good As It Gets (3 stars)

I've seen him in As Good as It Gets (and we've had that recent back shot thanks to Skeetrfan), but have not seen the other movie. The screen caps at the skeeter.net site show that he's clean shaven with short hair in The Craft and there are quite a few kissing shots so it should definitely be worth checking out (video tape for sure - 2 a.m.? I don't think so...)


Letter From the Past

This is Part I of a who knows how many part writings. I am writing blindly. Skeetrfan and I discussed this a little last night during chat room time. The next post will be the Rev. Case and his reasons for going to Ray and not another eligible bachelor. It all will tie together, just bare with me, and make one big story/chapter. I think/hope it will be worthy of reading. I have the thoughts in my head, just hope I can get them on computer.

Livy had driven into Wilson to go to the Post Office and pick up some cloth to make Daniel a new outfit for Easter. Ray had given live the last of the rations for the month to buy the cloth. Ray was always so good to Livy. She thinks often about how lucky she is. How God worked out her plan-or unplans-to the better of His will. live now knew that she had been made for Ray and Ray had been made for her. The only thing was, he lived in Wilson and she lived in Denver. God had to get them together somehow.

Livy never had the desire to be domestic until she came to Ray. His pure and simple life has made her want to do more-like cook, needlepoint, crochette, and sew. Martha was in charge of all this domestic makeover in Livy. Ray takes pleasure in seeing Livy learn something new. He feels that for now she want be bored because she loves to learn and try new things. Ray hopes this is enough for now.

Livy goes into the store and finds a nice piece of baby blue plaid cloth. She figures she will make him a pair of short coveralls-we know them today as john-john suits. Martha said that would be the easiest thing to make since it was her first big undertaking. Livy had made new curtains for Daniels room-the bunk room-and a spread for the crib, but not any clothes. Daniel was growing so fast. He is already beginning to crawl. Livy laughs to herself as she pictures Ray, everynight, down on all fours trying to teach Daniel how to crawl. That boy changed Livy. At first she thought for the worst, but each day she realizes that it is for the better and a part of God's plan.

Livy quickly stops by the Post Office to pick up their mail. Livy doesn't go to the Post Office as often anymore because she talks to her sister on the phone. Ray has been getting the mail lately because he is the one going into town. Not Livy, she's too busy becoming Susy homemaker over at Martha's or their house with Martha's help.

Mr. Orcher, the Post Master, was surprised to see Livy. He commented on how lovely she was and how that the baby hasn't changed her one bit.

Livy quickly responds, "If you could only see the inside, you'd see how he has changed me. All for the better, of course."

Mr. Orcher said with a smile, "Yeah, oh Ray has a smile every time he's here. Especially when I ask him how his family is. Sure is good to see him happy and smiling again. We were all worried about him after Daniel and everything. Sometimes I didn't see him for weeks. It's so good to see him happy and all. Just like the Singleton's always have been."

Livy reached out for the mail and Mr. Orcher commented on how much there was. He hadn't seen that much mail in one box in a long time. Livy smiled and said, "Mm..Hm."

Livy turned to go out and told Mr. Orcher to have a nice day and she hoped to see him soon.

As Livy hurriedly climbed into the truck, she dropped the mail. Livy needed to get back to Daniel because he had to eat soon. She moaned as she stooped over to pick it all up. The only mail that Livy noticed was the cream envelope with floral trim.

The return address read:
Amy Cooper
Post Office 161
Hamilton, CO

Who was Amy? Why was she writing Ray?

Livy thought about Amy and who she was all the way home. Ray had never mentioned anyone. But why would he? Who was this Amy? It could be a relative. But there were no Coopers on the Family tree in the Bible.

Livy decided that she was going to not worry about it. There was probably nothing to worry about. Ray would tell her, if it was worthy to be said.

Livy arrived home just in time. Daniel had become fussy and would not sit in the highchair. Ruth was glad to see live. She loves to care for Daniel, but with him breastfeeding still, it was hard to pacify him when he was hungry. Ruth tried to give him water, but he wouldn't take it. Livy quickly came in and picked up the baby. Ruth was so glad live was home. She thought she may have to go get her Uncle Ray, she really didn't want to have to do that.

Livy put the mail on Ray's table, and went to the couch with Daniel to fed him.

Livy asked Ruth if Ray had been in and Ruth said "No, he is still out in the barn."

Ruth would stay with live until this afternoon when they would all go over to her house for dinner. Ruth was a big help for Livy and lots of company. Livy so enjoyed having Ruth there to pass the time with. Ruth enjoyed spending time with Livy. They sewed together, they fixed each others hair and make-up. Ruth was so glad that Uncle Ray had found Aunt Livy. Ruth was still innocent enough to not put it all together and didn't realize that Ray was not really Daniel's daddy.

Ray finally came in for lunch. Livy had already put Daniel down for a nap and was fixing lunch. Ruth was right there with her learning how to be a wife. Livy thought it was quit amusing that Ruth was learning from her how to be a cook.

Ray laughed at the two of them. Livy was so patient with Ruth and all her need to be right there with Livy. Livy would not have it any other way.

Ray asked if there was any mail and Livy said "oh, yeah, so much I dropped it getting in the truck." Livy thought there was no need to mention the letter. Ray would tell her about it, she was sure of it.

