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Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy 3-Month Anniversary TMOOD!

A Traditional TMoOD way of celebrating is to have a Chocolate Cake (from Mrs. Pratt) and a cold bottle of Co'Cola (Ray's favorite drink)

Consider this a temporary station-break from our discussion of Miracles (new question for Ferguson Syndrome coming on Sunday - feel free to keep commenting on the first question, too!)

It was 3 months ago this very day that Hallmark Hall of Fame aired The Magic of Ordinary Days and threw many of us into a TMoOD and Skeet Ulrich tailspin that hasn't stopped yet. We dare say that this site has kept us spinning, somedays right out of control!

As we celebrate this milestone let's reminisce! Think about some of the following:

The show aired on a Sunday night; so how long did it take you to

  • ....do a google search for Skeet Ulrich?
  • ...visit imdb.com for Skeet Ulrich and/or The Magic of Ordinary Days?
  • ...reconcile the picture of Skeet Ulrich at imdb.com with your image of Ray Singleton?
  • ...visit hallmark.com for information on ordering the DVD?
  • ...panic when you learned that hallmark.com was all out of the DVD?

As you fondly recall TMOOD, what would you say is your

  • ....favorite scene?
  • ... favorite character?
  • ... favorite line?
  • ... favorite look/expression from Ray? (okay and for anyone else)


Episode One: The Ferguson Syndrome 1

Early on in Episode One, Paul leaves Boston and heads to the southwest to "clear his head." As he's working at a construction site there (and looking oh so mighty sexy in his tool belt I might add -- oh sorry - back on topic), he notices a woman staring at him. We don't see her or hear from her throughout the rest of the episode. What role do you think this woman plays in this episode?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And a more important follow up question: do you think that Skeet's beard in this scene is real ?


Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Miracle distraction

It hasn't started yet and here I am interrupting the start of the Miracles series.

Sorry folks, just having a bit of a TMoOD withdrawal here.

I thought this would be the best time to have this picture before we delve deep into Miracles talk.

On this site's very first entry, it was noted that Ray and Livy's first meeting at the parlor was what started it all for us getting addicted to this movie and of course Skeet.

It occured to me that the picture below is what set us all to write fiction beyond the "Hallmark" feel--I think.

Ray's an inadvertent tease, cleverly sending messages subliminally.

I know he must be nervous and all but what's he doing slapping his butt in front of Livy? On their first day together in their own house--what was he thinking?!

There -- I just thought I'd let that out, now I am ready for the Miracles rave.


Coming Friday - The Ferguson Syndrome

I wonder what things this group is going to say about me..........

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Plan--what's up ahead

Is it safe to say that we've all got our Miracles DVD and have had the satisfaction of an unadulterated viewing of our beloved actor, the venerable and charming Skeet?

I am sure many of us are just anxious to talk about each episode, breaking it down to pieces like what we've done with the TMoOD movie. We've become experts on this after all.

So here's the consensus during our brainstorming sessions in the chat room.

Taking into account that there should be about +/-13 weeks before "Into the West" finishes its run on TV in June, we'll start our Miracles episode reviews this week on Friday.

Nothing complicated or serious (we never are anyway), we are here to have fun. However, we do need some moderation so we can follow what's going on every week since there are 13 wonderful episodes to talk about.

Each week we'll have an "Episode Host". P&P5 will start on the "Ferguson Syndrome" this week. Twelve more episodes are still for the taking, anyone interested in hosting, do sign up and put a stake on your favorite episode you'd want to host.

There are no definite format. I'll give the host full reign on how they want to write or post their entries on their favorite episode, if they so desire. P&P5 will start by throwing us some bits of observations and questions and the rest of us can comment and share their thoughts about it. We'll have a week to rave on each episode and so make sure you get your piece heard--participation is highly encouraged!

Rest assured, there will be no pop quizes just a LOT of Skeet talk I am sure.

Some ideas to help you get over your shyness on hosting:
  • Skeet mannerisms -- it's a way of getting to know our guy more.
  • What's up with the hair? -- any physical attributes that strike you enough to blog about it.
  • Strange phenomenon (is that on oxymoron?) -- what's Miracles without this, right?
  • Let's do a count on Paul Callan bruises, beat ups, fall downs -- a co'cola (a Pbright fave) everytime Paul gets hurt.
  • "Defribulator" moments (borrowed from Chris) -- hey, we've got plenty to go by in all the episodes.

Anyone needing screen caps to convey their point, P&P5 (our screen cap queen) or I can assist you with it.

Interjections between posts on any Skeet current news or sightings, TMoOD talk (of course) are definitely NOT discouraged.

It's our way to pace ourselves for the months to come, if we are adamant about keeping talk on Skeet active and alive.

Now let's have FUN!!!


thank you all!


I have just finished reading all the posts previous to joining this crazy, colorful bunch of skeet-lovers!!
I can only try to tell you all---

1--how I have laughed out loud at your hilarious comments (whoopee on the farm is too much!)

2--that I now recognize I am indeed 'not alone in my addiction' (you know if....)

3--that I am learning my way around a blog!! (thanks, skeetrfan for all the tutoring!)

4--that I have discovered how many talented writers are in this group. All of you continually amaze me with your insights and creativity. As I came upon each new 'installment' added to 'our' movie scenes, it only added to my love of this wonderful story. If we never get any kind of sequel from the author or Hallmark, we can enjoy the gifts of these incredibly gifted story tellers that we are blessed to know. I have laughed, cried and blushed (!), and I thank each and every one of you for the time, effort and joy you put into your writing. Can't wait to read future chapters. And just think...we still have 13 episodes of "Miracles" and "Into the West" to discuss and embellish!

Though I have only been here a short time, I feel like I have found a home away from home and some wonderful new friends. Thank you so much for making me feel like a part of the family.

.....don't mean to be too serious...just having a moment here...


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Did Anyone Ever Think About This?

This hit me while looking at the part of the dance scene MJ wrote about:

Martha Singleton married Hank Stewart, right?

So, what does that make her married name?

Do you suppose she ever did time due to SEC violations?


Agent and Publicist Letter Count - 8

As of this posting, I have counted 8 of us who reported that they have sent letters to Skeet's agent and publicist in order to inform them that interest in Skeet Ulrich is alive and well! According to the various comment sections, the following have sent letters: rhwillut, patriciaBUV, MJ, jecorbin, Jan1425 {per chat room}, Kay, skeetrfan, and myself.

Hope I didn't leave anyone out and I hope that we'll be able to add more names to this list soon! Any little bit that we can do to increase the likelihood that we'll see more of Skeet in the future.......

Thanks gang!


Sunday, April 24, 2005

OK, So Who's Wearing Ray's Shirt?

So I have watched this dance scene, like everyone else, over and over. After the scene put up by P&P5 the camera pulls back for an overhead shot. Martha is in the crowd to the left and Hank, Ruth, and Livy (I assume) are over to the right. But who is wearing Ray's shirt? It doesn't seem to be our favorite, Skeet. Why would he need a stand-in? Am I losing it, or is Skeet AWOL? I also think the scene in the truck driving back home after the wedding is sweet. Ray is clearly daydreaming when Kivy asks who the neighbors are. I imagine he's thinking he lucked out. What do you all think?


Friday, April 22, 2005

getting to know you...

Hi--just want to tell you all that I am so impressed with this group!! I am taking the advice to go back and read earlier posts.. kind of getting to know you all better. It is so insightful!! Everybody is so kind and it is so nice to find that we have common feelings about Skeet and this movie. The addtional 'scenes' you have written to the movie are something else--you have all captured the feelings and theme so well. Way to go!


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Miracles DVD article

Here's an article on the recent release of the Miracles DVD.
I am posting this also as a reminder for those who have bought it to write a feedback on Amazon.com site. It will definitely make a difference for the show and Skeet Ulrich.


TV on DVD: Some do believe in miraclesBY R.D. HELDENFELSKnight Ridder Newspapers
(KRT) - Thank goodness for TV cults.
Big-hit shows come to DVD because, out of the tens of millions of people who watched the series originally, a percentage will buy the DVD.
Cult shows never had a big audience (although, in TV, even a flop can still have millions of viewers). Some of them don't even last a full season. But their fans are so devoted, they will buy anything related to a show, making a DVD set financially attractive to its distributor.
And then the rest of us, the casual fans or the people who never watched at all, get a second chance to see a show.
No wonder Richard Hatem, co-creator of "Miracles," goes out of his way to credit fans with getting the show on DVD.
Indeed, "Miracles: The Complete Series" (Shout Factory, 13 episodes, four discs, $49.98, in stores April 19) will be new even to people who watched all six of the show's telecasts on ABC in 2003 - since it includes seven episodes ABC never aired.
The series starred Skeet Ulrich as an investigator of possible miracles who begins to encounter incidents he can no longer explain. Those incidents include possible signs of a looming conflict between good and evil, pivoting on letters that sometimes form "God is now here" and sometimes "God is nowhere."
The series was a bit slow in spots, and not always effective as it tried to move forward its long-term narrative. But individual episodes could be very good - much better than the new, and similarly themed, "Revelations."
Extras on the DVD include commentaries by writers, producers and a director on six of the episodes and a feature with Hatem discussing the series. I was a little disappointed at the full-frame presentation; the cinematic quality of the show begs for widescreen treatment.
Also aimed at TV cultists, and already in stores, is "The Lone Gunmen" (Fox, 13 episodes, three discs, $39.98), a collection of the spring 2001 "X-Files" spinoff. Involving a trio of conspiracy theorists even more extreme than the usual "X-Files" crowd, the show was much more comedic - and at times better - than "X-Files."
The first episode is now very uncomfortable to watch, since its plot anticipated 9/11. But there are joys to be found elsewhere in the set.
The DVD arranges the series' 13 episodes as originally intended (one aired out of sequence in the original telecasts) and adds an "X-Files" telecast that wrapped up the Gunmen's story. There are also commentaries on five episodes and a nice segment about the making of the show.
Elsewhere on DVD, if you're missing "The West Wing" now that the current season is done, you can go back to the fourth season on DVD (Warner, 22 episodes, six discs, $59.98). Unfortunately, that season - the last involving series creator Aaron Sorkin - was also one where the show crumbled; the characters took odd turns, the plotting was off and the politics seemed aggressively naive. And even then, I sort of enjoyed it; bad "West Wing" is still "West Wing."
And "The West Wing" has rebounded. I don't think the same can be said for "That '70s Show," which is content to amuse sporadically at best. If you want to see the show when it was really funny (often in slyly outrageous ways), go for "That '70s Show: Season Two" (Fox, 26 episodes, four discs, $49.98), in stores April 19. Great fun.
Not so much fun is "The Hitchhiker: Volume 2" (HBO, 10 episodes, two discs, $34.98, in stores now). This continues to collect telecasts from the '80s horror anthology, which is also the basis for a big-screen movie due out on April 29. The original show had its share of violence and sex; what it didn't have was a lot of imagination.
© 2005, Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio).
Visit Akron Beacon Journal Online at
Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.


