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Sunday, October 30, 2005


It was nine months ago today that we all first viewed "The Magic of Ordinary Days". As touched as we were by this lovely, romantic story and talented cast, none of us knew then how much it would literally change our lives.

I know many of your stories are the same as mine. I was captivated by this movie, entranced. I usually watch the Hallmark movies, as they are always such high quality productions. I remember seeing the commercials for this one, and was a little concerned thinking, hmm--the guy is yelling at the dog? I don't know if I am going to like this at all...little did we know. Afterwards, I was thankful I had DVR'd it!

The next day I watched it again. (I was so struck with this guy--what was his name again? Skeet Ulrich...yeah. I had heard his name, knew he was a good actor, but couldn't put my finger on what I had seen him in before. That changed quickly. I began searching for more information about his other roles. To this day I am amazed at the depth of characters he has portrayed and how he manages to be so chameleon-like in looks and perspective.)

Back to TMOOD! I ordered the DVD, bought the book, continued trying to find more information about this film. I finally ended up on some message boards. For a computer novice like myself, that in itself was a miracle! Then to read all these comments and know I was not alone in how this movie touched my heart! What a relief--I am not crazy! Somehow I got 'here' to the blog...and it felt like coming home. Never in my life had I 'talked' online, EVER! I didn't even know what a blog was. First we talked endlessly about the movie...still do at times. But I cannot begin to explain how this movie, this actor brought me to this place.

I know it sounds corny, but all because this movie was on nine months ago, I have found an incredible group of friends. Somehow we all ended up here...God works not only in myterious ways, but in 'magic' ways, too. So thank you CBS, Hallmark, Ms. Creel for your beautiful story. Thank you to the wonderful cast and crew that brought that story to life. And thank you Skeet! Because we all admire your work, you have given me this 'circle' of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Thank you, thank you.


Friday, October 28, 2005

The Recovery

Amy, Part 1
The Accident, Part 2
The Recovery, Part 3

It was a month after their accident, about mid October.  Livy had just put Daniel in his crib for his morning nap. And since it looked like a nice but cool fall day, Livy put on her sweater and took her coffee out to the veranda. She sat in the swing, looking at what was left of her garden, and then gazed out over the land she had come to love and appreciate.  She felt a twinge of pain in her back, and was again reminded of their accident. But today she had no sad thoughts, today she had thoughts of thankfulness. She was making plans to host her first Thanksgiving dinner.  She was feeling a bit anxious about it, but knew that Martha would help her, and she always had the help and support of Ray.

Stephen was still helping Ray on the farm. The fall ploughing was completed so today he and Ray were doing a bit of work in the barn. They approached the house, with Franklin bounding ahead of them, and since Stephen had errands to do in Wilson he went upstairs to clean up and change his clothes. He also had lunch plans with his uncle and aunt, Rev Case and his wife.  Ray came up the walk to the house, came over to the swing where Livy was sitting, bent down and kissed her.  He winced a bit because his ribs sometimes still hurt, but he could bear a bit of pain to kiss his wife. Franklin came up beside Livy so she could pet him and tell him what a good dog he is.  Happy with the attention, he lay down near her.

Ray asked if there was more coffee, and Livy told him there was, and was just about ready to get up and get him some when he said, ‘No, please, sit, I can get it myself.’  She remembered what he had said about his dad, and that he wanted to be the kind of husband his dad was. He had said his dad never expected his wife to wait on him if he was capable of doing it himself.

When he came out with coffee in hand, he sat on the swing. ‘What were you so deep in thought about?’ he asked Livy.

She smiled and said, ‘Well, I was just thinking about cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and my thoughts wandered to how thankful I am.’

‘Bout what?’ asked Ray, even though he probably knew a few of the things she would be thankful for.

‘Well, first of all, even though we were in pain for a while, the accident has not drastically changed our lives,’ she said.

Ray nodded, smiled, and said, ‘Yeah, even the old beetbox has been repaired, and is still running!’ Just then Stephen came out, bid them a good day, and took off in his truck.

