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Sunday, July 31, 2005

More "Miracles" - Battle at Shadow Ridge

While Evie and Paul share a lunch (I'm thinking from Beantown Burrito and maybe that's Sam Adams in those plastic cups AntEK!), Alva bounds down the steps and announces that he's been notified about "ghost lights" in Virginia.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Evie suddenly seems to be repulsed by her lunch while Paul inquires about ghost lights.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Alva suggests a road trip ~ Evie declines saying that she needs to locate Matty's deadbeat dad before Matty’s birthday. So Alva turns to Paul and announces that it will just be the two of them making the 10-hour trip.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Paul expresses his "delight" at the prospect of 10-hours in the "SQV" (jecorbin, 2005) with Alva, but seems resigned to the fact that he needs to go.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Coming next: Alva and Paul in Shadow Valley, Virginia
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If you recall this episode, we see Evie only one more time in this episode and for about 30 seconds. Any clues as to why Evie is pretty much left out of this episode?


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Miracles - Ep 7 - Installment 7/Final

Who did what to who?

It wouldn't be an episode of Miracles if one of the SQ gang wasn't in need of medical attention. Alva rings for the paramedics as poor Paul sits, rather disoriented, in the living room. Evie, still a vision of loveliness despite her ghastly ordeal, rushes to his side and begins to mop his wounds. (Here is yet another clue that Evie has a romantic interest in Paul. If it were merely brotherly love, she would have him by his shirt collar screaming "Where is the liquor? )

Rebecca has returned to the kitchen, apparently hell bent on frying chicken. She stands close to the pot of boiling oil, but doesn't reach to turn if off. Instead she is fixated on the concern and devotion that Evie is heaping on Paul. As she does, we experience a series of flashbacks to the Spenser era. The iceman and his mistress are dancing in the living room. Mrs. Spenser has had quite enough of this whole affair. She approaches the couple and throws a pot of boiling liquid over them both. Very methodically she drags their limp bodies to the basement and proceeds to brick them in behind a wall. Quite a resourceful little woman! Mystery solved? Not yet...........

Rebecca, still possessed by the spirit of Mrs. Spenser, views Paul and Evie with hatred and disgust. She creeps over to them, oven mitts clenching the enormous pot of boiling oil.

Evie glances up in time to realize that this woman is not done trying to ruin her day. She screams out just as Alva pops through the front door. Thanks to Rebecca's gimpy leg, Alva is able to spin her off-balance and toss the boiling oil toward the kitchen instead. Whoooosh!! Right onto the gas stove's open flame. The next thing ya know, the entire kitchen is engulfed in flames. There is an artsy moment where Rebecca's "Trophy Men" photo album melts in the flames, thus signifying the end of her hoochie ways, and Paul's release from his bonds of insecurity.

Everyone scrambles safely outside as they watch the house burn (Betcha Rebecca doesn't get her cleaning deposit back). All are now free of any supernatural possession, and seem to share the same "What the #$%& just happened in there?" expression.

Let's see:
Rebecca (woman of questionable morals) gets knocked down the cellar stairs..........by the ice man? by Mrs. Spenser?
Paul (after sleeping with Rebecca) becomes possessed and acts out his jealous rage......inspired by the ice man? by Mrs. Spenser?
Rebecca (after seeing the dead bodies) becomes possessed and acts out her revenge.....motivated by Mrs. Spenser?
Evie and Alva completely unaffected by any of the spirits shifting about?
The mistress? Apparently guiltless, or without a soul?

Questions to ponder indeed, but we're beyond the last commercial break and time to move this story along....................

Paul and Rebecca are parked outside the police station saying their good-byes. Rebecca acknowledges that she intends to change her ways and asks Paul if they had met under different circumstances, would he feel differently about her? Paul considers her questions and determines "Yes, I would want to run....run away very, very fast". Kindly, he responds "I'd like to think so...."

He makes his break for it and hops out of the truck. As he turns to go, Rebecca calls to him and confesses that she really did love him. Paul looks at her, but says nothing. Obviously making a mental note to change his cell phone number.

Paul arrives back in Boston and makes his apologies. All is forgiven, and that Evie looks more seductive than ever. All agree that it could be worse, they could all be dead. But alas, Paul does not have it in him to kill. Well, at least not Alva.