Finding Kay

Our newest member just found us--it must be fate since we are not an easy search. We are glad that she has the same enthusiasm as the rest of us.

Please welcome our newest member--
  • Kay

we wish you will enjoy your experience with the group as we all have. Welcome!


Agent and Publicist Letter Count

I sent my two letters out today - one to the agent and one to the publicist. I know some of you have indicated that you've already done that, but we were thinking that this post could be used to track the number of letters. So..... if you have sent your letters, please tell us that in the comment section of this post. Please, no comments about intentions to write, only a report that letters are sent. Even if you have already mentioned that your letters were sent, please do it again here so we don't have to sift through past posts/comments to count - thanks. Hopefully, we'll see some impressive numbers here and thanks for all the energy that started and drove this effort!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Jan has finally arrived!

She's been a member in our hearts for a long time now. A true Tmooder/WNSR and Skeet addict, we've enjoyed your presence in the chat room all the time.

Welcome aboard Jan1425!!!



Hey gang! I just wanted to thank you for the get well card. I'm sure everything will be just fine. The worse part about it is I'll be out of commission for about a week so I won't be able to check in and get my dailey Skeet fix. :-( I'll miss this place. You guys always manage to make me smile.


They're playing our song

this is an audio post - click to play


Some Additional Thoughts

I've written my letter to Ms. Siebert. In the process of doing so it occurred to me that the more appropriate person may be Skeet's publicist. I'm going to mail my letter to Ms. Siebert but I have sent a letter to the publicist as well. For those of you who wish to do so:

ID Public Relations
attn: Joe Libonati
8409 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

I've pasted my letter here simply for those who may be interested in reading it. No other purpose intended or implied.

Dear Ms. Siebert,

I was delighted to learn that Mr. Ulrich had signed with The Gersh Agency. I've felt for some time that he was not getting the opportunities he deserved as an actor. I realize, of course, that the decision may have been his. I suspect, however, that since he's signed with a new agency perhaps that was not the case.

As a fan I hope to see more of Mr. Ulrich and in a more positive light.

For example, I believe that there are far better pictures which could be used as his head shot on the IMDb site. Admittedly, that is arguably a somewhat petty point. The existing picture does not, I believe, give one a good impression.

I also noticed that on Matthew Settle's IMDb site there were pictures of the TNT/TBS Upfront event of 12 April almost immediately. There were no such pictures at Mr. Ulrich's site although he shared billing with Mr. Settle for Into the West. Frankly, I was disappointed.

These are small matters, I know. I'm hoping, though, that small matters appropriately cared for will produce major results. As I write this, it occurs to me that I probably should be directing these thoughts to Mr. Ulrich's publicist and I will do so as well.

Best wishes for your success as a talent agent and as the agent for Mr. Ulrich. I appreciate your time and attention to this letter.


Lack of Publicity

At long last! Thank you, skeetrfan, for your help. I didn't think I was ever going to get to the place where I could post. I hope the point I wanted to make still has some validity.
Last Tuesday [4/12] the TNT/TBS Upfront event was held in NYC. We know Skeet attended as part of the cast for Into the West--at least that's what the press release said. Within a matter of days there were pictures of Matthew Settle, from the Upfront event, posted on his IMDb site.
Excitedly I quickly when to Skeet's IMDb site hoping to see some pictures of him as well. No doubt you can guess---there were none. Plus, that [from my perspective] ridiculous head shot of him was still there.
I know he has a new talent agent and maybe they haven't had sufficient time to update/upgrade his image. Perhaps that's the image Skeet wants. I'm thinking, however, that this new agent needs to know that Skeet has devoted fans who wish to see more of him in the most positive light possible. Any ideas?

As per sketerfan's request here's the address for the talent agent:
Ms. Leslie Siebert
The Gersh Agency
232 North Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Girl of Ray's Dreams

One evening, while laying in bed talking, Livy asked Ray again,

"Why did you agree to this arrangement of marriage? It is obvious to me that you could have any girl that you wanted, Ray."

Ray turning from his back to his side, looked Livy straight in the eyes and said,

"Maybe so but they weren't the girl of my dreams."

Livy, blushing and unconvinced, continued to dig a little deeper with her questioning

"You'd never met me Ray, how could you know I was the woman of your dreams? Besides I had extra......"

Ray putting his finger over Livy's lips, would not allow her to speak of herself so negatively. Besides she and Daniel were the best thing to happen to Ray; he was convinced of that.

Ray thought for a second about what he was going to say next. He didn't want to come across to Livy that she was in love with a man who was a bit strange.

"There's just somethings you can't explain why. Why did my parents die? Why did Danny get killed at Pearl Harbor? Why did your mama die and leave you so lonely. Why did you spend one night with a stranger?" All I know is that God has a will for our life and if we seek him and know Him, He will reveal his plan to us.

Livy, always humbled by Ray's understanding of her one night with Edward, asked the same question,

"I understand that Ray. But you'd never met me so how did you know that this arrangement would work out-with both of us falling in love with each other and you loving Danny like you do?"

Ray, smiling at Livy as he always does, told her something that he himself found hard to believe. But because he had seen it, he believed it.

"Livy, you will probably find what I am going to say as a bit strange, but it's true. From the time I was about twenty years old until the night before you came to Wilson, I would have this recurring dream. The same dream over and over. It wasn't a long dream just a speck in the night. I'd have it probably every month or so. After I dreamed it several times, I told Danny about it. He seemed to think it was my future wife."

Livy very interested in the dream asked Ray to tell her more.

"Well, in the dream I may be out in the barn and walking towards the house or driving up the road to the house, and this girl would be out on the porch holding a baby. I wouldn't recognize her. The closer I got to her the blurrier she became. But I knew she was beautiful, and I had this love and pride for her in my heart when I saw her."

Livy, intrigued, wanted to know more and asked,

"Did the dream ever change? Did you ever find out who this girl was?"

Ray holding Livy close and tight told her,

"Yes, the dream changed and I found out who the girl was."

Livy, whose heart ached for Ray, and turning bit jealous of the girl, asked a question that she wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer to,

"What happened Ray, how did your dream change and who was the girl in your dreams?"

"My dream became my life and you were the girl waiting on the porch for me to come home to. I know that Livy. The moment I saw you at Rev. Case's house, I knew you were the girl I had been dreaming of for the past several years. That was my assurance from God. I had to be patient though, because if I allowed you to see that this was your life then you'd stay. I couldn't push it. I knew from the day we got married that we would be together forever."

Livy, with tears streaming down her face, quietly mumbled,

"I am so glad God chose me as the girl of your dreams. I am so sorry that I came to you like I did."

Ray, reassuring as always, replied,

"It doesn't matter to me how you came, but that you made it here to me. So I could love you and take care of you. So you'd not feel so lonely, Livy. I love you and have for years now. One thing I didn't tell you. I prayed for you for a long time. Every night I dreamed that dream, I would wake up, after getting my thoughts together I would send up prayers for you."

Livy, yearning for that hope and faith that Ray had, wanted to know the prayers.

"What would you say to God, Ray?"

Ray quickly recited the prayers he said a many a night after seeing Livy in his dreams.

"I asked God to keep you safe and out of harms way until I could come to you and be the one that loved you, take care of you. See Livy, that's why it was easy for me to tell the Rev. I would do it, that I'd help you out during your situation. The Rev. didn't know about my dream, and to be honest I didn't believe you'd be the one from my dream. The moment I saw you, I knew from your stature and the way you held yourself and your hair, that you were the girl from my dream. I couldn't believe it. That night after we said good night and I came up to my room, I wrote our marriage down in the family bible and then I prayed. Thanking God for sending you to me, and during that prayer, God showed me the face of the girl on the porch holding a baby. It wasn't blurry anymore, it was crystal clear. It was your face, Livy. It was as beautiful as you are right now."

Livy wrapped her arms around Ray's neck and pulled him on top of her and kissed him more passionately than she ever had before. Ray kissed her right back and said,

"Had I known I would've gotten this response, I would have told you this our first night as man and wife." And Ray rolled Livy on top.