‘And we now have a hired hand,’ Ray continued, ‘But I’m not sure if we’re going to need him over the winter. Depends on how well my ribs continue to heal, I suspect. So, what else is on your list of things to be thankful for?’

‘We’ll, let me see, besides my being born to my wonderful mother, and having a decent enough family,’ and Ray knew that she was thinking of how her father still treated her, ‘Having the opportunity to get an education, but I think what I give thanks for most is you and Daniel,’ she said with a smile at Ray.

Ray looked at her lovingly, but with a mischievous smile on his face said, ‘Well, lets see, I do have a great family, not as much education as you, a great son, but I’m not sure about the wife Rev Case picked out for me.’

At this Livy gave him a gentle slap on his shoulder. They both laughed. They knew they were blessed to have each other and Daniel. Sometimes it almost went without saying, but today it was good to say it.

‘Oh, Ray, did I tell you? Daniel was trying to walk today! It was almost laughable, poor guy struggling so hard to get up on his feet. He crawled toward the dining room table and was holding on to a chair leg and using it to help him stand,’ said Livy. As she was describing Daniel’s efforts Ray had a big smile on his face, and said, ‘Soon he’ll be running all over the farm!’ whereupon they both laughed.

‘Well,’ said Ray, ‘On a more serious note, I guess we should be thankful that the accident wasn’t worse,’ and they both nodded and after sipping his coffee Ray continued, ‘Did I tell you that three of the young lads spoke to me one morning at the hospital?’

Livy frowned, deep in thought. ‘You know, I don’t remember that. But I was pretty much out of it for a few days, I slept a lot,’ she said with a chuckle.

He continued, ‘Yeah, you were. And, yeah, they came by and apologized.’

‘That was nice,’ said Livy nodding and smiling. She was deep in thought for a moment, sipping her coffee and enjoying the nearness of Ray. She looked up at him and he was watching her. ‘What?’ Livy queried.

Ray let out at big sigh, ‘Do you think we’ll ever be totally well again? I mean, I feel a lot better than I did last month, but will we always have to be cautious about what we do?’

Livy nodded, ‘Unfortunately I think we will. But it shouldn’t stop us from having a good life together. We just have to be careful and not overdue it.’

He smiled, and nodded. After a few moments reflection Ray said, ‘You know, funny as this may sound, I am thankful that Amy came to the farm in, when was that, late August, early September?’ Livy nodded yes, but had a frown on her face and thought, where is his he going with this?

Ray continued with these gentle loving words to his wife, ‘And the reason I am glad she came here is because I now know that when I broke up with her it was the best thing for me. Maybe not for her, but definitely for me.’ Livy smiled at her husband. ‘The manner in which she treated us all that day was unforgivable, but it sure proved my point. However, the lonely years in between were hard on me. I had my parents to think of, and Daniel’s help, but no girlfriend, no wife.’ At this his voice trailed off, and tears came to his eyes, but they weren’t tears for Amy, they were tears for his parents and brother. Livy moved closer to him and put her hand in his, interlocking their fingers. Since he was deep in thought he wasn’t expecting her touch, so his head jerked up, and he raised his eyebrows. ‘Thanks, Livy,’ he said, his voice thick with emotion. ‘You know, I never did answer your question that day.’

Livy looked puzzled and asked, ‘What question?’

Ray looked at her, ‘Remember? You asked about Amy? Just before the accident? Well, I didn’t answer you.’ Ray then told her about Amy, and then how she had treated him long ago on the last day they were together; and that she left Wilson; and that he had not seen her in a long time till a couple of years ago at the harvest dance; and then no word again till she started writing to him. Livy listened to him, with her hand still in his.  When he finished she put her arms around him, and they held each other for a few minutes.  He kissed her on the forehead, whereupon she lifted her face to his, and he kissed her on the lips. ‘Thank you,’ Livy said quietly.