As she scoots out of Alva's office, Evie can't help getting in one last dig. She scolds Paul, "I told you not to sleep with her!" Paul reddens with embarassment and is completely lost for words. Alva makes no attempt to stifle his smirk.

The scene fades as Skeet and Angus converse - using MUTE I was able to make out their conversation on the Closed Caption:

A: So, I understand you've been collaborating with the TMoODers on the Miracles recaps.......
S: Yes. Great bunch of people. That SF does an unbelievable job. At first I thought it would be weird, being passed around for each episode, but I've come to really enjoy it. For the last few weeks I was down on the Gulf of Mexico with jecorbin, but now I'm headed up to spend some time with P&P5 on Episode 8.
A: Any chance that I can get in on this action?
S: Uh, no... None at all...... In fact I'm pretty sure they just want me.
A: Oh, bloody hell...........


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DANIEL’S FIRST DAY (story by mande)

DECEMBER 10, 1944

Ray and Livy went to sleep around 11:30. They snuggled close face-to-face with Ray’s arms around Livy, her head on his chest, and her free arm around Ray. They soon fell asleep because they each had had a very busy day.

Livy was having a confusing dream about POW’s, and loss of trust, and babies being born, and amidst all this she felt a warmth that she couldn’t understand. She muttered something unintelligible which broke into Ray’s sleep. She thought, babies being born? Who? Where? She woke with a start and felt some physical pain in her abdomen and moaned. Ray, right beside her, was awake now because she had moved.

‘Are you all right?’ asked Ray groggily.

‘I think so,’ said Livy, and again felt this warmth that still felt like a dream. As she became more awake she became more aware of where they were, and then things became clearer, but she was still wondering about a baby. Then she heard a little whimper.

Upon becoming fully awake, Livy tried to get up, felt some abdominal pain, and winced. Ray felt her attempting to move and tightened his hold on her for a moment, then they looked at each other, smiled, each feeling happy but shy, and kissed. After their ‘good morning’ to each other, they agreed that it was a cramped sleep but definitely a good one. At exactly the same time they said, ‘I love you’, and then giggled. And then she recognized where the warmth was coming from, their love for each other.

Now more fully awake, she remembered the events of yesterday, and knew it was she who had had the baby, and not in a dream either! Daniel hadn’t wakened up during the night, it was 5:30 in the morning. Livy was concerned because he had slept for 6 hours, and the doctor said he would likely feed every four hours. Gingerly she got out of bed and looked in his cradle. He was fine, just starting to wake up. She called Ray over to watch as Daniel was waking up, his facial movements, yawning and stretching and making baby noises. Ray stood behind Livy and put his arms around her. She felt the strong secure warmth of his body, and his love. They giggled again because it was funny watching Daniel wake up, and knowing this is their son.

Ray kissed Livy on the neck, and she turned around, and they hugged and kissed. Ray said, ‘Thank you.’ Livy pretended to look puzzled and said, ‘For what?’, as if she didn’t know!

Ray said, ‘For giving me a son, and for asking to name him Daniel, and for being here with me,’ and as tears came to his eyes, ‘And for loving me.’ Livy blushed. She was so happy! She never thought she would ever be this happy. She simply said softly, ‘You’re welcome.’

Ray lifted Daniel out of his cradle, sang him the song his daddy had sung to him, and handed him to Livy so she could feed him. As Livy prepared to feed him, Ray went downstairs to make breakfast for them.
Breakfast was ready when Livy came downstairs, Ray had lots of experience cooking for himself, and Livy was very hungry.

Before eating Livy said a prayer out loud, which she usually didn’t do, and Ray appreciated her words. She didn’t close her eyes or bow her head but held Ray’s hand and looked at him with love in her eyes. She thanked God for the safe delivery of their baby, and for the love that had come to them, her voice cracking with emotion, and said, ‘Maybe, as you said on my first day here, it was God’s will after all.’ Ray smiled and squeezed her hand.

While they were eating breakfast their conversation consisted of what they were each doing for the day. Ray would be doing chores, and Livy taking care of the baby, and maybe having a nap when Daniel did. Livy suggested that while they were about their daily chores for each of them to think of second name for Daniel.

After breakfast Ray kissed Livy and went out to do chores taking his coffee with him.