Livy responded,

"It's a good thing you didn't Mr. Singleton, I probably would have been a little frightened by that. It's good that you let me ease into it. Let me see for myself that you were the man of my dream. And you are Ray Singleton. You are the man I dreamed about my whole life. The man who could love me when no one else would."

The passion that Ray and Livy had become was ignited that night and Livy showed Ray that dreaming of her for all those years and loving her and missing her was all worthwhile. Livy wanted to make sure that she gave Ray something more to dream about than her waiting on the porch with Danny on her hip.

Livy took off Ray's clothes and kissed the exposed area with her tender lips. Softly and gently she made her way all over his body. Ray, not being able to control his desire for his wife,
frantically took off her night gown and panties with one swoop it seemed. He matched her kisses with his. The night was long as this continued for a while. They soon ended making love with both calling out each other's name. Livy laid on top of Ray while she caught her breath. She told Ray that she hopes she has lived up to the girl in his dreams and that she hopes that she has not left him disappointed. Ray rolled over to where he was now on top and told Livy,

"I had no idea how good you would be. The thoughts I had were only the beginning. It's a good thing I didn't know how good you'd be, I wouldn't had been so patient."

Livy giggled as she kissed Ray again and again. Thanking him for loving her when everyone else chose not to.

The silence of their love soon infiltrated the room and Ray and Livy lay in the depth of sleep, where Ray's dream girl didn't just stay on the porch with a baby on her hip, but came out to greet him with hugs and kisses and showed him how grateful she was for him rescuing her from her situation.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Theme Song

I know we are all very excited about receiving our Miracles DVD sets, but I was thinking about a theme song for TMOOD the other day. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of one that fits.

Does anyone have any ideas (serious or otherwise), about a theme song for TMOOD, or maybe one for just Ray & Livy?


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Thank You Ray!


Thank you, Ray for preordering Miracles!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Welcome MJ

Finally a member! We are glad you were able to now have the capability to post. We hope you will enjoy being a member of this wonderful team. Please do join us at chat when you can.

Welcome, you are now a certified Tmooder!


Friday, April 15, 2005

Ray's Wisdom

Hello gang - While we count down the hours until Miracles appears in our mailboxes, thought we could get a new discussion going.

1944. World War II. Colorado. Livy Dunne (Russell) has been thrown out of her home by her father, Rev. Dunne, because she's pregnant and unmarried. She's banished to rural Colorado, to go through with an arranged marriage to a lonely farmer, so her child will have a father. When she arrives in the tiny town, Livy and her betrothed are wary of each other. Worldly Livy is bored by Ray and the hardscrabble life he leads–despite his inherent goodness and wisdom. As the months pass, Livy learns more about this calm, practical self-effacing farmer. Slowly almost imperceptibly, Livy realizes she may have found "home" quite accidentally.

This text is the description of TMOOD that is given at the Hallmark website. As I read it recently, the word "wisdom" jumped out at me. Of all the characteristics Ray is given, good, gentle, loving, hard-working, etc., wisdom was not one I had thought about until that time. I had, however, noticed a couple of times where Livy looks at Ray with a pleasantly surprised look over something he had said -- almost as if she's thinking, "I'm impressed at your insight." I wonder if these looks represent her recognition of his wisdom? What are those spots I'm thinking of?
  • When Ray explains his feelings toward the Japanese Americans and why he "keeps his distance" - he doesn't dislike them, he just doesn't socialize with them -- maybe he's not prejudiced as she was inclined to believe at first.
  • When Ray describes how he feels about his land - "In the span of a lifetime, that's near everything."
What do you think about these scenes - is Livy seeing a side of Ray she hadn't seen before?

Can you think of other scenes that might reveal Ray's "wisdom"?


Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Message

I thought I'd pass this along. It came in my inbox today.

This is a message from the webmistress of Skeeter Net
Skeeter Net has been updated with fresh news, new links, and a link to
the "Magic of Ordinary Days" online petition! More pictures are coming
soon. Please take the time to read this special alert from
MiraclesHQ.com (an affiliate of Skeeter Net) about the "Miracles" DVD's:

Miracles HQ
Contact Miracles HQ Team
Individual Contacts
Miracles HQ Message Board


"MIRACLES" ON DVD: Help Us Make an Impact on Sales!

We know you're looking forward to April 19 as much as we are -- who
could forget the date "Miracles" is being released on DVD? Its release is
a triumph for "Miracles" fans -- and our last big stepping stone to
future "Miracles" projects.

Which means that this is our last big chance to act -- and your big
chance as "Miracles" fans to show your support for the show! We need fan
support more than ever to show how much interest there is in watching
Paul, Alva, and Evie on the small screen.

With your support, here's our gameplan:

1) For all "Miracles" fans to purchase the DVD's ASAP
2) To buy the DVD's from a single provider (we suggest Amazon.com --
so that it cracks their Top 10)
3) For fans to tell friends and family to buy the set from Amazon.com
as well
4) Fans also post raves and reviews in Amazon's feedback section for
the show, telling others why they should purchase this excellent DVD set

What next? With luck:

5) "Miracles" then cracks the Amazon "Top 10" in DVD sales
6) MiraclesHQ will send out a press release to promote this
accomplishment by you, the fans
7) Industry insiders will take notice

For this to work, though, we're asking for your support: Purchase the
"Miracles" DVDs from Amazon. Tell your friends. And post your favorite
thoughts about the show on Amazon in the DVD feedback area after
receiving your purchase.

The industry pays attention to the sales figures to gauge the
marketability of TV shows, both in syndication and with an eye toward continuing
or even restarting production.

This is our chance to show the business we mean business! And our last
chance to make a statement about how much we love this show.

Access the "Miracles" DVDs on Amazon via the link below:
We'll see you in the checkout aisle!

-- MiraclesHQ.com

As always, enjoy!



Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Into the West

Just saw the first ad for Into the West (that I'm aware of) on TNT. Not a single, noticeable shot of Skeet. All Matthew Settle, his family, and Native Americans.


Hope for Skeet

Yes, Skeet has a new agent, and, hopefully, better career prospects. The item says he will be repped by Leslie Seibert of the Gersh Agency. A Google search will provide an indication of the caliber of the actors in this agency. Briefly, it is the second oldest talent agency in Los Angeles, and has handled some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Interesting reading about a prestigious organization that has decades of experience.

This seems a definite sign that Skeet remains committed to an acting career, rather than to retirement and furniture making. Couldn't be better news for his fans! I can't wait to see what projects this agency obtains for him. I also can't help but believe that the overwhelming success and popularity of TMOOD showed Skeet to be a very desirable client.


Did They or Didn't They?

I did write a story (The Ring) to fill the gap between Ray giving Livy the ring and her driving the beet box and smiling down on her ring. The Ring was posted before the porn gates, oops I meant flood gates, opened up with our non-Hallmark feel stories so it was very tame by what has become our standard here. I think I actually focused on Livy's thought process during that scene more than anything -- how she got from "I'm leaving" to "I'm staying." I do hope along with others who have commented here at TMOOD Blog that perhaps more than a kiss, even a passionate one, occurred as they celebrated Livy's acceptance of the ring, and her agreeing to stay and deliver "their baby." The question is, how much more likely occurred? Remember, Livy was to deliver "a Christmas baby" and here it is more than two weeks after Thanksgiving so she is pretty close to term. While my first thought was "no way did they do the deed" right there, I do wonder and Dr. skeetrfan has presented circumstantial evidence of Livy's hair that is compelling.

Here are some things to think about.
  • Today, most doctors say sex throughout pregnancy is okay unless there is a problem in the pregnancy (which in Livy's case there was not) OR if the cervix is starting to dilate. If she ends up delivering later that day, wouldn't her cervix likely have started to dilate? Question is, when did she last see the doc and did he check her cervix? Maybe, maybe not.
  • What did doctors say about sex during pregancy back in 1945? I read a story one time that took place in the 1800s and many people would not have sex during pregnancy because they thought the baby would see its father's you-know-what! And if that's not bad enough, they thought if the baby saw its father's you-know-what, it wouldn't want to come out and might be stillborn! Attitudes no doubt changed between then and 1945, but what were they at that point? Mmmmmmmmm.
  • Our hero Ray seems like he would not do anything to risk Livy's or the baby's well-being. On the other hand he has been reading up on preparing for baby so perhaps he's read about sex during pregnancy -- but what did the book say? Yes? No? Mmmmmmmmmm.
  • Then there is Livy's size. Would you want a man to see you naked for the first time when you are nearly 9 months pregnant? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Maybe, as singleton gal likes to say, Livy and Ray had Baptist sex! It would help explain the transformation of Livy's hair and Ray's giddiness and comfort with getting close to her when he finds her by the fire pit.

Just some additional food for thought and a little devil's advocacy to get our thinking going (and remember, writing is processed thinking so get commenting and posting ladies!)


Leaving Ray

The good thing about having house visitors is that I get to subject them to watch THE favorite movie of all time (yes, TMoOD all right) - with me.

I didn't know it would be quite an uncomfortable moment watching the Kiss scene with Mom. It felt like I was watching a rated scene with your parent sitting right next to you. Well, see, the Kiss WAS a very sexy scene in my opinion. I think I've gotten used to watching the movie all by myself that having to see it with someone, like my Mom, was a whole new different viewing experience for me. I'll have to let you know that she did enjoy and liked the movie very much.

But I digress.

Watching the movie in it's entirety (no skipping to favorite scenes, haha), had me thinking hard about the day of Livy's leaving Ray, or more so known as the Ring scene.