Ray cleared his throat and said, ‘You’re welcome. Sorry it took so long for me to answer your question.’ Livy just nodded and smiled.

After a few moments he smiled and said, ‘So, Thanksgiving dinner, what have you planned so far?’

‘We’ll, let’s see,’ Livy said, ‘So far I’ve opened two cookbooks.’ At his Ray laughed so hard he had to wince in pain. ‘Livy,’ he said, ‘You should remind me when you are going to be funny,’ at which they both laughed.

‘No, really, that’s all I’ve done except play out the day in my head,’ she said, ‘Martha told me that it all works better if you have a plan.  You know, all the food has to be on the table at the same time, and she said to be sure that you are not overwhelmed by having to set the table, carve the turkey, mash potatoes, and dish up vegetables all at once.’

Ray nodded and asked if Martha had any other suggestions, and Livy told him that her biggest piece of advice was to get the turkey in the oven early, so it comes out about the time the vegetables are ready to be cooked, that way you can carve the turkey without anxiety about all of this other stuff having to happen at the same time. Oh, yeah, and you can have the baking done a few days before. And even have the table set earlier in the day. Ray smiled, and said, ‘Sounds like good advice. And, you know, I’m here to help, and so will she and Ruth.’

‘Thanks, Ray, I know I can count on you, but I really would like to try this without as much help from Martha and Ruth. This would be my thanks to them and for their all helpfulness, if I can pull this off. But I will ask if I need help,’ she said, ‘But now that I think of it, I will need help with Daniel, and Ruth will likely volunteer!’

Ray looked lovingly at his wife, and a surge of passion swept over him. Livy looked at him, caught the look, and he said huskily, almost in a whisper, ‘Can we go upstairs?’ She got his meaning, and felt herself get moist. It had been so long since they had made love.  He drew her to him, kissed her passionately, urgently on the lips. He said, ‘I wish I could carry you up the stairs, but that might have to wait,’ at which they both laughed.

‘I have to go to the bathroom first,’ said Livy. And Ray said, ‘Meet you in bed.’ After her short trip to the bathroom she went into the bedroom. Ray was already undressed, in bed, and had the covers pulled down on her side. She suddenly felt shy, so turned away from him as she took off her clothes and dropped them on the floor, and almost in one motion sat on the bed, turned, and pulled the covers out of his hands and over herself. He laughed. He loved that she still had this bit of modesty and shyness about her.

They were both on their sides, turned toward each other, and kissed each other passionately, murmuring endearments, and how much they missed their love making. Livy could feel that he was already hard, so raised her left leg up onto his thigh, which drew her closer to him. They each put one of their hands on the others hips to facilitate the movements of their bodies. After those passionate kisses she was ready, too. He entered her, and for a few moments they forgot about the possibility of physical pain and enjoyed themselves.  They threw caution to the wind and allowed themselves the freedom of verbally and sexually expressing themselves. They both came fairly quickly but were satisfied. They lay panting in each others arms, locked together with Livy’s leg still over his thigh. They did not pull away until they each started to feel some pain, and then reluctantly released their hold on each other. Ray rolled over onto his back, and breathed in the sweet smell of her hair.  Livy rested her head on his chest, but still with her leg on him, and breathed in his earthy soap scent. His heart was still beating quite fast. They enjoyed the comfort of the embrace, and closed their eyes.

The next sound they heard was Daniel as he awoke from his nap and wanted his lunch. Livy raised herself up and kissed Ray, and he held her close for a moment, then she put her clothes on, and went to attend to their son.  Life was returning to normal in the Singleton household.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'll be back

Now this is what I call the "Terminator" look.
I think it's a big sign, something's up his sleeve


First time in months he's dressed up quite well. The jacket made a big difference.
This one on 10/18/05 in Culver City at the Silhouette Lounge at Smashbox during the Mercedes Benz Fashion week
Courtesy of: Getty Images


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Busy Skeet

Jan1425 alerted us to new pictures. What a great find! He looks really handsome and looking happy too!

