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Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter

'nuf of lusting on Easter now...here're Ray pictures to hold you over this holiday.

All decent and clean...and covered.

Also I am adding this entry so the "Narcissism" pic goes down a bit as it's so distracting--don't you agree?


I just read a comment by P&P5 and I can't help but reply to that.

Yes, I noticed that he wrapped his overall bib at his waist and he looks great. Don't you think he's somewhat of a tease in a conservative way and in a conservative movie???

Because--I noticed that practically in every movie he's been in, he's been showing off--very subtle but coming on so strong.

I think he's doing that to show off his very nice looking shoulders/arms. He's not even THAT mascular but it somehow has that same effect on all of us.

So, to those who love the arms.....here in the TMOOD movie to get my point across...

.....and in "As Good As It Gets"--just another example as Vincent.

Gosh, I just realized, that's exactly how I pictured him taking his shirt off in the bathtub scene I wrote...

My oh my--I need to take a break from this.

Y'all have a great Easter Holiday!