Livy and Ruth continued laughing and carrying on about "girl stuff" while fixing lunch. Lunch was ready and Livy walked into the living room to get Ray, but he wasn't there. Livy didn't hear Ray go up stairs, but she wasn't paying attention either. She went upstairs to get Ray.

Ray was in the babies room just rocking in the rocking chair staring at Daniel.

Livy stood in the doorway and asked Ray, "Are you alright?"

Ray looked at Livy, "Yes, I just wanted to see my little man. I have missed him today."

Livy overflows with joy when she sees Ray and his love for Daniel. It is so obvious. Unlike her father, Ray shows Daniel how much he loves him even at this early age. Daniel will always know he loves him. It's times like these that Livy wants to give Ray a house full of children, his children.

Ray came down with Livy to eat lunch. Ray didn't say much at lunch, but he usually doesn't because Ruth and Livy dominate the conversation. Ray doesn't mind. He loves the sound of conversation in his home, that was once silent. Ray actually learns alot during lunch talk when Ruth is there. He learns that Livy enjoys "girly things".

Ray tries to take Livy out at least once a month and more often if the farm allows. They go to the picture show, dancing, and take beetbox rides. They actually have a spot that they go to, to look at stars. They usually end up making out. Ray loves this, especially since they never dated. He feels like a lovesick school boy. Best thing is, he gets to sleep with her,too, everynight. Unlike his school boy days.

Ray thought about alot during lunch and it was nothing about the girls conversation. All Ray could think about was "Why is she writing me now? What does she want? She doesn't know that I'm married?" Ray chose to ignore the letter in hopes the discouragement would be enough for Amy to leave him alone.

Ray hurriedly ate lunch and went back out to the barn. Livy reminded him that they were going to Martha's for supper. They needed to be there around five o'clock.

Livy decided that Ray must not have read the letter and went to the desk to see. The letter was gone. Ray had read it.

When Livy and Ruth were washing dishes, Livy asked Ruth if she knew Amy Cooper.

Ruth looked confused, and said slowly, "Nooo, should I?"

Livy smiled and said, "No, I just saw the name and wondered who it was?"

Who was Amy and what did she want with Ray?



Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Ring - Before & After

We've all had the same idea! This has been finished for a couple days but I've been unable to post. I've never done this before so, be honest first, and be gentle. =) My writing is more about facts & events, less about feelings and thoughts. Hopefully that will improve. This is long, sorry. Chris.

Read the story

While packing her suitcases Livy had an odd feeling of homesickness. It was something she’d not felt since she was a little girl, away from home overnight for the first time. She certainly hadn’t felt a longing to be home in Denver so there was no reason for her mood. She tried to shake the feeling, distracting herself with busywork.

Later, before bed, Livy heard the familiar sounds of Ray’s bedtime routine. She knew it as if it were her own. She knew that he changed into bedclothes and a robe before going into the bathroom. She would hear him brushing his teeth, and a moment later he would stop and say good night though her door before going into the bunkroom. She would strain to hear him quietly say “Amen”, and then would hear the springs of his bed as he lay down on it. Last, the pull chain on his lamp. It was then that Livy realized she was hearing these sounds for the last time. The homesickness had returned like a rock in her stomach and Livy discovered that she was already homesick for this house, this man, this life.

For weeks Livy had been telling herself that it would be better to leave now, before the baby comes, so she and Ray could get on with the lives they were meant to lead. She would still be able to find a way to Europe to see the famous excavation sites she studied for so long. Ray would be free to find a woman that could bear children, his children, as he deserved. The reasons for leaving seemed logical and honorable, but her heart had found a home here.

(The next day, after Ray professes his love and tries to sell the idea of staying to Livy)…

“That day, when the preacher married us, I forgot the ring. I have one now.”
“Ray, the truth is, I don’t know if I deserve you. How do you know this could work?”
“I know because, because someday you’re gonna forgive yourself.”

Surprised, Livy looked straight into Ray’s teary eyes. “Ray, I’m not sure I can. I don’t think I ever will.”

“Trust me Livy, you will. After Daniel died it was all I could do to get outta bed each day, know’n that I should’ve gone in his place.”

Ray took a small step closer and gently placed his hands on her arms.

“Slowly that pain will go away, and I will be here to make sure you never forget what a blessing you are to me and that baby. You are a gift to me Livy and I will do anything to make you happy… as my wife and the mother of that baby.”

Ray let his hands drop from Livy’s arms before he continued.

“I don’t want you to stay if you don’t want to be here, but I want you to know that I will love you forever, no matter what you choose.”

Livy was stunned that Ray knew the pain and guilt that nearly consumed her. Reverend Dunne had banished his daughter for shaming him, and not a day went by that Livy didn’t berate herself for accepting the touch of a stranger to fill the void left by her mother’s death and her father’s detachment. Now here she was standing in front of a man that was not much more than a stranger, telling her that she was worthy of being loved. Livy waited for a moment, looking at the floor while she carefully gathered her words.

Preparing himself for the answer he didn’t want to hear, Ray silently prayed that Livy understood what he’d told her, what he’s been telling her, without words, for the past 6 months.

“Ray, my father had hoped to punish me by sending me here. But as I stand here in front of you I promise you that I am the one that’s been given a gift. I love you Ray Singleton and can’t wait to be your wife for the rest of my life.”

Ray was unable to speak. Without looking away he reached over to take her left hand and placed the simple gold band onto her ring finger. He kissed it on her finger.