Jesicca Capshaw, Skeet and Marla Sokolov

Taken at DKNY Jeans presents Vanity Fair in Concert 10/25/05


Monday, October 24, 2005

Miracles 12- The Letter --Installment 1

*Note: for those who can't have background music, the control to stop the playing is at the bottom of the page.

Author: Pbright
Miracles "The Letter"
Installment 1
"How Sweet It Is to be Loved By you"

As this episode opens we get a giga quick look at a speed writing of a letter. At first, I find that glimpse to be annoying- where is my Paul? Back to speed writing in later installments. I have more pressing dialogue and screen caps to get to.

As soon as I was annoyed by the quick glimpse of the speed writing scene…… I was warmed by the song playing…… "How sweet it is to be loved by you".

……..Paul picks up the wine glass to make a toast. A toast to his sibling from the orphanage……"To Georgia, we grew up together….Well at least one did", with a low giggle, "…..I didn’t say which one."……" Seriously, to one of the coolest people I know…..who else would throw a Mother’s Day Party at an orphanage?"…….

They all clink their glasses and in a low-sultry voice, Paul says
"Happy Birthday"

……(can someone send that voice mail to me on my birthday???melt……..)

We then see the side of Paul that always peers through in every episode-
Georgia gets all weepy and Paul asks………
"You alright?"

Georgia’s reply…"Don’t you feel lucky? No one here has family not even Poppi…….."

Paul reply may seem flirty…."You’ve had some wine."

Then there is that look that most of us melt at……with a quick raised eyebrow….Paul says something that we all wish he’d say to us….."you gonna kiss me again?"

Outside the restaurant, everyone says their goodbyes. Paul and Georgia give each other a hug and Georgia places her hand on Paul’s face…..if that were me there would be a HOFK here!!!! What was Georgia thinking?

Poppi comes outside and here is where we encounter an intimate moment of this family. Paul walks away and sits on the bench outside of the restaurant…….

We find out that every year since Georgia’s father died, she receives a letter that he has written for her. This year is the last one. This is an emotional time for Georgia who appearntly reads them with Poppi and Paul. She tells them with it being the last, can she read it alone.

My questions to ponder………………

Who the heck are the younger orphans at the end of the table? They were not at the orphanage when Georgia and Paul were because Poppi told them the story of Georgia in the 11th grade telling the Nun that her father had died. So who are they? They have no family either-Georgia referenced that …."all of us here have no family….."

What was "the kiss" exchanged between Paul and Georgia when they were 12?

Why did Paul walk away from Georgia and Poppi out in front of the restaurant?

Why did the writer of the episode choose the song "How Sweet It Is to be Loved by You"?


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Out and About....Finally!

October 22, 2005.

Skeet at the Into the Blue Premiere.

September 21, 2005.

(The short hair is my favourite look....)


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From the Nightmare to the Ring--Chapter 3

The Gifts
Friday December 1, 1944

Sundays were truly a day of rest and worship in Wilson, Colorado. Since many families had to drive quite aways into town, it made sense to spend the whole day there if they wanted to attend vespers. So after morning services and the potluck dinner, the men would stroll through town, past the closed storefronts, talking crops and prices. In warm weather, they might pitch horse shoes in the churchyard, shirt-sleeves rolled up, drinking cold root beer. Now that winter was here, they would stay inside and play chess or checkers. The women of the church gathered in the fellowship hall to do needlework--knitting, quilting, crochet, embroidery. They didn't feel like it was idle chatter if they were doing something constructive while they talked. Some of their projects were destined to become family heirlooms and some were for donation to the Red Cross for soldiers overseas. The women's skills varied, but all enjoyed the time spent catching up with neighbors and hearing the news from around the county.