I know P&P5 and Chris had both posted an extended story for this scene (read their stories-- Ring-before and after story, The Ring). If you've read this continuing story, I think it's no joke that this could really have occured. I really now firmly believe that there WAS definitely a lapse in time there between the time he gave her the ring and the time she went to fetch the girls by the grain elevators.

Proof? If anyone would agree-- it's in Livy's hair.

Here's Livy moments before she went downstairs looking for Ray. Notice her hair, all nicely curled at the ends.

Then during Ray's proposal, not as neat but still well kept.

At the grain elevators meeting the girls and the POW. Hair now quite disheveled and tousled. She was in a very happy and upbeat mood even if she had to drive them all the way close to New Mexico. mmmmm, I WONDER why?

And this look (gazing at her ring), I think really means more than she's happy to have finally gotten a ring but also it cleverly implied that she was reminiscing on something that transpired right before she left the house.

And when Ray jumped out of the truck to meet her after she burned the uniform and her locket, he seemed way too eager to come close to her with an uncontainable smile. I think he already knew after she left the house that she wasn't leaving for Denver anymore.

Have I gone completely crazy or what? Sometimes I feel like I am vainly reading in between the lines too much. This is what happens when I don't get much time interacting with fellow tmooders.
Missing you all!


Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Day To Remember - Part 2

This is Part 2 of A Day to Remember (Part 1 posted March 29th). This story continues from Ray and Livy’s falling asleep in front of the fire after Livy was lost in the snow storm and rescued by our hero, Ray (you may remember that a “foot rub” took place before they fell asleep). It is the weekend of Daniel’s christening (very early Saturday morning).

A couple of important acknowledgements: jecorbin suggested one night on chat that Livy’s father would not attend the christening, but would send a bible along instead. You’ll see I’ve used that idea in this story. Pbright helped with technical advice and with giving Livy’s father a name. Finally, Chris wrote a line in one of her stories that I thought was lovely and I have used the same line here to finish this story (Chris’ line is the one that is in bold at the very end of the story) – thanks to all of you!

Livy awoke at some point during the night to find herself feeling very hot. The fire Ray had stoked before they fell asleep was still burning and underneath the blanket together, Ray had his body pressed up against hers, his arm thrown around her. As she listened to Ray’s even breathing, she remembered that just twelve hours ago she’d wondered if she’d ever feel warm again and here she was about to break out in a sweat. She smiled as she thought that there was no end to the warmth that Ray brought into her life! She drew Ray’s arm more tightly around her and contentedly, she drifted back to sleep.

She awoke again to the sun shining in through the window. She had fed Danny once during the night and knew he would probably awaken again soon for more. Ray still slept soundly, now on his back, no doubt tired from yesterday’s heroism and their christening the night before of the rug they slept on . She couldn’t resist the urge to lift the blanket and covertly admire her husband’s lean and muscular body. Her enjoyment turned to concern as she noted a large bruise on his abdomen and she reached out to gently touch it. Ray stirred as he felt her hand on his abdomen and looking over at her from the corner of his eye, he asked, “Livy?”

“I’m sorry I woke you, Ray,” she said. “What happened here?” she asked, gently touching the bruise.

Ray lifted his head to see what Livy was referring to and noticed a bruise that had formed where Chester had run into him yesterday. “Oh that’s from Chester – he ran into me with the ratchet yesterday,” he answered, returning his head to the pillow.

Livy had to smile a bit as she said, “I guess yesterday just wasn’t Chester’s day. It looks awfully sore.”

Ray smiled devilishly and said, “No, but because of him, you were indebted enough to me last night to give me a foot rub and then some.” He reached for her and continued, “And has this bruise made you sympathetic enough to kiss me back to good health?”

Livy smiled and said, “I suppose,” but the last part of these words were muffled by Ray’s lips covering hers. Ray had rolled over so his upper body was over Livy. His hands began to explore her body and there under the blanket their love ignited again and brought them to a second christening of that fireplace rug.

Afterwards, as they lay on the blanket in each other’s arms, Danny began to stir. Ray quickly jumped up to get him and brought him to Livy. “I best get up and get a move on, Livy,” he said as he picked up some of the clothes that they’d thrown off in a hurry the night before. As he pulled on his pants he said, “I’ll fix us some breakfast while Danny has his.”

Livy also wanted to get her day started. After she and Ray had eaten and showered, they reviewed the schedule for the day. They expected Abby sometime after lunch. Abby would stay in Martha’s old room overnight and would be here for the christening tomorrow. Reverend Dunne would not be coming – he said he couldn’t leave his duties at his church, especially not on a Sunday. Livy was disappointed, but truthfully couldn’t say she was surprised and had not really expected him to come. She would never stop hoping though that some day he would want to see her again, and to meet Ray and Danny. She thought about Danny’s only grandparent and wondered if she’d have to one day explain to Danny why his grandfather didn’t visit them.

The Stewarts would host them for dinner tonight, there would be the christening at the church with Reverend Case in the morning, and a lunch at Ray and Livy’s right afterward. Livy completed the last minute cleaning to make the house shine and then went to get out the good dishes, arranging them in piles on the dining room table.

Hank and Chester arrived to pick up Ray and taking the gas can, they drove out to get the beet box and drive it back home. A little later, Ray walked in carrying the groceries Livy had purchased in Wilson the day before and a package wrapped neatly in brown wrap. He placed them on the table in the kitchen. “Your groceries stayed nice and cold in the truck overnight – hope whatever is in this package didn’t get damaged,” he said. Embarrassed and continuing to be secretive, Livy took the package from Ray and thanked him before she ran up the stairs to hang the suit to remove the wrinkles. She returned and joined Ray who was taking the groceries from the box. Ray looked at her inquisitively, but Livy didn’t offer any information about the package, and Ray did not ask. He went outside to clear the walkway and porch and before they knew it, Abby arrived in a flourish.

They sat and visited with Abby for a while over coffee. Abby admired Daniel and fussed over him, but caught herself before she exclaimed that he looked like a Dunne. “Liv, you are positively glowing!” exclaimed Abby as they drank their coffee. “Motherhood must certainly agree with you,” she continued.

Livy smiled, “Abby, I never imagined that having a baby could be like this – every little thing he does amazes us! And he’s only a tiny baby yet!” Livy laughed as she looked over at Ray. Ray shyly nodded in agreement, still trying to be comfortable in Abby’s presence.

Livy continued, “Danny’s first smile was for Ray of course and you should have seen Ray – you’d have thought it was the first time a baby had ever smiled at anyone!” She looked fondly at Ray as she said this.

Ray smiled sheepishly, “It was really something, I can’t deny it.” He continued to smile back at Livy. Abby looked from Livy to Ray and then back to Livy – they never took their eyes off one another. Things had really changed since she last visited and she knew now that Livy had been truthful when she’d told her that she’d fallen in love with Ray. That was perfectly obvious as was the fact that he was very much in love with Livy. Abby missed Kent very much at that moment as she realized that Livy’s glow was as much from marriage to Ray as it was from motherhood.

Later they went to Martha and Hank’s for dinner where the Stewart family fussed over Abby, and Martha later offered a listening ear to Abby as she talked about missing Kent. Martha promised her prayers for Kent’s safe return and a quick end to the war. Although Abby missed Livy very much and would love to have her back in Denver, she couldn’t help but think how pleasant it was being there in the heart of such a warm and loving family. It was a far cry from the rather impersonal and stilted environment of their father’s home. Abby continued to watch Livy and Ray interact with each other and noted with amazement that they were like normal newlyweds, not two people who had been brought together in an arrangement to appease the norms of society.

As Abby quickly grew comfortable with Martha, she commented later in the evening, “It’s no secret that my father arranged this marriage for Livy to save the family from shame and partly to punish Livy. Reverend Case assured us that Ray was a good man who would care for Liv and the baby, but who would have imagined the extent to which he would love this baby and that Livy would fall in love with him? To be honest, Martha, I didn’t think this would end up being a good thing for Livy, but it seems that it was just what she needed.”

Martha agreed. “Truth be told though, Ray needed them as much as they needed him. I have never seen him as happy as he is now. The Lord works in mysterious ways, there’s no doubt about that.”

Soon it was time to return home and there were lots of hugs as the group looked forward to seeing each other at the church in the morning. When they returned home, Ray and Livy said good night to Abby and then retired to their room. Behind the closed door, Ray took Livy into his arms. “If your sister weren’t here, I’d suggest we sneak back downstairs and christen another room in the house, Livy,” he said as he leaned in to kiss her. She put her fingers to his lips and smiling up at him said, “Why Ray Singleton, you are turning into a beast!”

Ray removed her hand, raised his eyebrows at her and said defensively, “I’m just trying to keep with the christening theme this weekend.” He leaned down to kiss her again and this time she did not stop him. Not from kissing her and not from making love in whispers under the blankets of their bed.


The alarm clock went off early and Livy got up and went downstairs to start the coffee and squeeze the oranges for juice. Ray followed shortly, carrying Daniel who had awakened hungry. Livy moved to the chair that Ray had placed in the kitchen for her and sipped her coffee while she nursed Daniel and chatted with Ray who sat and drank his coffee and watched them.

Abby walked into the kitchen and stopped in the doorway to survey the domestic scene in front of her. Ray stood quickly when he saw Abby and offered to get her some juice or coffee. “Is he always this helpful?” she said to Livy as she gratefully accepted the coffee.

“Actually, he is Abby,” said Livy as she beamed at Ray who was now refilling her cup, too.

After breakfast they all went to dress and Ray came downstairs first, bringing Daniel who had been dressed in his christening gown by Livy before she started to get herself ready. Abby came down next, looking glamorous in her outfit and matching hat and gloves. Abby asked to hold Daniel and she and Ray were managing some conversation about Daniel as they heard Livy coming down the stairs.