In one motion Livy slid her hands around Ray’s back as he held her head in his hands and tenderly kissed his wife. He pulled away a little but Livy didn’t let him get very far before she whispered, “I do”. Ray smiled and kissed her again, this time both of them feeling the passion of being so close to someone you deeply love.

The knot that had formed in Livy’s stomach the night before had been untied and she let herself feel true happiness, love and acceptance in the arms of her husband. They kissed more, making up for lost kisses during the first 6 months of their marriage.

Livy slowly pulled away from Ray. Holding his hand she turned toward the stairs. Ray stood perfectly still and she looked back at him.

Nervously, Ray asked “Livy, where are we going?”

“Ray, it’s ok.”

“But … Livy, I don’t want to take any chances with the baby.”

“Our baby, Ray, this is our baby. Don’t worry; we won’t be taking any chances. This baby is the reason we’re together and I love it as much as you do. A week or two and the baby will come, but for right now, I just want us to be husband and wife. Being your wife is very important to me Ray.”


Later that night after the house had grown dark, Ray woke and started to get out of bed to check on things downstairs. He looked back over his shoulder at his beautiful wife and said a silent prayer of thanks. He carefully reached over and put his hand on her belly and was surprised at the movements he felt. Ray smiled, knowing it wouldn’t be long before he could meet this person.

Downstairs Ray stoked the fires and put on more wood. He turned off the lights, and saw the cradle out of the corner of his eye. He contemplated working on it tonight while Livy slept, but decided to spend as much time alone with her as he could. Ray started back up the steps when he heard Livy call for him. She sounded alarmed so he rushed up the stairs to make sure she was ok.

One look at Livy told him what was happening; he had been there when Martha went into labor with Chester. Ray said that he would call the doctor, even before she could ask him to. Downstairs Ray called the sheriff as well, and asked him to drive out to Hank & Martha’s to let them know. Ray knew Hank would bring Martha over right away to help.

Back upstairs, Ray asked Livy what he could do. “Nothing, Ray, just be here with me until the doctor gets here.” Livy didn’t want to frighten Ray so she tried to keep her voice steady and calm, even through the contractions, that were coming very rapidly. Livy knew that could mean trouble, if the doctor doesn’t arrive in time.

“Ray, will you get the extra sheets out of the closet for me?”

“What on earth for, Livy?”

“I just think they might come in handy when the doctor arrives.”

A few moments later Ray noticed beads of sweat on Livy’s forehead and that her breath was shallow and quick. “Livy, what’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Ray, listen to me. I am going to be completely truthful with you now and for every day of our marriage. Nothing is wrong, except that this baby is going to be born any minute and seeing as neither Dr. McCutcheon or your sister are here, you are probably going to deliver it.”

Ray stared at her in disbelief, then looked again out the window, hoping to see headlights on the road. Instead, he saw a snowstorm. The wind had blown a drift halfway up the side of the beet box and Ray knew they were on their own.

Looking back at Livy, Ray knew whatever was about to happen to him was nothing compared to what she was going through. Ray realized that God was granting him another gift: to help his wife bring their child into the world.

A few scary moments later Ray wrapped a very noisy little boy in one of the sheets Livy had asked for, and handed him to her. He had just started to pull a chair next to the bed when he heard pounding on the door. He went down to find Hank, Martha, Dr. McCutcheon and Sheriff Daley just about ready to break down the locked door. He must have been a sight because Martha turned white when she looked at his shirt. He reassured everyone that Livy and the baby were ok, and the doctor and Martha rushed upstairs.

Downstairs in the kitchen Hank and Sheriff Daley congratulated Ray with a pat on the back and Ray sat down for a few minutes. Once the events of the day began to sink in, all Ray could do was give thanks for the life that he’d been given. Hank went on about late night feedings and diapers hanging all over the house but Ray was barely paying attention. He prayed for a good report from the doctor, and to simply go upstairs and kiss his wife and son.

Dr. McCutcheon made sure that Livy and the baby were fine, and Martha helped clean up the room and put fresh bedding on the bed. It had been several hours since Ray placed the ring on Livy’s finger and he was anxious to be next to her and their son. He said good-bye to the doctor and sheriff, and helped Hank dig his truck out of a snowdrift.

“Ray, are you sure you don’t want Martha to stay the night just to help out with things?”

“Nah, I’m pretty sure we’ll be ok. Livy seems to know what she’s doing up there with him. Thank you, Hank, for everything. Between my own daddy and you, I’ve seen what being a good father is like”.

Martha started down the porch steps and Hank went over to help her to their truck. “Ray, I couldn’t be any happier for the two of you. You have a beautiful family in there.”

Ray looked up toward the bedroom window. “Yes I do. Thanks, Sis, for the help today.”

Martha gave Ray a tight hug and said, “We’ll be over tomorrow afternoon to see how things are going. If you need us before then, call the Sheriff. Oh Lord, Ruth is going to be after us to get a phone even more, now that her cousin’s here! Hey, Ray, what are you going to name that little boy?”

“We haven’t gotten that far. We’ll have to let you know tomorrow!”

Back upstairs, Livy was lying on her side snoozing, after another attempt to feed the baby. He must’ve gotten enough to satisfy him because he had fallen asleep next to her. Ray quietly climbed the stairs, thinking that tomorrow he would have to finish the cradle for sure. He entered the bedroom and turned on a small lamp on the far side of the room. He suspected Livy was probably asleep and he was right. He pulled the chair closer to the bed to watch his family sleep, and drink in the sight of his new son. He stroked the baby’s head and held his tiny hand on one of his fingers. The baby woke up and made soft cooing sounds that made Ray smile. He picked up his son and wrapped him in a small soft blanket that Martha brought over. The baby didn’t fuss, and was content just being held. Ray got up and walked him around the room a little which soothed him even more.