In the beginning, Livy took up quilting just to spend time with the others, a break from the isolation and solitude of the farm. Her mother and grandmother had quilted and she had some basic skills that were improving with time. The intricate patterns fascinated her, and she hoped to one day try her hand at something really special. But for now, she was happy just piecing a simple pattern, a Colorado Nine-Patch Hourglass. Martha had given her some scraps to practice on till she felt ready to start the blocks for her quilt. When Abby found out Livy was quilting, she was thoughtful enough to send Livy their mother's supplies. The day that box came was an emotional one for Livy--every piece of fabric held a story. Some were from dresses her mama had made the girls. Others were from clothes she remembered her grandma and mama wearing. At times she could not resist holding these to her face, hoping to catch a wisp of mama's lavender powder or the faded scent of granny's rose water perfume.

It was early Fall when Livy started piecing her quilt. When Ray saw her sorting through the scraps, he gave her a box of old clothes that he was going to use for rags. At first, she thought it was just his old shirts, then she realized some of the clothes belonged to his parents and Daniel. That was when she decided the quilt would be for Ray, her Christmas gift to him. She had mixed emotions at the thought of the holidays...if she left for Denver as planned, she certainly would not be here for Christmas. She pushed those thoughts aside -- she would worry about that later...

Since Livy had scared him with her pre-labor pains, Ray had made good his promise to stay close to the house. As much as she found comfort in this, it caused a bit of a dilemma! Till now, she was able to work on the quilt while Ray was busy with the farm and away from the house all day. Luckily, she only needed to bind the edges of the quilt. So she had asked Ruth to spend the night, and help her finish it up. Since Ruth would be with Livy, Ray could go to the beet factory for his regular night shift. Before he left, he made sure to tell them he wouldn't be home till late Saturday afternoon, as he had some business in town--actually, Ray had some Christmas plans of his own!

Saturday, Dec. 2, 1944
Ray climbed into the Beet Box, pumped the gas and set the choke. He grinned as she sputtered to life--the old girl was no beauty, but she was dependable! He started out for La Junta sipping from his thermos as he drove. He was confident that Livy and Ruth were not at all suspicious about his story. His appointment with Mr. Henry George was at 1:00 p.m., so he had all morning to do his banking and few other errands beforehand. Instead of being tired after working all night, he was excited about surprising Livy. He thought about their situation--he knew Livy still had her mind set on leaving. And he was pretty sure it was mostly fear of the unknown that was sending her back to Denver to have their baby. He'd tried to tell her that she would be fine--babies were born at home everyday, and that Martha and Doc McCutcheon would be attending her. He realized, too, that she probably never wanted her mama more than she did right now. He aimed to show her that no matter what, he wanted her in his life. If it meant going to Denver to convince her to come back home, he would do it. But he hoped to change her mind about leaving at all.

The little town was bustling, it being the first of the month, and only a few weeks before Christmas. Ray headed right for the bank. His passbook was showing a substantially smaller sum when he walked back out, but he had lived pretty frugally for some years now, and it felt good to be able spend money on his family. The next stop was Marshall's Department store, and Livy was first on his list. He looked so flustered as he tried to pick out a new gown and robe for her that an elderly saleswoman took pity on him and helped him with his selections. When he explained that he also needed baby things, she felt compelled to take him under her wing--she was a grandma, after all, and she could surely help him pick out the necessary items! Ray was grateful for her assistance. He wanted to have everything ready, just another way to show Livy how much he loved her and the baby. When he left the department store, he was loaded down with packages, and he stopped to deposit them in the truck. He could drop them off with Ruth, and she would be happy to wrap them for him. He checked the clock on the square, 11:45--plenty of time for a quick bite before meeting Mr. George.