Livy, humming, had a busy morning. She didn’t overdo it, but washed the breakfast dishes, made their bed, bathed, changed and fed Daniel, and napped a little bit when he did before lunch

When Ray came in at lunchtime he picked up the thought she had left him with, Daniel’s second name, and asked if she had thought of anything.

Livy said, ‘I know what we are definitely not calling him. I don’t want to call him John after my father.’ She paused, and then said, ‘And definitely not Edward, or Kent.’ Again Livy paused. And then she said, ‘I think it would be alright if we used your name, Raymond, as his second name, because if we had another son, I wouldn’t want to call him Ray. Its not out of disrespect to you, Ray, but because that name has become very dear to me and is for you only,’ and she smiled adoringly at Ray.

Ray nodded and smiled broadly, not only at the honour she gave to his name, but also because she had said ‘if we have another son.’

Livy laughingly said, ‘We could call him Willard since Rev Case was the one that brought us together!’

They both laughed, not at Rev Case, but for naming their child Willard!

Ray said, ‘I was thinking about,’ and he paused, ‘Troy.’

They both laughed, and Livy had to wince from the pain that the laughing caused her.

‘And on a more serious note,’ Livy said, ‘Ray, I want you to tell you now how I really appreciated the fact that you got that book out of the library to read so you could get to know more abut me. Thank you.’

Ray looked a little embarrassed, but nodded and smiled at his wife, and then Ray went upstairs to the bunkroom and brought down the Singleton family bible, now their family bible, and read out the names in there.

Ray said, ‘Well, Walter was my grandfather’s name, and Chester was my dad, but Daniel has a cousin Chester,’ and with eyebrows raised he said, ‘Maybe we could use Hank for a second name.’ They had a lot of fun and laughter putting the name Daniel with each of the names in the bible, but couldn’t make a decision.

After lunch Martha and Ruth came over and brought a casserole for supper. There were hugs all around, congratulations, and they talked about the road conditions. Ruth couldn’t stand it anymore and said. ‘I want to meet my cousin, Daniel.’ Her eyes glowed: she has a cousin! She wanted to hold him, so Livy helped her. Ruth had the biggest smile on her face! She said she remembers her brothers as baby’s, especially Chester, and how she helped her mother with him. It was good to have them there.

Livy told Martha and Ruth that they were trying to think of a second name for Daniel. Martha talked to Livy some more about baby care, and Ruth was happy to just hold him. Martha said she had brought over several large boxes of baby clothes that she had kept from her children. She said she would have brought them over sooner, but Livy had been talking about going to Denver to deliver. Livy nodded and said, ‘Umhm,’ and then said quietly, ‘Thank you so much!’

Martha said, with a smile, ‘I’ll ask Ray to bring them in later. You’ll need to air them out and get them warm before using them.’ Then Martha and Ruth started to do some laundry, and tidied the house a bit while Livy fed Daniel and put him down for a nap.

After a while Livy took Martha aside, and referring to the conversation about the letter she had received from Edward, she assured Martha that she does love Ray. She also assured Martha that she would never hurt him, and she would not be leaving Ray to go back to Denver. Martha had tears in her eyes, but they did not fall, and she thanked Livy. Martha looked very pleased and hugged Livy

Ray came in for coffee and some of Mrs Pratt’s cake, and to visit with his sister, niece, wife and son. They talked a little bit about a second name for Daniel, and Martha asked Ray if he could bring in the boxes of baby clothes from the truck. He said he would be happy to do it.

Whenever she had a moment to put her mind to it, which wasn’t often, Livy thought about Rose and Florrie, and she was upset at the outcome of their friendship, and felt that she didn’t want to speak to them again. They had used her and that was not what friends do.

Later in the afternoon the sheriff called to see when it would be okay to come over to talk to Livy about her involvement with the planned escape of the POW, Walter, and knowing that Livy had just given birth he told her it wasn’t urgent but he should make out a report soon. He also mentioned that they should make some arrangements to get the truck back.

Martha and Ruth stayed for supper and helped with the dishes before they left. Livy was feeling tired, it had been a long day.

When she went up to bed that night Livy noticed the family bible on a table in the corner of their room, and smiled, and that feeling of warmth came over her again. Who would have thought six months ago that she would have found happiness on a farm with a loving, caring, and handsome husband? For sure she didn’t think it was possible, or ever could have happened to her.