Ray turned and looked and stopped what he was saying as Livy appeared in a new winter white suit that fit her perfectly and accentuated her figure, particularly the “nursing mother” portions of her figure. Livy looked at Ray nervously, waiting for him to comment. Abby looked on, once again feeling fairly invisible in their presence.

“Wow Livy,” he said softly. “You look beautiful. I didn’t know you got a new dress.”

She smiled and said, “Actually, it’s a suit, but I’m glad you like it because it is what I was getting from Rose and Florrie yesterday.”

“Aha,” he said. “I’ve been wondering what that was about.”

Livy walked toward him and said, “I know, I’m so sorry I was secretive – I just really wanted you to be surprised.” She stroked the lapel on his new suit. “Your new suit is nice Ray – you look so handsome.”

Abby couldn’t help but roll her eyes at yet another intimate exchange between Ray and Livy. She looked down at Danny who was in her arms and clearing her throat, she said, “We better get you to the church, little Daniel so you can be baptized before your mama and papa forget we’re here.” Livy and Ray blushed as Abby smiled at them, shaking her head slightly.

It was time for them to head to the church. As part of the usual Sunday service, Daniel was christened with Abby as his godmother and Hank as his godfather. Ray had assured Martha that he would do everything in his power to make sure she had a godchild in the future, but she assured him that she understood that Livy and her sister were close.

Despite the cold, the sun was shining and Friday’s snow had been packed down so many of the church goers elected to make the trip to the Singleton farm for lunch. Among the guests were Reverend and Mrs. Case along with Miss Parker and Mrs. Pratt, Rose and Florrie, and all the Stewarts of course. Everyone complemented Livy on how the house looked. They noticed the return of a woman’s touch to the house and congratulated Ray on his good fortune. The guests enjoyed all the food that had been assembled and Ray and Livy once again rejoiced in their blessings.

Livy managed to find a minute to survey the group assembled in their house and thought how fond she had become of everyone there. They had welcomed her and, as Ray had predicted so many months before, they had not gossiped about Daniel’s birth happening sooner than it should have given her and Ray’s wedding date. It seems that they really did want the best for Ray and Livy and she cherished this sense of community.

There were gifts for Daniel, and Livy opened one that Abby had brought with her – it was from their father. It was a bible in which he had inscribed the date and the words, “For Daniel Raymond Singleton on your baptism” and he had signed it “Your Grandfather, John Stephen Dunne.” Livy’s eyes watered as she passed it to Ray, not able to speak for the lump in her throat. Ray smiled when he read it and grasped her hand. A small step and reason to hope that Livy and her father might be reunited.

Reverend Case pulled Ray and Livy aside before he left to tell them how pleased and proud he was of their family. “Even in my line of work, I never cease to be amazed at the goodness of God and he has blessed every one of us with your union” he said as he shook Ray’s hand and accepted Livy’s hug. He encouraged Livy to consider teaching Sunday school at the church when she was ready and Livy agreed to think about it.

The guests were all gone and it was time to say good bye to Abby who wanted to get back to Denver before it got dark. Abby and Ray gave each other a quick hug good bye as Livy looked on. Then Abby and Livy embraced and shed a few tears over their good bye. “I’m so happy for you, Livy. You’ve deserved this happiness for so long and I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Abby as she got into the car.

“Thank you for coming, Abby – you have no idea how much it meant to have you here and to have you as Daniel’s godmother,” Livy said as she closed Abby’s car door.

Ray and Livy stood and watched her drive off before turning back to the house to get out of the cold.

The ladies had all pitched in to wash and dry the dishes and Livy insisted on putting them away before she would take Ray’s advice to sit and put her feet up by the fire. Ray busied himself with the fires as she took care of the dishes. By the time she finished and sat down, Daniel was up from his nap and ready to eat again. Ray sat with her as she nursed Daniel and they relived the events of the day, feeling very satisfied with how it had all worked out.

“I’m glad that you and Abby are getting to know each other better, Ray,” said Livy. Ray agreed that he was too. After Daniel ate they had a light supper themselves and sat down in front of the fire again. “It’ll be back to work tomorrow,” Ray said after Daniel had gone to bed. “For a day of rest though, today was pretty busy. You must be tired, Livy.”

He took Livy’s feet and said that he owed her a foot rub. Livy eyed him suspiciously. “We know where last night’s foot rub led,” she said.

Ray laughed, “Well, I didn’t necessarily have such motives, but if this foot rub goes that way, I wouldn’t object.”

After a moment he said “Livy, I was worried when I thought you were keeping something from me about going to Camp Amache. I don’t ever want there to be any secrets between us. I guess I’ll have to remember that there is a difference between secrets and surprises.”

“Ray,” started Livy, “I felt guilty about that secret, especially when it led to me getting lost in that storm. Please know that I will never keep a secret about anything important – only if it’s meant to be a surprise for fun will I ever keep anything from you. I promise you that.”

Ray eyed her seriously and then smiled. “I can live with that.”

And they relaxed in each other’s company as once again there had formed a bond and agreement between two people to spend each day celebrating the ordinary, and teaming up against the struggles that challenge the magic between them.


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What are your favorite scenes?

It's now about time, that we vote for our best TMOOD scenes.

The poll will tabulate your choices and whichever scenes gets the TOP 10 highest votes will be the TMOODers' final favorite TOP 10.

It's going to be a tough choice for most of us but please only pick five (5) at one time.

You'll have to scroll down to see the poll box

Choose your top 5 special scenes from TMOOD
Burlap Bag
Dance Scene
The Kiss
Fiesta Omelette and Driving the "Claw"
Martha & Livy talk
Boating at the pond
First Meeting at the Parlor and Church Wedding
Beet box drive
Church potlock, meeting Mrs Pratt
Troy dinner scene
Family History at the Cemetery
Ray's Love Profession, Ring Scene
Ray sings to Daniel
Ray at the Library
Ring, Ring, Ring, The Singletons have a phone
Abby's visit to the farm
Thanksgiving at Martha's
Ray, Livy and Daniel at the Porch (final scene)
Livy's Nightmare
Ray and Livy's first dinner at the house


Free polls from Pollhost.com


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The Nose Sound is There

On last night's chat, pbright wondered about the sound she heard between the kiss and Ray asking, "Is there anything you like about me, Livy?" She thought Ray might be smelling (i.e., breathing in) and wondered about it. I never noticed it before (but haven't been as diligent as pbright in my viewing of the movie....has anyone?) so I checked out that clip and did hear the air sound (definitely coming from Ray). I think it sounds like breathing out -- borderline snort -- which makes me wonder if he wasn't thrilled with Livy's response to the kiss. Otherwise, why would he ask her that question? I think we all agreed in previous discussions that she did seem to respond (and the book refers to her feeling like her feet were glued to the floor), but now I wonder.....

What do we think about that sound?


Music Videos

In the chat room tonight, we had talked about the upcoming release of the Miracles DVD. Most of us have not even seen this TV show when it aired in 2003. I missed even seeing a single episode, and I vaguely recalled the title.

I've only come to know more about this show from the save Miracles site and even had the chance to read on the episode transcripts (anthology) then. I've regretted that I didn't save those not knowing they will no longer be available now.

For those of you who may have limited knowledge about the 13 episodes that will be on the DVD, there are music videos that are available on the MiraclesHQ site. If you want to see Skeet in action, this is the best thing before the release.

The creator of the videos is a 16-year old HS student named, Natalie Kushner. She did a really good job with the six Music Videos she had produced.

Also, here are the pictures I promised the girls.

Miracles Music Videos


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Jane Magazine Article

I received something in the mail again, courtesy of Mr. Skeetrfan. I definitely have to share this with fellow --what are we now? -- WNSRs?

This was from way back in January 1999, when he just recently got married to Georgina. However, I have not read this and the pictures (though limited) were fantastic.

For that someone who has that farm tractor hang up--you know who you are, you will definitely have a blast reading this.

It's short but having little material to read out there, it will do for now.

I've made a dedicated page for it. And will also be available on the sidebar under the "Navigate" drop down menu for easy access in the future. I'll be adding this to our Skeet collection.

Want to read the article? click this ----> JANE MAGAZINE 1999 ARTICLE


A Soldier's Sweetheart

I just wanted to share my good news and really you guys are the only ones who would understand. I finally found this movie!! I just won it on Ebay, so it will be a while before I get to see it, but at least I now know it will be mine at some point. I'm so excited!!

Also, want to add I love the Skeet fix of the day. I think the library scene is my favorite scene in the movie. I just love his facial expressions (especially the raised eyebrows) and even though the dialogue is limited, I find it to be very sweet.


Dear Ray

The letter that Amy sent to Ray is the thought many of you have. I purposely left it out of the post so that you could create in your own mind what the letter said. You may have a different thought of the letter-which I am inviting you to post your own letter.