Eating his lunch in the diner, Ray looked over his receipts. Yup...looked like he got everything Livy and the baby needed. Tiny shirts, gowns, booties and a sweater, hats and bibs, some flannel pads for the cradles, blankets and diapers. He smiled to himself, thinking of the two 'special' things he had purchased. Livy would chide him for doing it, he was sure, but whether this baby was a boy or girl, it would have a present under the tree that Daddy had picked out all on his own. When he saw the tiny outfits on display, he just couldn't resist! The baby girl's was a tiny navy blue taffeta dress, with a traditional 'sailor' collar and navy grosgrain tie. The dress and collar were piped in red and white and came with ruffly petticoat and socks. The baby boy's was a miniature flannel version of a 'real' sailor's uniform, complete with tiny white cap. He couldn't help a sad smile, thinking how proud Uncle Daniel would have been to see his niece or nephew decked out in honor of him. Slipping the bills in his coat, Ray finished his coffee and set out for George's Jewelry Store.

Mr. George greeted Ray himself, and took him back to his office. After deciding on a price range, he brought out a selection of items for Ray to choose from. Ray had read up on fine jewelry, and Mr. George was impressed that this farmer knew what to look for and was well educated in his questions. Ray finally picked out a nearly flawless diamond ring for Livy. In his heart, he had known all along this was what he wanted for Livy, to make up for not having a ring the day they were married. This particular ring reminded Ray of Livy. It was delicately set, yet the stone was strong and resilient. Ray wanted only the best for her. After all, this was an investment in their future and it would last a lifetime. He walked out of the jewelry store with the small velvet box close to his heart, knowing that Livy would recognize this as a symbol of his love for her. A small cloud of doubt hovered, though...when should he give it to her? He wanted it to be a Christmas present for her, but if she kept her plan to leave, he would have to give it to her beforehand. So be it. For days now, out in the shed, driving in the beet box, milking the cows, he had been practicing over and over. "Livy, I love you..." or " You know I love you, don't you Livy?" and just plain "I love you". Never had words come so hard to him! He FELT the words, he just didn't know how he was going to say them out loud.

In the meantime, Ruth and Livy had finished binding the edges of the quilt. Ruth insisted on making dinner for Aunt Livy and Uncle Ray, one of her 4-H projects. So Livy took the quilt upstairs and spread it out over the bed in Martha's old room. She let her fingers roam over each block, thinking about the garments that fashioned the pattern. She knew Ray would recognize many of the fabrics and treasure the memories that were associated with them. With a twinge, she thought about missing his reaction when he opened it Christmas morning. He probably wouldn't realize that she had put her love and gratitude for him into every stitch. Deep in her heart, she hoped that once the baby arrived, he would come to Denver and ask them to come back---back home where they belonged, with him. She didn't know if he could overlook the circumstances of their marriage, and worse, her betrayal of writing to Edward. It was an awful lot to ask any man to forgive. She sighed. At the last moment, she had embroidered their names and wedding date in the corner. Now she wondered if that was a good idea...it might only remind Ray of a costly mistake. Well, it was done now. Hmmph--if it bothered him that much, he could have Martha remove the stitching for him! Hearing the truck come up the drive, she quickly folded the quilt, wrapped it in a clean sheet, and hid it in the bottom drawer of the empty bureau. He'd never have reason to look in here!

Coming down the steps, she was greeted with a blast of cold air as Ray hurried inside.
"Whew! It's getting colder by the minute!" Livy took his coat, hat and scarf while he got his boots off. He sniffed the air, and hollered into the kitchen.
"Ruthie, something smells mighty good in there!" Ruth grinned as she peeked around the doorway.
"Just wait, Uncle Ray! I made a chicken pot-pie, green beans and apple crisp for dessert. I sure hope you like it!" Livy laughed.
"Oh, Ruth, Uncle Ray surely will! He's been subjected to my poor cooking efforts for too long now," Ray just gave her a lopsided smile, and chucked her under the chin.
"I'm still here, aren't I? Haven't got rid of me yet!" Livy swatted at him as he bounded up the steps.
"I'll be down soon's I wash up, all right?" Livy went in to start the coffee while Ruth set the table.