She went over to the table and carefully opened the bible to the ‘Marriages’ page and saw Ray’s and her name there. She smiled. Then she read the names and dates of Ray’s grandparents, parents and his sisters wedding. And then it hit her! Stewart! Hank’s surname was Stewart! That would be a fine second name for Daniel! She wondered what Ray would think. From her very first day here Martha and Hank had welcomed her to the family, and even provided a casserole for their first meal. They gave her and Ray help and support, including bringing over ‘the claw’ to dig a hole for a swimming pool! Livy knew that that’s what families did for each other, and she could feel that warmth again when she thought of Martha and Hank and their children.

When Ray came up to bed he smiled when he saw Livy nursing Daniel in the rocking chair that his mother had used many years ago. Livy was discreetly covered, so he came over to her and kissed her on the forehead. Livy asked him what he thought of the name Stewart for Daniel’s second name. She said that Hank and Martha were always willing to help when they needed them, and it would be a good way to honour his sister and her family, that is, she said haltingly, if Ray approved.

Ray blinked and raised his eyebrows. Livy could see tears well up in his eyes.

‘Wow’, he finally said, ‘Never thought of that name! That sounds good! I like it!’ And after a moment he said, ‘Thank you. I think Martha and Hank would be honoured and pleased.’

Livy was happy, and smiled lovingly at her husband. When Livy had put Daniel in his cradle, she slipped under the covers with Ray. They hugged and kissed before they settled down for the night ever mindful that little Daniel Stewart Singleton could wake up in about four hours to be fed.

Ray said, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to call him Willard?’

They both giggled, but really wanted to laugh out loud, but didn’t want to wake their baby.


When Did This Happen...?

When Did This Happen...?

I suppose there's always going to be footage that just doesn't make the cut. That seems to be the case with the following snapshots of Paul and Evie. For those who were wondering about that romance-in-the-making...I think your hunches were correct. Just inhale then exhale as you view these shots and let your imagination soar!
No paranormal influence here...maybe it be God's will.


During which episode of Miracles do you think these scenes should have occurred?

What's the romantic story behind them?


Monday, July 25, 2005

Miracles - Ep 7 - Installment 6

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!
Evie and Rebecca have been sequestered down in the cold, eerie cellar. Now it's just a matter of waiting for Alva to walk into his dastardly trap. "Possessed Paul" wiles away the afternoon drinking and amusing himself singing "You Are My Sunshine". ("Little Anthony and the Imperials - Goin' Out of My Head" came to mind as a more appropriate selection, but it is ghoul's choice)

As the sun begins to set, Alva warily approaches the cabin. He assesses the boarded-up windows and senses that an evil force is still at work here. Paul opens the front door to greet him, and Alva's suspicions are confirmed. Paul is puffing a cigarette and swigging from his bottle of booze. Being the possessed gentleman that he is, Paul offers to take Alva's coat. He hands it over. Paul tosses it over his shoulder and onto the floor. Most people would have opted for the coat rack, but Alva wisely says nothing about Paul's flippant behavior - he's clearly picking his battles.

Alva tries to encourage Paul to release Evie and Rebecca from their basement prison, but the suggestion only infuriates Paul. He lobs the first salvo in the battle that has been a long time coming. He makes it clear that he is controlling the situation now because Alva withheld files with information about him. He claims that Alva is jealous - he can't stand the fact that Paul has seen God's name written in his own blood. He continues to taunt Alva about other vital research, but lands a low blow when he hisses that "all Alva got was a little tape from his dead mother saying Alva, Alva"........ Well, this is the paranormal equivalent of saying "your mother wears combat boots" and Alva can simply take no more. He sucker punches Paul in the stomach and springs on him when he doubles over. Paul has been looking for this fight and he's back up swinging. Weeks and weeks of silent treatment are bubbling to the surface. Alva, displaying a fighting style cultivated on the rugby field, has the upper hand as he literally mops the kitchen floor with his opponent. He continuously bangs Paul's head into the oven door, while an unnoticed pot of boiling oil balances precariously on a front burner.