Box 161
Hamilton, CO
Dear Ray,
I know you are surprised to get a letter from me after all these years. What happened between us has been laying heavy on my heart lately. I felt I needed to write and try to clear somethings up, at least for me.
When we broke up, I was so embarrassed. You were trying to do the right thing and I twisted it to make it look like the wrong was right. The things that I said to you on that Sunday afternoon I regret to this day. I don't know why I said them. Hurt, I guess. I was feeling rejected because you were saying let's not do this anymore. I loved being with you kissing you, touching you, and you touching me. You are a good man, Ray Singleton. I am sorry I treated you that way.
Ray, I made a mistake when I told you that I didn't love you. Thing is I love you so much, that I hurt at night thinking about what could have been between us .
Mama tells me that you are married now and have a beautiful baby boy, Daniel. I am happy for you, Ray. But also jealous of your wife, Livy I believe is her name. She is in the place I should be in. I should have been Mrs. Ray Singleton. I think about it often and the babies we would have had. We'd have your parents house full by now with Ray, Jr and all the rest.
I do not know why I wrote today but to just let you know that I did love you and I wish I were the one being called Mrs. Singleton.
Hopefully I will see you again, maybe when I am home for a visit.
Many Regrets and All My Love,
After Ray read the letter from Amy, he slid it into his pocket. His first thought was of Livy. Ray hoped Livy had not seen the letter. Amy was the past and would remain the past. Livy had nothing to worry about.
Ray could hear his wife and neice talking in the kitchen laughing and talking about girly things, Ray calls it. Livy has brought so much joy to Ray and company to his lonely life.
Ray wanted to see Daniel if only while he slept. He was so perfect, in his innocense and love. Ray loved that boy more than he ever imagined loving his own flesh and blood. As far as everyone was concerned, Ray was this boy's Daddy. Ray sat in the rocking chair rocking looking at Daniel sleep and thought about all the years of loneliness he had experienced because of one person. Ray now knew that he had to go through that to be able to have Livy and Daniel in his life and it was all worth it now.
Livy came in and asked if Ray was alright, and he said that he missed the little man. Ray wishes that what he felt right at that moment would never go away. But unfortunitly, in the next few weeks, Ray's doubts and insecurities would prevail. It wasn't until one night that Livy set out to win her man back that Ray felt right again. Amy's letter had inprisoned Ray and he vowed that night in the after glow of their lovemaking that he had no reason to feel insecure. His feelings had nothing to with Amy, but what Amy had left-feeling of loss, lonliness, and unable to be enough.
The next morning, early while the dew was still on the ground, Ray slipped out of bed and went outside to the burning well. There he throw the letter from Amy in and lit a match. Unlike the last time Ray burned Amy's things, Ray felt free, he felt loved and he felt hope.
Ray actually prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. Thanking God for his will; Livy and Daniel would never had been in his life if he'd married Amy and that brought a lump to Ray's throat to think he never would have known Livy and Daniel or loved them. Or had their love for him.
When the letter was burned and Ray ousted the fire, he went back into the house. He went back to bed where his love and future were. He was happy and content. More than he had felt in years. It was all because of Livy and Daniel.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What a hat can do

That hat + Those eyes * Those lips + That smile = SUATMs and or WNSRS on the floor

May cause dizziness, hyperventilation, lightheadedness and loss of breath.

View at your own risk.

Thought I'd make today's Skeet fix a post instead due to popular demand.


An Honest Day's Work

Just a short story to interrupt our life with the life of Ray and Livy that we so desire. This is written for all of us who wish we had Livy's honest days work. Enjoy.

Ray was in the barn working when the he heard the screen door slam. Ray loved to hear the sounds of others in the the house. It reminded him that he was not alone. Ray liked the noises found in his house, even noises of Daniel fussing. Daniel was a good baby, and his noises always made Ray smile. Livy was the woman of the house , and this was an attraction that Ray had developed for Livy over the past few months. Livy had found her click in cooking, cleaning, sewing, washing, feeding Daniel, and feeding her husband love that she had for him. Livy seemed to enjoy these ordinary routines with Ray's magic sprinkled on it.

Ray walked to the barn door to see where Livy had gone. A smile was brought to Ray's face when he spotted Livy hanging out fresh laundry. She was hanging out his union suit, undershorts, undershirt, and socks; Livy also hangs out her undergarments. Livy, with a sassy tone, tells Ray that company should come to the front door, not the side. No one should see the laundry, and if they do they all have what they have hanging on the line. Ray wasn't too sure. No one could have as sexy panties and bras as Livy. Ray was sure of it. That's another thing that Ray finds attractive about Livy, her undergarments.

Ray watched Livy as she hung out the laundry. He loved her so much. He hoped that she would always love him and want to be with him in the ordinary days he had to offer.

Livy had turned her back to Ray and he could see her curls waving in the wind despite the ribbon she had tied in her hair. Another thing that Ray found attractive about Livy-her long curly hair flying all around. Livy, hanging out laundry, held her arms above her head which accentuated her thin body. Ray thought about the last time he saw her thin, petite body. How he had caressed evey inch with his lips and hands. How beautiful her body was to him. Ray still could not believe that she was his. Ray licked his lips slowly at the thought of tasting Livy's body. Ray still remembered the satisfying noise that Livy made as he touched her and carrassed her body with his tongue. Ray grinned from satisfaction of that thought.

Ray gave no more thought to the work at hand, he was half way to the clothesline when he got his sleeves rolled down and dusted off his pants. He wanted to look presentable to his wife, his love, his partner, his lover.

When he reached Livy, she was hanging up the last of the laundry; their sheets. He wrapped his arms around Livy from behind and twirled her around. Livy let out a squeal of excitement.

Livy breathless said, "I thought you were in the barn working?"

Ray quickly responded, " Who can work when his beautiful wife is seducing him from afar?"

Livy blushing said, " Well, Mr. Singleton, those were not my intentions. I am an honorable woman trying to do an honest days work."

Ray, talking so out of character that it even surprised him, with a smirk on his face replied, " Well, The Most Honorable Mrs. Singleton, let me introduce you to your new honest days work."

Livy catching on, but enjoying the seductive dialogue, continued the conversation, "What on earth are you talking about, Mr. Honest Days Work? I think I have enough to keep me busy these days. I don't believe I could manage anymore work."

With that said, Ray stripped the clothes line of their sheet and said, "Believe me, you always manage it just fine. No complaints from the boss."

Livy was beginning to breath short quick breaths at just the thought of her honest days work.

Ray took Livy by the hand and led her towards the barn. Before they reached the barn, Livy, feeling frisky, took off running. Ray, delighted at her playful nature, took off after her. The thoughts of what was to come and having her sexy husband chase her, brought squeals of delight from Livy. This caused Ray to run harder after Livy. They reached the barn at the same time, both out of breath, from the run and thoughts of an honest days work.

When they stumbled into the barn, Ray flipped his hat in the air, and Livy knew then that she would be satisfied. Ray took off Livy's clothes without delay. She stood there only in her frilly panties-the kind that Ray liked. Ray spread their sheet from the clothes line out on the barn floor, and Livy lounged on it while Ray took his clothes off. Livy saw Ray's hat and got an idea. Ray was taking off his undershorts when Livy reached over and got Ray's hat and placed it on her head.

Livy, snickering, said, "Every honorable worker needs a hat to do her honest days work in."

Seeing Livy in his hat and her frilly panties only, brought waves of passion for Ray. He could only mutter, "You can wear my hat anytime, preferrably with nothing else."

With that request, Livy removed her frilly panties and threw them to the side. Soon Ray and Livy were rolling in the sheets. Echoes of giggles were heard in the barn. Livy and Ray both exploded with desire for one another and continued to enjoy an honest days work.

When the desire was satisfied, they laid on their backs and gazed to the top of the barn. Both lost in the thoughts of what just happened. Livy and Ray both smiling,

"Nothing like an honest days work, for an honorable, beautiful woman." Ray playfully said.

Livy answered, "Who knew honest work could provide such satisfaction for an honorable woman."

Later, as Ray caressed Livy's spine like he always did, Ray wondered,

"What's Daniel doing, taking a nap?"

Livy playfully replied with their inside joke, "Daniel who?"

Ray wrapped his arms around Livy and they rolled in the sheets and began another honest days work. Giggles still echoed in the barn for a while longer.

When they left out of the barn and headed to the house, Livy still had on Ray's hat. Ray liked his wife wearing his hat.

Livy, wanting to keep up their playful encounter, asked Ray, "When I have another honest days work, can I wear your hat?"

Ray instantly said, "You bet."

Ray found yet another attraction to Livy-her satisfaction in an Honest Days Work.

And the screen door slammed behind them and they could hear Daniel babbling. Ray smiled to himself at the sounds of their house.


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Welcome Monty

Forgive me for doing this late. We are still growing with the addition of another member. She's been added to the list above but have not been formally welcomed yet.

I'll also take this opportunity to inform you of changes to the site. There are now drop down menus on the sidebar. One new option now is to help the readers find the entries easily and quickly by Title list. We will add some more pages soon and the layout might change a little bit more.

Let's all welcome our new team member to the group.

  • Monty

A warm Welcome to you!


The Letter-Ray's View

This is the last entry of this series. I hope it is enjoyable to read. If you would like to write your own version, please do. I will not take offense to it.

Ray could not leave the house fast enough after lunch today. Sitting there with his beautiful wife and hearing her conversation with Ruth rang in his ears.

All Ray could think about was the letter. Had Livy seen the letter? What would she think if she had seen it?

There was a lot of mail today, maybe it had been buried andLivy didn't see it. Though Livy does thumb through mail to see if there are any letters from abbey.

Livy would have said something if she had seen it. Maybe placed it on top so Ray would know she saw it.

Ray thought, Livy will ask if she saw it, and if she hasn't seen it- no need for her to know.

Ray worked all afternoon in the barn. Changing the tractor tires, moving hay, cleaning out stalls.

The usual thoughts that cluttered Ray's head lately were replaced by the letter.

Why was Amy sending letters? Now especially..... Ray pondered.

The more Ray thought about the letter the more angry he became. After all this time, and after what she had done-how could she just write a letter and think that would clear things up or even change things.

Ray was not going to allow Amy to steal his happiness anymore. He already allowed to much time to be lost over her.