Upstairs, Ray sat on the bed. He took the little box out of his pocket and watched the light dance off the diamond. He couldn't wait to give it to Livy. All he had to do was get those three little words out when he did! He put the box in an old tobacco tin of his daddy's, and quietly snuck into Martha's old room. He opened the top drawer of the empty bureau...she'd never have reason to look in here!

to be continued.....


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Moving On to Episode 12

A: Paul, er, Skeet,,,,there you are. My god man, you're dripping with sweat. Where have you been?

S: Oh, ah, jecorbin just broke ground on the new deck out back........this project is going to be amazing.

A: Good god, is there no end to that woman's insatiable desire to build things?

S: Oh, she occasionally takes a break, but the insatiable desire still applies.

A: You, my friend, are an annoyingly lucky man to have these women clamoring for you like this...........

S: Speaking of which, I've got to get going. Singleton Gal is ready to get started on Episode 12/The Letter.

A: Yes, yes - we're all packed. I took the liberty of throwing in an extra pair of overalls. I understand from the Blog that she is quite the fan of "The Farmer and the College Girl".

S: Oh, well Angus, jecorbin is staying on here, so I'm going on to Atlanta alone. I told her you'd be glad to stay and help with the decking.

A: Egad man, don't leave me here - she'll work me like a lumberjack!!

S: I loved that one - "The lumberjack and the mail order bride" ......

A: No, no really. Please drop me back at P&P5's - She's a delightful woman - works wonders with my screen caps and has a real love for the sciences - I'm much better suited to research than repairs.

S: Sorry Angus, but I gotta go.

A: Ulrichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Don't leave me...................................................................


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 10/Final

Alva was skunked on any new information to impact his "big picture" research, but Paul has been successful in helping a grieving father come to grips with his tragic loss. Larry Kettredge has bid them farewell, going back to his office to reconcile with his wife, Meg. Thank goodness Frannie and Paul have prepped her on the ghostly occurrences that were actually experienced down at the realty office. This no doubt has saved Meg from committing Larry when he explained the whole inverted office furniture episode.

The motel manager has shown up to assess the damages. As Paul nurses his head wound, Alva does his best to offer some explanation for the destroyed room, finally acknowledging that some things simply can not be explained. The manager estimates the damages at $1,100. Alva peels off the required number of bills and hands them manager. Obviously annoyed at being gouged he looks over at Paul and snipes "this is why we take the bus". Paul nods in understanding, although the rocking motion makes his head hurt all the more. The manager marvels at the extent of the destruction, questioning whether they are part of a rock band. Alva considers the prospect and responds "Not currently………….". Hmmmmm………..plenty of visions race through my head.

Time passes and we find Paul back in Boston. He and Poppi stand in the sanctuary. It's a gorgeous church - more of a cathedral really - a huge stone facade with a beautiful stain glass window - rows and rows of carved dark walnut pews.

Poppi has requested Paul to come. Their relationship has been strained since Paul's decision to leave the church, choosing to explore similar occurrences in the secular arena. Paul is sporting a butterfly bandage across his forehead. He is obedient, but appears sullen, offering nothing without request. Poppi acknowledges the mood and asks Paul if his opinion matters. Paul lets his guard down a bit and indicates yes, Poppi's opinion is certainly of value.

Poppi delivers a moving speech about how he disagrees with Paul's decision, but will support him in spite of it. Although he has helped raise hundreds of children, there has never been another child that has meant more to him than Paul. Viewers eyes are welling up - the tissue boxes are being passed - it's another touching father/son moment - perfect casting.

Paul and Poppi embrace. Poppi examines Paul's nasty gash, encouraging him to duck more often. All is right with the world again. Well, at least until next week………………………


Friday, October 14, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 9

Paul and Alva are making their way down the street to the realty office when they hear the commotion. Sirens are screaming off in the distance. Both break into a trot when they see Frannie running from the building in a dither. Tanya, the alluringly seductive, blonde nymphette, scoots out of the door just as they arrive. Alva is apparently invisible to Tanya. (I guess she finds black silk PJs a turn-off). But she stops in her tracks and looks up at Paul with her luminous blue eyes. She reports that the ghostly activity is really bad. Amid the screams and crashes they also learn that Kittredge is still in there.