He took the baby downstairs so that Livy could rest. He told his son about Livy, and how blessed he was to have such a fine and talented mother. He told him about his Uncle Danny’s bravery, and sang to him the song his daddy sang when Ray was a child. They walked around the room, getting to know each other, until Ray began to feel the weariness catching up with him. He sat down on the sofa hoping the baby wouldn’t fuss for a while so he could rest a little, too, Ray laid the baby on his chest and covered them both with the afghan his Grandmother made many years ago.


A few hours later the winter sun shined into the window and Livy started to wake. She was so groggy, she wasn’t sure if yesterday had been only a dream. “Ray?” she said. When there was no response she woke even more and re-played everything in her mind, enjoying every detail as they became ingrained in her memory. She started to get out of bed and was so sore that she wasn’t sure she would make it to the bathroom. “Ray?” she said again, this time a little louder. Still no response, which began to concern Livy a little. She wrapped Ray’s flannel robe around her and started for the bathroom, thanking God for indoor plumbing at a time like this.

After using the bathroom Livy peeked into the bunkroom, expecting to see Ray sleeping in there. She started down the stairs, gingerly taking one at a time.

At the bottom of the stairs she looked into the living room and found Ray sound asleep on the couch, lying on his side with the baby lying next to him. Livy smiled when she saw how Ray’s arm was wrapped around the baby and an afghan wrapped around them both. This time it was Livy’s turn to take in the site of her new family: a man who loves and accepts her and will go to the ends of the earth for her happiness, and this new, sweet little boy who she wants to be everything his father is.

Ray opened his eyes and looked up at her for a long time before he smiled at her and asked if she was ok.

“I’m fine, good as can be expected I suppose. I love you, Ray.”

“I love you too Livy. Thank you for giving us this baby, our baby.”

“If I remember correctly, you had quite a hand in welcoming him into this world.”

Ray smiled. “He seems content. I wrapped him in this afghan. It was Daniel’s.”

“Yes, it is.”

Confused, Ray said “Yes, it is, what?”

“The afghan- do you think your brother Daniel would have minded sharing it with his nephew, Daniel?”

Livy bent to kiss Ray and he reached up to her, more in love with her than the day before.


Ray and Livy agreed that their marriage would be rooted in love, forgiveness and honesty. They also agreed that as their family grew, Ray would help Livy bring each of their children into the world.


Who's Sweater is This?

Rosemar noted lasted week that the bulky knit sweater that we see Livy wearing when the weather turns cold was hanging in the hallway of the house on the very first day she arrived. What I've been wondering is, who's sweater is it? I doubt that it is Ray's -- it is pretty feminine, but it does beg the question, "If it isn't Ray's sweater, who's is it?"

Perhaps I am wrong, maybe it does belong to Ray, but I'd hate to picture our manly Ray in that sweater.

I've already suggested that it might belong to Mrs. Pratt. Perhaps she delivered a cake in person and left it, hoping Ray would have to return it to her (you know she thinks he's hot).

Any other theories?


The Ring

Ray sat quietly in the room, his elbows resting on his knees and his head down. The room was warm from the fires he had built there in the parlor and across the hall in the dining room – keeping busy while he waited for Livy to come downstairs.

Livy entered the room from the hallway and softly called, “Ray?”

Ray raised his head and stood as she entered.

Livy continued, “I have to go say good bye to the girls.”

Ray nodded as Franklin whimpered from his spot in front of the fire. Ray and Livy both looked at Franklin as Ray noted, “It’s all right, he can stay if he wants. It’s awful cold.”

Livy gave a very slight smile as they both paused before Ray began, “When you come out here, I know you saw this as an agreement between your daddy and Reverend Case, marrying wasn’t your idea.”

Ray paused again and then continued, “I know you may have your mind set on leaving but I can't let you go without telling you how I feel.” He paused, struggling to get the words out. “I've fallen in love with you.....and I love that baby. For me you're the best thing that's ever happened. Livy, you are a fine and talented woman. You're a pitiful cook, but that doesn't matter, I can do the cooking. I know you had your heart set on going to faraway places, but there's a good bit of history right here in Otero County. If you like Indian canyons and dugouts, I'll help you find them. You can dig around all you want.” He paused and then said, “I sound like I’m trying to sell you something.”

Ray pulled something small from his pocket. Livy stared at it as he slowly moved toward her and stopped when he stood before her. She realized that it was a ring.

Ray hesitated and wiped his upper lip before he was able to continue.

“That day when the preacher married us I forgot the ring.” He swallowed as he held the ring toward her and continued, “I have one now.”

Livy held her fingers to her lips and then touched her forehead as she struggled to hold back tears. “Ray, the truth is I don’t know if I deserve you. How do you know this could work?”

Ray hesitated as he looked Livy in the eye. “I know because someday you're gonna forgive yourself,” he answered.

Livy looked into Ray’s eyes as her mind was a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts. The events of the past year raced before her as she stood before this man who had been such a part of her life for the past several months. He was the man who had brought her much comfort during a painful time and who had patiently loved her and her baby, without judgement. Even now he waited patiently for her to collect her thoughts.

