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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Need Member voice/vote

There have been a slew of stories being posted recently that I felt it appropriate to address the fact that our writing styles all differ in tone, feeling and purpose.

So-I am revamping or site rules but this time with the help of the members and readers. Since we share this page, I think everyone should have a say as to the availability of materials that will be open to public viewing. I am addressing specifically certain stories that may be published in the future that may be entertaining and satisfying to one but may come out offensive to the other. The rules were set with the main intention of discouraging certain "hits" by floaters (visitors) with malicious intent or certain inappropriate websites linking with our site. Words we use on our posts are randomly picked by search engine "robots" so they can index our site for worldwide inquiries (google, yahoo, msn, etc,)

I have initially set the blog for posting / contribution provided certain "rules" were met. There is now a popular demand for the stories to have free reign in content and material. So I wish to know how the members and readers feel about posts that may deviate from that certain "Hallmark feel".

Your immediate opinion and vote is needed so that we can agree unanimously on this particular issue.

Will you:
  1. Agree on having stories e-mailed to members first and then vote on whether it should be published or not in our website?
  2. Let it be published regardless of its content?

This vote will hold until we find a better way to categorize our posts.