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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Why oh why?

Why didn't they cast Skeet as the main character instead?

From the cast descriptions, it seems the story revolves mostly around his brother Joseph(?). The generations that span from episode one to six seem to come from his line. Although Jethro (Skeet) has travelled west with his brothers they end up arriving at their destination at different times. I think that's how I assumed the film is depicted from the website.

He may be one of the three main characters but I hope he lives throughout the six part mini-series. I always have this fear that they always kill him off in movies--half of the time, and I really like to stick from beginning till the end of this series and enjoy the full six weeks with Skeet in it.

I think he is really capable of carrying the role of the main character. Just look at that picture--he's such a different looking man for this character.

So please, Mr. Spielberg--please just DON'T disappoint us fans.