Finally, Livy said, “At first, I did see my coming here as an agreement between my daddy and Reverend Case and I tried so hard to keep you from falling in love with me. Then, I tried to convince myself that I could never fall in love with you – we had nothing in common and it could never happen.” Here she paused and looked down at the ring before she looked up at Ray again. “It seems I’ve failed on both counts, Ray. Because I do love you – you are a fine and honorable man. I’m still not sure that I deserve you, but I’d like to stay and try.”

Ray’s face registered relief and he smiled softly as he took her left hand and slid the ring onto her finger. They both looked at it and smiled and then looked at each other with broader smiles, Livy giving a small laugh of delight.

Their smiles very slowly drained away as they looked into each others eyes. Ray swallowed as he took Livy’s face in his hands and kissed her gently. Livy had her hands on either side of Ray’s ribs as she returned his kiss. Ray pulled his head back and looked at Livy as he moved his hands down around her waist and he kissed her again, not so gently this time. Livy put her arms around his neck and eagerly matched Ray’s ardor. They might have gone on for some time like this, but Franklin stood and whimpered as he looked at them expectantly and wagged his tail. They turned to look at the dog and laughed before ending this exchange with an embrace. With her head resting against Ray’s chest, Livy smiled and said, “I knew that you loved me the moment I saw that dog here in the house today.”

Ray nodded and said more seriously, “I came to realize that Franklin had become a companion to you while I’m gone for long hours at a stretch. Plus, I figure you’ve always been living by somebody else’s rules and that as the woman of this house, you should maybe start making your own rules.”

“Thank you for that, Ray,” responded Livy.

Ray kissed the top of Livy’s head and said, “Can I help you unpack your bags?”

Livy said, “Sure, but I still need to go see Florrie and Rose because they’ll be waiting. I’m already a bit late – maybe I’ll unpack when I get back.”

“Promise me you’ll be careful, Livy,” implored Ray.

“I promise,” she said with a smile as she caressed his face. He gently grasped her hand and kissed her palm before taking her hand and leading her to the hallway to put on her coat.

Taking her keys and purse, she headed out the door as he held it for her. She reached up to kiss him good bye.

“Hank will be picking me up so we can go over to the beet factory for a little while,” he said as she turned to leave. “I’ll meet you back here this afternoon?”

She smiled and nodded and waved as she got into the beet box and drove off. Ray watched her for a minute before closing the door and turning to Franklin.

“You and I are two lucky men, Franklin,” he said.


Saturday, March 26, 2005

The most heartbreaking scene

I know you may have your mind set on leaving but..
I can't let you go without telling you how I feel.
I've fallen in love with you.....
and... I love that baby.
For me you're the best thing that's ever happened.

Livy, you are a fine and talented woman
You're a pitiful cook, but....that doesn't matter, I can do the cooking..
I know you had your heart set on going to faraway places,
but there's a good bit of history right here in Otero County.
If you...like Indian canyons and dugouts, I'll help you find them--
You can dig all you want.

that day...the preacher married us I forgot the ring...
I have one now...
Ray, the truth is I dont know if I deserve you..how do you know this could work?
I know because.... someday you're gonna forgive yourself.

As I was preparing/transcribing the what I call "The Proposal scene" for today's marquee, I can't help but really get affected by Ray's profession of his love to Livy.

It just pulls my heartstrings, and it gives me the deepest sadness in the entire movie.

Right up there with the Kiss scene, I consider this to be the most romantic scene and at the same time the most heartbreaking scene ever.

When Ray's voice cracks and tries desperately to hold back his tears---I just say aaaahhhhhh....

I agree he's got nothing to loose and he had let his heart out just to win Livy back.

Writing down his words even gave it new meaning this late.

I believe that:

  • This is the time that Livy decided she won't be leaving for Denver to deliver her baby,
  • That she finally gave in and accepted Ray's love for her
  • Realized that living in the farm with Ray wasn't a bad arrangement at all,
  • She's accepted her feelings for Ray existed and that she doesn't need to hide it from him
  • She knew she was going to make another mistake if she decided to leave Ray and pursue the life she originally had in mind.
  • She realizes that she's most happiest and content in the company of Ray.

It just bothers me that they didn't write a whole scene about what happened after Ray said "someday forgive yourself" and the time she went to fetch the girls and the POW. I am inclined to think that Ray and Livy ended this scene in a beautiful happy way--the reason why Livy had that smile in the truck. It's just not about the ring that she's smiling about-what do you think?

After this, I am writing what I think happened just to satisfy my curiosity, does anyone else out there have an idea or want to explore more on what happened that time? It'd be nice to see different story lines on this missing timeframe.

Time to put on your creative thinking cap!


Rude or Shy/Annoyed or Confused

The Daily Skeet Fix has the Fiesta omelet scene. I have a question. Why does Livy not even acknowledge that Ray walked in? Was she being rude or shy? Livy seemed so polite in other places-intros-"Nice to meet you" and she'd smile. At the train station- she excused herself to the ladies room-"Pardon me, please". So why does she choose not to acknowledge Ray when he walked in. I venture to say she is being "Rude!"- but later we see that the table turns. The night of the letter, she speaks to Ray and he chooses not to respond-we all know why and most don't blame him for not speaking.

Now when Ray leaves out of the dining room after his mouth catches on fire-hee hee-to go see Hank with the claw, does Livy seem annoyed or confused? Some thoughts out there for this Saturday night?