Paul desperately grapples about the floor for an advantage. He finds the iron ice hook and swings wildly at Alva's head. Contact stuns his adversary, allowing Paul to get to his feet. He staggers toward Alva, slicing the air with the huge hook. Alva bobs and weaves, but is loosing momentum. Alva stumbles back, leaving Paul a clear shot to finish him off with a single sweep of the hook. Alva begs for Paul's mercy and there appears to be an inner struggle within Paul.

This moment of hesitation allows Alva the opportunity to grab the glass fruit bowl and smash it against Paul's head, rendering him dazed and confused, but apparently "all Paul".

Meanwhile down in the dungeon, the girls are getting reacquainted. Rebecca is perplexed over what has happened to the meek, accommodating Paul she used to manipulate so easily. Evie, still winded from her street fight with "Possessed Paul", glares at her. Not only is she stuck in the basement with the poster girl for narcissism, but now she's expected to deliver "Supernatural Occurrences 101". With a deep sigh she indicates that Paul is special and susceptible to this type of freakish activity. She encourages Rebecca to help her check out the basement for an escape route. Rebecca grabs the flashlight and dogs along behind.

Evie quickly locates a new wall of brick, and as luck would have it, the tools needed to tear it down are located nearby. With all the skill of an archeologist, Evie has isolated an old hinged door. Faster than a 30 minute home improvement show, Evie has demo'd the entire wall. Rebecca is starting to whine, complaining that it's cold, and it smells, and there's something just not right about this place. Evie shows great restraint in not strutting over and slapping her. Evie elects to go it alone and swings open the hatched door. ACHIWAHWAH!! There's two mummified bodies buried behind the small hatch. Evie, clearly horrified, turns to flee the tomb, but Rebecca has different thoughts and slams the door shut, leaving Evie in total darkness with the corpses.

Evie looks pretty disgusted by the whole experience and Rebecca would be wise to steer clear of this hot, little Latina when she finally gets free. In Rebecca's defense she does appear to have been possessed by the spirit of old Mrs. Spenser, the home's former owner. (Sure hope she has a chance to explain herself before Evie starts swinging.)

After some period of time Alva makes his way down to the basement to free the girls. When he finally rescues Evie, they surmise that Mr. Spenser (aka the ice man) and his mistress are the designated dead bodies. The exposure of this secret seems to shift the spirit winds in the house, and they quickly scoot upstairs to sort it all out. Evie, annoyed and exhausted, hopes that Paul did not polish off that bottle of "Old Granddad".

Questions to Ponder:

At what point do you think Paul was freed from the ghoul's grip?

Why did the spirit choose to inhabit Rebecca?


Looks like who?

Just a little break for some TMoOD fun.

You be the judge.

Does Jacob look like his Mom or his Dad?

I've morphed the parents individually to their son, Jacob. Many said this before, here's the proof that he does look like his --

-> ->

or Dad?
-> ->

Need to see more?
Click to see the complete morph sequence and see for yourself.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 5

Just Put It Down in the Basement
"Possessed Paul" explodes at Rebecca's latest act of deceit, accusing her of lusting after Alva. His accusations are spiced with references to her previous indiscretion with the Russian photographer. But rather than continue to berate her, Paul elects to eliminate the object of her affection. He seems quite satisfied with this wicked brainstorm, since it also serves to reconcile his own issues with Alva's failure to share information. Paul discards Rebecca in the cellar and goes about hatching his retaliation plan. (Mmmmmm.......seems like we've come full circle............didn't we find her in the cellar?)

Alva has spent his morning tracking down the back story on Rebecca's cabin - he locates the leasing agent at an open house on the other side of the county. At first she dismisses him since the property in question has already been unloaded on some unsuspecting sucker. Alva, not to be rebuffed, whips out his British charm and soon has her spilling the family secrets like a giddy school girl. There does seem to be a bit of flirtation between these two, but there's no evidence that the interrogation led to anyone being "frisked". (Surely Alva must have his share of women wanting to get into his paranormal pants - check his contract - there's probably a clause).

Evie apparently has exceeded her monthly minutes on the SQ calling plan, as she is relegated to using the pay telephone. She finally reaches Alva on his cell and sounds a little annoyed that she's been cooling her heels at the police station for more than 30 minutes! (I knew that real estate agent looked frisky) Alva reports that he's on his way and will be there just as soon as he can. Both are now aware that the previous tenant died suspiciously in that house! Evie hangs up and turns to find Paul's frame consuming the opening of the telephone booth. He's wild-eyed and desperately begging for her help - Rebecca's gone crazy and she's ranting about them both being guilty of unforgivable acts!!