Ray and Amy had known each other most of their lives. They went to school together and church. When they reached the age of dating, Ray asked Amy to the fall dance at church. They soon became known to all as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Amy was the first girl Ray ever kissed and even wanted to kiss. Amy seemed to know a lot about things. This surprised Ray, but he enjoyed it none the less.

Being with Amy was all Ray thought about-even before the farm and school.

He would bring Amy back to the farm and they would fish, go on long walks, ride the tractor, or read books in the loft of the barn. It was in the loft that Ray saw a girl's breast for the first time.

Ray was reading aloud to Amy "Romeo and Juliet", his favorite love story. As he was reading, Amy began unbuttoning her blouse and moved closer to Ray. Ray continued to read, even though he saw out the corners of his eye, Amy's open blouse. Amy took the book out of Ray's hands and tossed it to the side. Ray let out a long breath slowly, as he was beginning to get aroused by just the thought of Amy's blouse being open.

Ray swallowed hard and cleared his throat, "What do you want to do now, Amy?" Ray closed his eyes and thought to himself, "You idiot-couldn't you think of something else to say."

Amy's reply to Ray was placing his hand on her breast. Ray had no idea what to do, but he knew what he wanted to do. But Ray waited for Amy. Amy began kissing Ray on the cheeks, the lips, the ear, and the neck. Ray became aroused so much that it was all he could do not to moan out loud. Amy really knows what she's doing thought Ray. They made out in the loft for a while, Ray broke free from the trance and told Amy that he needed to get her back home.

Ray never once moved his hand from the breast that Amy placed his hand on, Ray never looked at Amy's breast-he was too scared.

Everytime they were together after the loft romp, it ended like the loft romp. Ray began to get comfortable with there making out and enjoyed it immensely. He thought about Amy a lot, especially at night when he was in bed. He thought about Amy being in the bed with him and touching her breasts, kissing her and her touching him. When he thought about this, it brought an arousal on so strong that Ray would have to go to the bathroom to relieve himself.

Ray loved Amy and had plans to ask her to marry him when the graduated. They would graduate next spring. Ray had already talked with his dad about building a house out near the south field away from the road. His father had agreed. They kept it between themselves, because Ray wanted to surprise Amy with the house and ask her to marry him on the porch that he built for them. Ray told his dad that Amy likes the hill out by the south field and that would be a great place to build their home especially since it could be hidden from passerbyers and anyone just out on the farm.

Ray began building the house. It wasn't a large house like the one that his grandfather built, but it could be added on to. Ray worked on the house every chance he got, at times was a lot, and others it would be weeks before he could get back to it. Ray wanted at least the porch done by December-so he could propose to her for Christmas, Ray's favorite time of year.

When Ray and Amy were together now, things did not escalate as before because Ray would not let it. He tried not to get too close to Amy, but most of the time she did, and she would entice Ray. Ray gave in most of the time-what teenage boy wouldn't?

One night when Ray was taking Amy home, things happened that left Ray wondering what to do next, what did he want to happen next?

Ray and Amy had been to the picture show that night. Ray was driving Amy to her house, and Amy was sitting close to Ray as she always did. Ray had his hand where he usually placed it when he wasn't shifting the gears, on Amy's thigh. Amy reached over and placed her hand on Ray's crotch. Ray immediately looked at Amy with surprise. She asked if that was okay. Ray cleared his throat but only shook his head. Amy immediately got an arousal from Ray. Ray was pleasantly surprised by Amy. Amy surprised Ray. How did she know things?

Ray gripped the stirring wheel with two hands. The pleasure he was getting was so intensifying that Ray was afraid that he would not be able to keep the truck on the road. When Ray found a road to pull on, he did.

Amy unzipped and unbutton Ray's pants. Amy had found the opening to Ray's shorts and pulled out the hard vessel. Amy played with Ray's vessel. Amy kissed Ray, and to his surprise slipped her tongue in his mouth. This intensified the arousal and the tongue in his mouth brought a moan from Ray, which encouraged Amy even more. She unbutton her blouse and exposed her breasts as she had before. Ray began playing out the fantasies he had in the bunkroom many nights before. Ray took Amy's breast in his hands and kissed them. Something came over Ray and Ray began sucking Amy's breast. This brought a long moan from Amy. Amy relieved Ray, it was an ecstasy that Ray had never experienced. Ray was a bit embarrassed by it, but Amy was not. She seemed aroused by the whole encounter. Ray zipped his pants up and pulled Amy very close to him and kissed her with a passion he did not know he had or even existed in him. Ray drove Amy home and walked her to the door. There he kissed her gently and with all his love. Ray told Amy that he loved her. Amy smiled, " I love you to."

Ray drove home in the bliss of the night. But by the time he made it home,a guilt had overcome Ray that left him sick.

Ray loved being with Amy, and he loved everything they had done, but it wasn't right and Ray knew it. If they continued doing these things, Ray was afraid he would not be able to stop. Ray wanted to keep Amy innocent and true to herself.

In the bed that night, Ray tossed and turned. Not because of the fantasies that usually plagued his thoughts after his dates with Amy. Ray felt guilt. By morning Ray decided to talk to Amy and try to cool it a while. Ray had to make Amy understand that he would not be able to stop if they continued to put themselves into that situation.

That morning, before Sunday School, Ray talked to Amy and he expressed to her that he'd like to see her that afternoon.

"Maybe we can go for a ride or a walk." Ray told Amy.

Amy, with a sheepish smile, "you are beginning to to want it all the time- what will I ever do with you?"

The lump in Ray's throat became tighter. He knew that he needed to talk to Amy. She'd understand, she always understood Ray. Better than anyone.

Before church service started, Ray asked Mr. and Mrs. Cooper if he could come by and spend some time with Amy. Mrs. Cooper, who thought Ray was a nice young mand and the perfect catch for her youngest daughter, suggested that Ray come for lunch. Ray would see if his parents wouldn't mind.

Ray and Amy sat together in church. Everyone knew they'd end up married. It seemed that they were the perfect couple.

By the end of the service, Ray had a big lump in his throat. Ray didn't hear any of Rev. Case's sermon. Ray was too distracted about his his own sins. Ray felt he was to blame for all that had taken place between hand Amy. Maybe he made her feel she had to do these things. Ray played memory over memory in his head trying to find the beginning point of all this...He could not.

Ray took his parents and Danny home and headed over to the Cooper Farm. On the way Ray prayed, as he has been taught to do,

Lord, please help me find the courage. Do not let me talk from the flesh, but from the Word. Please let Amy forgive me for what I've allowed to happen in our relationship. Lord, I want to do the right thing, not the wrong thing.

Ray thought about how much ge loved Amy. Soon he'd ask her to marry him on the front porch of the house he was building for them. Next year this time they will be married and possibly have a baby on the way. Ray so wanted this.

Ray sat down at the Cooper dinner table with all the Coopers. Amy had a large family. Two older sisters that were married and had children and expecting more. She had an older brother who saved in WWI. He was stationed in Texas now with his wife and children. Amy also had a younger brother, Mark, that was one of those surprises like Daniel was to his family. Funny thing is Mark and Daniel were the same age. Must've been something about thae crops that year.

After lunch Amy had to clear the dishes and wash them. Ray helped. That's one reason why Mrs. Cooper thought so much of Ray. He always did small things for Amy, thoughtful.

Ray and Amy were soon off for a Sunday afternoon walk. The season was changing so the cool, crisp air made the love sick couple walk closely, hand in hand and eventually arm in arm. When they came to the pond, Ray began his seious conversation. He had to push through the lump in his throat. He said a small prayer before he began.

"Amy, I want to ask for you forgiveness." Amy bewildered, let Raay continue. "I feel I have taken advantage of you and those are not my intentions. I love you so much- I desire to be with you. But I don't want to make you be something you're not or make you do something you regret."

Amy interupted, "Ray, I love you. I want to show you." As she placed her hands on Ray's tender face.

" I know, Amy." And the lump got bigger. "But it's wrong."

Amy's hands dropped, "How can it be wrong? We love each other. You plan to marry me, don't you?"

Without hesitation, Ray said "I do." Ray's heart pounded not because of the wave of passion he had experienced with Amy but because he felt he was letting Amy down.

All Ray could manage to say before he looked away was, " It is wrong, Amy, we're not husband and wife yet. " Ray managed to find Amy's eyes again, and he continued, "I want our first time to be our wedding night after we said our vows in the church, and have a big party with friends and family. We can dance all night. I want to take you back to our house and dance with you and take you to our bedroom and there share with you the love that I have in my heart for you. With no regrets."

Amy began to cry.

Ray, with tears in his eyes hugged Amy as she buried her face into his chest. Ray pleaded with Amy not to cry.

"Amy, don't cry. You know I can't stand to see you cry. I'll do anything to make you happy."

Amy, not moving her face from his chest said, "I'm afraid you don't want me, that you think I'm a loose girl."

Ray took Amy's face into his hands, "Baby, it's me. I'm the one that allowed this. It's a great feeling to be with you, touch you and enjoy you but I just want us to have no regrets our wedding night. Amy, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm the one who should be embarrassed."

They began walking back to the Amy's house. Ray could feel the difference, they were forever changed. Ray hoped it would turn out for the better. Ray tried to hold Amy's hand, but for the first time Amy did not allow him. Ray knew his words hurt Amy. He didn't know what else to say. He had to do the gentleman thing. If he had been the gentleman to start with, none of this would have happened he thought.

When they made it back to the porch, Amy never turned around to look at Ray, she just simply said,

"Don't bother coming around anymore, I won't be here for you."