I hope everyone had a great holiday and maybe we'll all be back soon. I have started some chapters but not any that are complete enough to post. I'm on vacation next week, so maybe I'll have time to write and post.

Happy Easter everyone, I need to go because sunrise service is at 7 o'clock-that's extremely early.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter

'nuf of lusting on Easter now...here're Ray pictures to hold you over this holiday.

All decent and clean...and covered.

Also I am adding this entry so the "Narcissism" pic goes down a bit as it's so distracting--don't you agree?


I just read a comment by P&P5 and I can't help but reply to that.

Yes, I noticed that he wrapped his overall bib at his waist and he looks great. Don't you think he's somewhat of a tease in a conservative way and in a conservative movie???

Because--I noticed that practically in every movie he's been in, he's been showing off--very subtle but coming on so strong.

I think he's doing that to show off his very nice looking shoulders/arms. He's not even THAT mascular but it somehow has that same effect on all of us.

So, to those who love the arms.....here in the TMOOD movie to get my point across...

.....and in "As Good As It Gets"--just another example as Vincent.

Gosh, I just realized, that's exactly how I pictured him taking his shirt off in the bathtub scene I wrote...

My oh my--I need to take a break from this.

Y'all have a great Easter Holiday!


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Skeet's Narcissism

For Cassandra and others who are wondering what the Narcissism picture we were talking about--feast your eyes!!!

Time to scream fellow Skeet addicts---


Another Great Catch by a SU Addict

In the Comment section under the nightmare scene, Rosemar made a great observation that Livy came unprepared for cold weather, having packed only warm weather kinds of clothes (possibly because she didn't plan to stay that long.....). Rosemar supported her observation with the unbelievably keen observation that the sweater Livy wears when the weather does turn cold was hanging in Ray's house when she first arrived. Skeetrfan uploaded the screen cap of the sweater as it hangs when Livy surveys the house upon her arrival. This is why I love this site -- there are so many things I never would have seen had they not been noted by fellow addicts.

Do you think this was Ray's sweater?????


Where's Ray?

Is this what we've imagined Ray was wearing in the nightmare scene?

While he no doubt would look mighty sexy in them, if these pajamas are empty, what must Ray be wearing? Hmmmmmmmmmm...hope he's not too chilly!


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Why oh why?

Why didn't they cast Skeet as the main character instead?

From the cast descriptions, it seems the story revolves mostly around his brother Joseph(?). The generations that span from episode one to six seem to come from his line. Although Jethro (Skeet) has travelled west with his brothers they end up arriving at their destination at different times. I think that's how I assumed the film is depicted from the website.

He may be one of the three main characters but I hope he lives throughout the six part mini-series. I always have this fear that they always kill him off in movies--half of the time, and I really like to stick from beginning till the end of this series and enjoy the full six weeks with Skeet in it.

I think he is really capable of carrying the role of the main character. Just look at that picture--he's such a different looking man for this character.

So please, Mr. Spielberg--please just DON'T disappoint us fans.


Livy's Unanswered Questions

It occurred to me recently when reading some of our comments and posts how many questions Livy leaves unanswered.

...Is there anything you like about me, Livy?
...What mistake would that be, being with him or marrying me?
...I've never heard you say how you feel about Ray (not exactly a question, but a statement worthy of a response)

Have I missed any? I guess she have left us room to come up with what she would have said, should have said, wanted to say and so on.


March 24th, Danny's Birthday

Ironically, this post is the day before the birthday of Daniel Singleton, Ray's brother. I was able to do a little on this, but hope others will add to or create their own. Daniel was Ray's best friend and closest relative. When Ray lost him, he thought he'd lost all hope. But now he has Livy and Daniel to give him back his hope and his love. I enjoyed writing this. Though it is still in the editing stage, I wanted to post it on the birthday of Danny. Please suggest any editing or development of this story. You are always welcome to do your own from this one.

Ray opened the side door of the house and came into the dining room late that evening. Time had gotten away from Ray as he was working because he couldn't keep his mind on the work at hand. Today was March 24, Daniel's birthday. He would have been twenty-two years old had he he been alive.

Ray remembered the day his little brother was born like it was yesterday. Ray enjoyed being a big brother, and he loved the way Daniel like to tag along with him and how he thought Ray was cool. Ray always looked out for Daniel. Always wanting the best for him.

Daniel enjoyed school but for different reasons than Ray. Daniel like to go to school to see his friends and see how many girl's hearts he could break. Ray nener understood why girls always came around knowing that Daniel would probably break their heart. They acted as if it were better to have a heart broken by Daniel Singleton than to never have.

Ray wanted the best for Daniel and wished he would focus as much on school as he does girls and having a good time. Ray loved to have a good time, but there was a time and place for everything.

Ray often covered for his little brother's chores with his dad. Ray's dad would always say, "I can't blame you doing for Daniel. If I had a little brother, I'd have done the same."

Daniel looked up to his brother and respected what Ray thought That is why Daniel always talked to Ray about his thought, his dream, his hopes, and his fears. It was those late nighty tals in the bunk room that Ray gently guided Daniel to be the man he later became; honarable, dignified, honest, and true to the heart.