"Possessed Paul" cleans up real nice, so Evie has no immediate clues that he's still under the influence of evil (or "Old Granddad"). Evie rings up Alva, and arranges for him to meet them back at the cabin. Paul's eyes narrow with dastardly delight as his murderous plan is put in motion.

As Evie and Paul race for the cabin door, she observes the planks nailed over all the windows. Paul begins to ramble on about how Rebecca has been unfaithful and it's necessary to keep her secured. Evie's pace slows as she realizes that she's been duped. Dang that Paul and his gorgeous brown eyes!!!!
Once inside Evie hears Rebecca's screams from the basement. Rebecca is banging franticly on the locked door, but Paul has pressed his body against it. Rebecca is incensed, screaming that Paul is crazy and he's returning the compliments. This tirade creates some of the most believable interaction between the couple. The sheer force of her pounding has Paul's body vibrating, as his head rocks back and forth. (I made a mental note to see if Skeet bobble-head dolls are available on EBay)

Rebecca isn't the only angry one though. Evie can't believe she fell for "Pathological Paul's" impersonation of a normal person. She takes a deep breath and launches into police hostage negotiation mode. Unfortunately, Paul finds this "Officer Santos" personae extremely alluring and affectionately reaches for her. There's a moment of hesitation as Evie envisions "his long, lean body hand-cuffed to the bedpost as she has her way with the provocative perp". She grits her teeth in disbelief. How could she fall for those big brown eyes again??

Before he can make another move she decides to kick butt. In no time she has him on the ground, but her over-confidence leaves her vulnerable, and soon Paul gains the upper hand. He shoves her into the basement with Rebecca and smacks the door victoriously. Two down, one to go!!

Questions to Ponder:

How did Paul know to find Evie at the police station?

Does "Possessed Paul's" attraction to Officer Santos reveal that Paul has the hots for Evie?


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Abby's Visit

I just can't stop writing! I aplogize in advance if this story is corny.

A continuation of "We Have a Son, Daniel"

Abby’s Visit

Two weeks after Abby and Livy spoke on the phone, Abby was convinced she needed to show Ray’s family that she was a good sister to Livy, and it wouldn’t hurt to see if Livy was really as happy as she said she was. She decided to call Livy and make plans to visit for a few days. Livy thanked her and couldn’t wait for Abby to come.

Livy couldn’t help but feel uneasy after the phone conversation. Abby was going to help her? How much help would she really be? Livy knew she was going to be watching and judging Ray and her.

That night in bed Livy had told Ray about the two previous phone conversations with Abby. She felt uncertain about Abby’s intentions and wondered if she would be at all helpful when visiting. Ray shared his concerns about Abby getting Livy upset so soon after giving birth. Livy promised Ray that she would not let Abby hurt her and would speak up if she felt criticized.

A few days later Livy was preparing soup and sandwiches, Abby should be arriving soon and Ray would be coming in for lunch. Just then Ray walked in the kitchen door. He saw Livy standing by the stove. He remembered the day he and Hank dug the swimming hole, she wouldn’t let him near her. Now he could touch her any time any place and she would melt in his hands. He eagerly waited for the day when Livy felt better and they could make love as husband and wife. He walked up to Livy, hugged her from behind, and kissed his wife on the back of her neck, Livy smiled and leaned into Ray. Then he walked over to his son and was about to pick Daniel up when there was a knock at the door. They both agreed that it must be Abby.

Ray walked over and opened the door; Abby was startled to see Ray, but was able to spurt out the words, "Congratulations, I here you have a beautiful son." Ray smiled and said, "Thanks, come on in, it’s cold out there."

Abby walked in and put her suitcases down near the staircase. Ray took her coat to hang it up, "I’ll help you bring your bags up later, we’re about to have lunch."

Livy called out to Ray, "Honey, is that my sister?" Ray was so happy she called him honey in front of her sister. "Yup" he answered smiling. Then he motioned for Abby to walk in front of him into the kitchen.

Livy and Abby hugged, "I am so happy you are here." "Me too" said Abby.

