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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Page back to normal

We are finally back. Thank you for your patience as the site was down (in disarray) most of today. I had messed up on the coding and I just couldn't figure what was wrong with it. I had to get out and clear my brain. I am glad it's back to normal and that I am NOW making sure I back up my template in case something like this ever happens again.

To the team members, thanks for keeping up on the posting, I think I've neglected to even check on this today. I hope that PatriciaBUV is now on her way to getting a post in.

A few changes though---I've cut back to showing only around 10 posts on the page. This is just so that the readers won't have too long of a page scroll all the time. The previous posts can be accessed on the Archives on the sidebar. I've made the archives grouped by month instead of every week as well.