After their parnets passed away, Ray took care of Daniel who was only thirteen. Daniel always helped Ray and valued their time together. As Daniel became a young man, he and Ray became closer and closer. He always did what Ray asked, which was never too much or anything Ray wouldn't do himself. Daniel knew that Ray had given up a lot to raise him. He gave up time that he could have been and should have been courting and finding a wife. But instead he chose to raise Daniel and give him the best that he could. Ray tried to make Daniel's life as easy as possible, and make up for not having parents to be there to raise him.

Ray and Daniel had talks like they were brothers and they had father son talks when Daniel needed Ray to be the Daddy. Ray didn't like it when he had to be sturn with Daniel, but he knew that Daniel would better because of it.

Ray taught Daniel how to farm, how to fish, how to hunt, how to provide for a family. Ray told Daniel that loving your wife and showing her that you love her and providing for her so she doesn't have to worry about anything is being a man. Daniel listened to Ray, and knew Ray wished this for himself. Daniel hoped that Ray would find the love of life before she got away again.

Ray loved Daniel with all his heart and he wanted Daniel to be happy. Ray knew how much Daniel loved the ocean like their mama and grandparents. Ray always thought that the land locked Danny's growing up and someday he'd make to the ocean. But until then, Ray had a responsibility to raise him as he saw fit.

Ray and Danny developed a bond during these years that grew so deep that it reached their souls. They knew when the other was hurting, happy, or just content. They were both happy that they had the other.

One night at supper Ray knew that Danny was keeping something from him. And Danny went to bed early. Ray went to bed after looking over the farm books, and he had to ask Danny what was bothering him. Ray asked Danny if he had ever given him reason to feel he couldn't talk to him.

Danny replied softly, "No, Ray. But it's something I really want and I'm afraid you'll tell me no."

Ray quickly said, "Try me." Because he knew it was hard for him to disappoint Danny and not give him what he wants.

Danny excitedly told Ray about the Navy Recruits that came to the high school today and talked with the boys about the opportunities the Navy had to give them.

Danny said in conclusion, "I could finally see the oceans that I've always wanted to see. I could do it while serving our country. But Ray, I know it will be hard for you to run this farm with little or no help. I will stay and help you, Ray. I owe you that. You've sacrificed alot for me."

A lump developed in Ray's throat that he usually got when he knew he had to lie.

Ray told Daniel that he really wanted him to be able to see the world. They would think of something.

Ray knew that if he didn't give Daniel encouragement to go that one day Danny might leave and not ever come home. Ray didn't realize that this was true no matter which one Danny did.

The next day, Ray told Daniel that he would stay back and work the farm and let Danny go and see the world as he always wanted to.

On Danny's eighteenth birthday, they went to the recruiting office and Daniel Singleton became apart of the US Navy. He would leave the week after graduation for boot camp in Long Island,NY. Daniel was so happy but he also realized the sacrifice again that Ray was giving again for him.

That night at supper, Danny told Ray to promise him that he would now use his free time to look for a wife. He deserved to have someone to spend the rest of his life with. Daniel told Ray that when he got out of the Navy, that he would come back. And he and Ray would live in the house together with their wives and children.

Daniel jokingly said, "You can have mama and daddy's room because you've earned it."

Ray replied, "I'm holding you to it. Just come home little brother."

Livy was startled by Ray when she walked into the kitchen. Livy did not realize Ray had come in. Ray looked so sad, she thought. Livy knew why and she hoped she would be able to ease some of the pain for him. This was Ray's first year on Danny's birthday that he had someone that he loved could share some of his pain with.

Ray cried that night, but for the first time since Danny's death he didn't cry alone. He had Livy.

He knew Danny was looking down from heaven and smiling because he had someone to love him and share his live with. Daniel will always be in Ray's heart, but the pain seem to lessen every day because Ray had new hope and a new found family.


Nightmare Scene 2

This scene is confusing to me as well, Skeetrfan. But here's my take on it. The movie tends to make us believe that it is the night of the kiss that Ray gave Livy that morning. I have to back track to get my whole thought in so bare with me.

The last known letter that we know that Livy sent was with Abbey. I would say that was 2-3 months before Livy received the letter from Edward-time span determined because Livy wore short sleeves, the size of her belly, convertible car.

From that time on we see Ray and Livy beginning a relationship and actually having fun.

The night that the letter comes, Livy has fixed Ray a romantic dinner with candles and all. He walks in and Livy, not Ray, says sheepishly, "Hi." Then we know what happens next- I want rehash it. The encounter ends with Ray saying, "Don't bother waitin' up." I think he said that so when he came home and she wasn't up that he could say he told her not to.

The next morning Livy gets up to fix breakfast for him which she has never done before, "I didn't know what you eat for breakfast because I've never been up that early." She then apologizes for somethings, Ray asks her which mistake, and then he kisses her. But Livy allows him to is the kicker here. She doesn't turn away, she didn't quit until he was finished. She went to Martha's I believe looking for him.

Did Ray realize that she was reaching out to him that morning getting up early, wanting to be with him-kisses? She did want to be with him the night before. Since her sister left with the last letter, Livy had not desired to send anymore. Or she would have.

The nightmare scene is where I believe that Ray realizes that Livy has so much guilt. She is sobbing about giving "my life away to a stranger...How could I do that?" I think the temple rubbing is Ray's frustration of maybe not knowing how to help Livy. It is later after countless nights of loss sleep that he realizes she must forgive herself before she could possibly accept his love and acceptance.

