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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hey! Nielsen

Hey! Nielsen, an online social network site for a diverse range of pop
culture enthusiasts who are eager to make their voices heard to Nielsen clients
and other decision-makers in the entertainment industry.

"Hey! Nielsen gives lovers of pop culture an opportunity to sound off
online and to make their voice heard by decision-makers," said Karen Watson,
Senior Vice President of Communications at The Nielsen Company, and Executive
Sponsor of Hey! Nielsen. "If you're passionate about any aspect of the
entertainment world, you will find like-minded consumers on Hey! Nielsen. We
hope this will be a fun place to share opinions and discuss your favorite shows,
movies and music. And because we will be providing our clients with insights
from Hey! Nielsen members, joining the network is a way to let the entertainment
industry know what you think."

source: www.nielsenmedia.com

This will be a great way to get our opinions heard directly for Jericho.

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