Our heroes push forward into harms way. Inside the building they find pure chaos. Papers are swirling in the air..........chairs are flying everywhere........lights are flashing......desks are vibrating wildly and inching their way across the office. The fellas assess the situation all the while dodging large airborne objects. Alva instinctively knows to keep low. Obviously this is not his first poltergeist. Paul hunches a bit, but has more of a deer in the headlights look about him. Pictures come crashing down shattering glass all around. A fire blazes in a trash can - the flames licking at the ceiling. Paul looks up just in time to see a desk headed for them at rocket speed. "Keel, lookout!!" yells Paul as he tackles Alva, pushing him to safety.

Paul lays sprawled on top of Alva on the floor. Luckily Tanya is still out on the sidewalk or this would be yet another awkward moment to have to explain to the poor thing. Both guys grapple their way to the private office. Paul turns the knob and throws open the door to find Larry Kittredge sitting peacefully at his desk. He is relaxing, eyes closed, listening to classical music through the earphones of his portable CD player. The man is oblivious to the carnage happening all around him. Paul taps him on the shoulder and startles him from his quiet place.

Kittredge sees the smoke and flames engulfing the sales floor. Aghast he jumps to his feet. The boys encourage him to come back to the motel with them before the authorities shows up. Paul has had his share of run-in's with the law and the paranormal explanations never play well with the boys in blue. Considering the number of times Paul has been in custody you'd think he would have worked out a good schpeel. "Well officer, it's kinda hard to explain........" Hmmmm...Paul may be right. Scampering out the backdoor may be their best move.

As they enter the motel room Kittredge is rethinking his decision to leave with the SQ guys. Paul ignores his protests and assumes a take charge attitude. He offers Kittredge the desk chair and a glass of water. Seems accommodating enough, but it's all part of a grander plan. Kittredge gives the room the once over and spies the stack of security tapes. He becomes incensed at the fact that these are in their possession. Paul waves this off and sits on the edge of the bed for a heart-to-heart. Alva, sensing the onset of a touchy-feely moment, slinks away to a chair under the window.

Paul seems to have regained his momentum and begins to let 'er rip. He tells Kettredge that the way he has been handling the tragedy is dangerous - He has swallowed his grief and rage, but they are now manifesting themselves in these strange occurrences. Paul nods to Alva who jumps in with the clinical explanation of the poltergeist condition that exists at Kittredge Realty.

As Kittredge becomes more agitated the hospitable glass of water begins to rumble on the dresser. Paul & Alva's eyes dart to the glass and know this thing is about to take off. "Look out boys, he's gonna blow!!! " Paul takes a deep breath and presses on. He tells Kittredge that Kevin is dead and there is no ghost. Kittredge begins to tremble. His rage bubbles to the surface and things start flying in the room.
The water glass flies from the dresser and crashes into the wall beside Alva's head. Keel wisely takes his leave and scoots across the room out of the line of fire. Pictures crash from the walls - mirrors shatter under the sheer force of the energy erupting in the motel room. Paul's head whips wildly from left to right as he watches the results of Kittredges psychic connection. Unfortunately Paul bobs when he should have weaved and a table lamp smashes him in the right temple. Blood is gushing and Paul is down for the count. Well, looks like this mystery is almost wrapped up.

Larry Kettredge kneels next to Paul, apologizing for winging him with the lamp. Paul, ever the gracious one, whinces out a "no problem" as he blots the nasty gash with a bath towel. Kettredge now faces the reality that his son is gone. Paul encourages him to go mend his marriage. Calm has been restored in Lowell, NJ and Alva, once again, rummages through his briefcase for medical forms.

Questions to Ponder:
Is Alva just incredibly lucky or is Paul a magnet for injuries?

Do you think the office chaos went per the special effects plan or do you think some of the activity surprised the actors?