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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Addendum to the holding hand scene entry

Very interesting topic to talk about, I am glad that P&P5 brought it up. I have all these screen caps that I am sure we can discuss and even find new meaning in them. Why--just reading the new materials these girls came up with seems to develop differently in my mind everytime I read it. No wonder this movie never gets tiring even if you watch it a thousand times. Reading their entries countless times feels like I've overlooked a sentence, a gesture or a meaning all the time--it still astounds me that I do that a lot lately and sometimes I feel there's more to it in between the lines.

On the Thanksgiving scene, I kind of expected that there would somehow be some holding hands in it (as it was in the book). Don't you think it was strange that Ray had placed his left hand so awkwardly on the side closer to Livy's when he was saying his thanksgiving? It's like he's positioning it there for that to happen later on.

Yes, it's really difficult to see it because if you don't play it either in slow-motion or frame by frame you will definitely miss it. But it was certainly there! I have to say that it's not Ray holding her hand but Livy holding Ray's hand as if to show her way of thanking him for his forbearance and love that she was talking about earlier. It's a great gesture because we hardly see any of the love being returned by Livy.

So my question is, why did they decide to hide that from being too obvious to the viewers? Please don't say they ran out of time and had to cut that scene! Oh and look at Martha's reaction on that very moment when Ray and Livy were holding hands. Was the holding hand scene supposed to be not there at all?

I wish I can zoom in but that will take time, do check it out yourself when you watch this scene on DVD

Team members, if you intend to expound on this thread, do write a separate entry so that the readers can follow the thread easier. It's kind of hard to open the comment window and find where the conversation is going (I will see if I can make the comment part easier for everyone to see and follow).