I don't know why he doesn't say anything maybe because he is not sure what the letter said. Even though Livy went out of her way that morning to fix him breakfast, apologize. She feels she has once again disappointed someone who cares about her. What happen the last time she disappointed and hurt a man-he sent her away. She may feel that is what she deserves.

I have totally rambled, but hopefully I got my thoughts across. But someone please tell me if Ray is wearing socks in that scene. Pause the DVD when he is in the doorway- is that socks I see? I love it if it is.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nightmare scene

You'd think that since I've pretty much worn out my DVD copy from constant viewing of this movie, I'd be an expert on every scene...

not even close..

Will someone please explain this scene to me?

I mean ... why did they have to put this in the movie when it just created more questions for the viewers--well, or it could just be me? I just don't get it.

I know maybe it is the only small part where Livy can explain her loneliness of her Mom's loss but don't you think that it left us all hanging in the end? Ray didn't say much and his reaction to Livy's distress was mind boggling.

Did he leave without saying a word because he was disappointed with what Livy said about giving her life to a stranger?

Some of you may have some clearer explanation, I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys about this really short scene.

Is that sadness, disappointment, irritation or hidden anger (although we all know he isn't capable of or even allowed to be in this movie) in Ray's face?

On the sidenote--I love that part where he rubs his temples, his profile is just so appealing. And oh...I am assuming he's wearing those long johns common during those time (is that the right term for it?) under his robe--what do you think?


A Soldier's Sweetheart - An Additonal Review to Tempt You

SU brings such heart to his character, Fosse - when Marianne (Cates) finally arrives in Nam you see the sheer joy on his face - there's this special energy when they hug each other - that first hug is so long and relaxed - you honestly believe they have missed each other for a long time - (at this point all the Skeet fans wipe tears of joy from their eyes - our boy and his gal - it's just so touching) - Fosse is giddy about having pulled off this major military coup and you can see the delight on his face whenever he looks at Marianne
There is one scene where she's trying to talk him into doing something that is not wise - at first he's adamant that it's dangerous, however she works her womanly ways and before you know it he's agreeing - watching his love struck animation is so funny - but what's a guy to do - he's in love and wants to make her happy.
There is another scene where Marianne learns to shoot - at first the guys are heckling her for the complete lack of skill, but on her 2nd attempt she proves herself a darn good shot - Right after Marianne pings a few hits on the target barrel, Rat (Sutherland) delivers a memorable line:
Rat: "I'd be careful what you say to the Mrs. from now on"
Fosse: "No sh** " - (too funny - in this scene SU is sporting a bucket style hat - looking very reminiscent of his IMDB photo - fashion haunts him even in Nam)
There is a lot of blood in the movie - but there is supposed to be - they are a medical outpost after all - I found my mind wandering during the 2nd trauma center scene - I started thinking about which Skeet films do not have him bleeding or covered in someone else's blood - interesting thought - there's not many.
About this time the film starts to take a darker turn - Marianne's interests are evolving and there is a growing tension in the camp - Fosse starts making plans to get her back home - he delivers a superb testimonial of his love for her - (at this point all the Skeet fans grab another hankie - our boy and his gal - it sounds so sincere)
By the time Marianne opts for a more vivid Nam experience, we are right down there in the trenches with Fosse. We're feeling his pain and it is the most gut-wrenching kind. Rat and Fosse share this fabulous scene where they both grieve (at this point all the Skeet fans grab the box of Kleenex - this is not going to be a "happily ever after" ending and we all know it)
If it had been my call I would have trimmed the last 5 minutes of the film completely - Show just enough to account for what became of Fosse, Rat and the other fellas - leave what becomes of Marianne more of a mystery for the viewer to contemplate. Overall I enjoyed the film very much - good entertainment!
Keep an eye out for wedding ring & tattoo cameos - just a few "whoops" to keep the true movie junkie on their toes.



I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I go by Gillian or Paloma. I am an addict of both the book and the film. I have only seen the film once, as I have not purchased it yet, but have read the entire book 5 times and parts of it 20+ times.

I also enjoy writing, so if I get some free time, I will submit an addition to the TMOOD, based on the book, but with Skeet in mind, not a balding redheaded man. This is because I was disappointed that the film left some of the best parts out and changed the story, not to mention that Skeet is too perfect for the character of Ray. I always picture him when I read the book anyway!

Thanks for having me on board, hopefully you'll be hearing from me shortly.


Daily Skeeter Fix

Since my dvd is with my kids this week-total accident-I have been looking at the pictures on this site. The Daily Skeeter Fix pictures today with the dialogue down at the bottom of the screen has left that lump in my throat for Ray. How sad he was, thinking he was going to loose Livy, too. He had already lost most everyone else. What does Ray do? He sticks it all out there. He shows Livy that there is more to him than good deeds, he could satisfy her as well. I so wish I knew what Ray was thinking from the time he gave Livy the letter to the next morning when he kissed Livy. What did he think on the way out of the door, out doing his work? Did he cry? Did he feel alone again? I cry everytime I see this frame. My heart literally hurts. What did Livy do that day from early morning to the night when she went over to Martha's? Besides clean out her closet of pre-pregnancy clothes.

" I'm working the night shift at the Beet factory. It's something I sometimes do this time of year. Don't bother waitin' up?" said Ray, defeated and unsure of his future with Livy.

Why did Ray tell Livy not to wait up? Did he think she would have had she not gotten the letter? So he tells her that so he want be disappointed when she's not.