Ray stunned and forcing the lump back managed to say,

"Amy, I don't want to loose you. I just want to do the right thing. I love you so much, Amy. Please don't do this. Please don't say this."

Amy's response was as cold as the north wind blowing on a winter day, "I don't love you, Ray. I never have . You were easy to get thrills from. I thought I'd be with you until someone better came along. Seems that time has come."

Those words were forever recorded in the mind and heart of Ray Singleton, many years later he could still hear the coldness in her voice as he was prisoner to the heartbreak that Amy left him.

Ray went by Amy's many times in hopes that she would realize that Ray wanted all this so they would have a marriage that was pure and admirable before God. That was his responsiblity as the man.

Ray continued to build their home, but as each day, each week passed, Ray lost hope little by little that he would ever live there with Amy. Ray was experiencing a broken heart.

One Saturday in Wilson, Ray was forced to accept that Amy had been lost to him. Ray saw Amy with another boy. They came out of the soda shop, arm and arm. The lump that had made it's home in Ray's throat several months ago tightened. Tears welled in Ray's eyes. Amy slid over to the middle of the car seat next to the boy. The way she had done with Ray so many times before. Ray could feel Amy next to him now, and he longed to have her there now. Ray drove aimlessly home. Not sure what he was to do.

Ray ended up at the site of their house. He knew what he had to do. He fummbled through the beetbox to find a book of matches. Ray could no longer fight the urgency to cry. Ray's long fingers shook as they held the lit match. Ray threw the match at his life dream. The house he had built for he and Amy.

Ray stood there and watched it burn to the ground. He cried to the bitter end. The dream he had was now smoke in the air.

Ray left the the ashes a broken man. It would be years before he would ever feel that love again. It wouldn't be until Rev. Case came to visit one hot summer night.

For the years between Ray's loves, there was heart break and lonliness. Ray wanted to love someone and have them love him back. Ray just never had the courage to try again. The thought of rejection over came him and kept him a prisoner of lonliness.


The night that Ray got the letter, Ray didn't sleep at all. Everyday was hard for Ray. He wanted to share his hurt with Livy, but Ray felt there was no need to dig up old memories. Besides, Ray felt nothing for Amy and Livy may think that there is something if he confided that he once loved her.

For several weeks the broken heart, and lonliness overcame Ray. Amy's letter reminded him that he wasn't enough for a girl; that she deserved more, needed more than he had. Ray didn't mean to shut Livy out, he desperatley didn't want to do it, but the insecurities and loniliness that Ray had before Livy, now trapped him in his own happiness.

But that changed the night that Livy came into their bedroom with the nightgown on that Abbey had sent. Livy showed Ray that night that she was his wife and she desired him, missed him and wanted him. Ray loved Livy. That was all that mattered now.

After they made love, and all was quiet, Ray laid with his eyes closed thinking how Livy had saved him from his pain and lonliness. Ray thanked God then as he always did for the love of his wife and the love she had for him.

There were no more letters from the past for either Ray or Livy.


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Troy Dinner Scene Re-written, Part II

Note: --Not Hallmark Rated--

This is part II of the Troy dinner scene from the movie, re-written the way I would have had it to go. Part I was edited and re-posted 4/4/05. Chris

part II “Mr. & Mrs. Singleton”

Ray woke with a start when he realized the muffled sounds in his dream were really Livy, sitting on the edge of the bed, obviously in pain. “Livy, what’s wrong, are you alright?”

“It’s my leg, there’s something wrong with the back of my leg. It’s hard and it feels like it’s on fire, it’s not stopping.” Livy’s voice was edgy, nearly panicky.

Ray turned the lamp on. “Show me where it’s hurt’n.” He saw that she was holding her calf muscle and he felt a little relief as he realized it was just a cramp. “Livy, it’s a muscle cramp. I get them all the time when I’ve worked my legs more than usual. Let me rub the cramp out.” Livy was unsure about taking her hands off her leg. She was squeezing the muscle to keep it from cramping worse. Ray took her hands away and began massaging the cramp, his strong hands kneading the knot until it finally started to subside.

Livy lay back, realizing that Ray’s efforts were working, and thanked God for a man who knew so well how to take care of her. Soon her muscle was completely relaxed and she thanked Ray for making the cramp go away. He reached over to turn out the lamp, and as he was settling back into bed, said “You’re welcome, Mrs. Singleton. Anytime.”

“That sure does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” Livy said, proudly owning the name.

“Yes it does. I prefer to use the words ‘my wife’ if it be okay with you.”

“Yes, that will do just fine,” Livy said, and added teasingly, “but, only if it’s okay for me to refer to you as ‘my handsome husband’.” This made Ray blush, even in the darkened room.

“Well, I don’t know anything about ‘handsome…”

Livy interrupted Ray and said, “Hey, I am the expert here and if I say my husband’s handsome, then he is!” Ray chuckled; Livy’s humor told him she was feeling even more comfortable with him. Ray was finally feeling contentment of his own, in his role as her husband. He’d been carrying around some of his own demons lately, worrying that he wouldn’t be enough for Livy with his limited schooling and experiences. He felt better now, knowing that they could work together to keep their bond strong. Ray started to feel tired once again.

Then that another simple gesture added to their growing experience as husband and wife. Livy reached over and placed her hand on Ray’s chest, as she had done earlier in the evening before they went to sleep. This time, however, she unbuttoned the nightshirt and placed her hand inside the shirt onto his smooth, muscular chest. Ray was taken aback by this, but welcomed the direct contact between them.

“I meant it Ray.” Ray wondered what she was talking about, his mind still on her hand caressing his chest, struggling to remember the last thing they’d said.

“Meant what?”

“That you are handsome. I know you won’t believe me and think I don’t know what I’m talking about.” Livy paused for a few seconds before continuing. “Ray, you are the most handsome man I’ve ever met. The goodness that radiates from inside you, and your strong and capable body together make me smile just thinking about you. Sometimes when you spend a long day in the fields, I get goose bumps from just seeing the headlights coming up the road. I can’t wait to be near you again.”

Ray had no idea Livy felt this way about him. He believed that having her want to stay was enough for him, never considering that she would be attracted to him.

“Livy, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t dream you could ever feel this way about me too. I see how people admire you, in church or the store, or even just walking down the street. I’m so proud to be walking next to such a beautiful woman, knowing that she’s my wife.” With that Ray rolled toward Livy and propped up on his elbow next to her. Ray was only a few inches away from Livy’s face and he gently stroked her face, her chin, and her neck.

Ray heard Livy utter a sound of approval as he carefully caressed her earlobes, and down onto her shoulders. “Livy, I don’t want to do anything with you until you are ready.”

Instead of answering him with words, Livy lifted her head from the pillow until her lips met Ray’s and she reached her arm up around his neck. She lay back onto the pillow, kissing him with more passion than earlier, on the stairs.

Finally Ray broke away from her because he wanted to hear her say that it was ok, that she wanted to make love with him. “Are you sure Livy, this is what you want right now?”

“I’m sure Ray; you are everything I want right now.” Livy eased her arm under Ray so she could hold him around his torso, moving herself closer to him, nearly completely underneath him. She looked up into his face. “Well Mr. Singleton, are you going to make love to your wife?” Ray didn’t hesitate and kissed her hard, feeling her hands exploring his back underneath his nightshirt. Livy was easing the shirt up over his head and he sat up to removed it completely.

Ray leaned down to kiss Livy again; holding her so close to him he didn’t know where one ended and the other began. He moved down to kiss Livy’s neck, gently nibbling her earlobes and making his way down to her shoulders. He slid her gown off her shoulder but wanted more of her. “Take this off Livy”.

Ray moved so Livy could sit up and lift her nightgown up over her head. She lay back and he went back to kissing her shoulders and neck as she grasped his back, stroking the long lean muscles that fueled her desire for him. Ray gently held one Livy’s breasts while continuing to kiss her soft skin.

Livy could feel that he wanted her as bad as she wanted him so she began to ease his shorts down off his hips. Ray removed them and dropped them on the floor. Before going back to her, Ray eased Livy’s frilly panties off her and also dropped them to the floor.

Ray leaned back onto Livy, feeling that she had moved her legs so he could lie between them. Ray was enjoying being so close to her, smelling her dusting powder that had been driving him crazy since the day they met. He took a deep breath of her and entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt her in any way. Livy let out a gasp that surprised Ray.

“Livy, are you ok? Is this ok?”

Livy’s voice quivered, and she clearly was enjoying what she was feeling. “Ray, it’s ok, it better than ok.” Hearing that, Ray continued to move inside her, kissing her and massaging her breasts. For her part, Livy was matching Ray’s movements, holding his back, and trying not to dig her nails into his skin.

After a few moments Ray held Livy tightly as he rolled onto his back with her on top of him. The way Livy’s hair brushed over his face and chest made Ray even more eager. He reached up to move her hair away from her face so he could kiss her and run his fingers through her hair. Livy moved with Ray’s guidance, giving him so much pleasure that he struggled to control himself. He held her and rolled Livy onto her back so that he could be directly over her, face to face.

“Livy, I love you so much.”
Breathlessly Livy quickly replied, “I couldn’t love you more than I do right now.” Their movements got faster until they both reached the peak of their lovemaking.


Ray held Livy close to him, both of them facing the same direction, with his face buried in her soft curls. Even though he was feeling so tired, he wanted Livy to know how much this night had meant to him. A quiet thank you was all he could manage to say.

“Don’t thank me Ray, it’s what husbands and wives do.” Ray smiled. Soon they were both again fast asleep.