Abby smiled, "So where is my nephew?" Livy went over to the cradle and picked up Daniel, who smiled at his mamma. She placed him in Abby’s arms. Abby gasped, she fell in love with him right away. She sat down at the kitchen table and stared at her nephew. "You’re right, he is beautiful, the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen." Ray and Livy smiled at one another.

Then Abby continued, "I’ll help you with whatever you need, besides", looking at Ray, "I’m sure your sister has her own family to care for."

Ray spoke up, "Martha is family, besides she doesn’t mind, that’s what family does. But were glad to have you here. We can use all the help we can get." Ray surprised himself more than he had surprised Abby. He had to say that. Abby never helped Livy when their mamma was sick, yet she was Livy’s family. He wanted Abby to know that as long as he was around, she was not going to insult any member of his family. Ray put another setting on the table, for Abby. "You gonna have lunch, Abby?"

"Sure" Abby responded looking at Ray, giving him a fake smile, she didn’t realize that a simple farmer could make such a quick comment.

Livy also smiled, she couldn’t believe Ray said that. She was very proud of him; she would have to thank Ray for that later. But she had to break the awkward situation. "Abby you can stay in the same room as before. Ray put fresh sheets on the bed."

The three of them ate lunch and spoke about what a wonderful, beautiful and smart baby Daniel is. After lunch Livy and Abby cleaned the kitchen and Ray brought Abby’s suitcases up to Martha’s old room.

While Ray was upstairs, Abby looked at Livy, she couldn’t believe how bad Livy looked. Her sister would have been caught dead in an outfit like this back in Denver. Sure she just had a baby, but Livy could wear a nicer dress, put her hair up or even put on a little makeup. She had turned into a real farmer’s wife. "I brought some extra makeup and some dresses I no longer wear. I’m sure you can’t wait to get out of these clothes."

Livy couldn’t believe what Abby just said. Her own sister just insulted her. Livy remembered what she promised Ray. She wiped the table, without looking up she said, "Thanks Abby, but I don’t have time to put makeup on, I have a house, husband, and baby to care for. I’ll save the makeup for when Ray and I go out at night. But I’ll check out those dresses, whatever I can’t use I’ll give to Ruth, she’ll love them.

They heard Ray come down the stairs, "I gotta go back to work. I’ll be back for dinner." He picked up Daniel and raised him in the air, then he kissed his son on the forehead and said, "I’ll see you later little man." He put Daniel back down and walked over to his wife to give her a kiss, Livy leaned in first, and kissed Ray. "See you later, honey." she said.

Abby thought about her father, She never remembered their father putting fresh sheets on the bed, or playing with them as children, or even kissing their mother in front of others.
After Ray left, Abby looked at Livy, "Honey" she asked. Livy smiled, then began to blush, and giggled, she was in love. Abby rolled her eyes and laughed.

"So Abby, what did father say about his grandson." Abby looked at Livy, she didn’t want to hurt Livy’s feelings. "He’s happy, he’s happy for you and Ray and Daniel." Truth was he was surprised Livy had decided to stay on the farm, he was certain she come back to Denver the moment the opportunity presented itself. He was equally surprised that any man had accepted her and the baby, he must be a very lonely man.

Livy frowned, "Doesn’t he want to meet his son-in-law and grandson? He cares more about the people in his parish than his own children."

Before Abby could respond, Daniel started to cry, Livy walked over and picked him up. She carried him into the living room. Abby followed Livy and sat with her. As she nursed her son she said, "Don’t worry, no matter what mistakes you make in life your daddy and I will never abandon you. We will always forgive you because we love you."

"Father loves you, he’s just hurt. He wanted a certain life for his daughters. When you spent the night with Edward, well, he didn’t want that life for you."

"So he sends me away to marry a man I don’t know. Thankfully Ray is a good and honorable man, who loves and accepts me no matter what mistakes I have made. Father would have never accepted mom if she had done that."

"Well I don’t think mom would have ever been that stupid." Abby suddenly realized what she said, she could believe she just said that. "Oh Livy, I didn’t mean that."

Livy looked up and stared at Abby, her face becomming red with anger. "Is that what you think I am, stupid, Stupid for sleeping with Edward, stupid for falling in love with Ray, stupid for staying on this farm, stupid for not dressing like you. You and dad left me alone to care for mother, I was alone. Now here I am with a loving husband and a child." Abby tried to respond, but Livy was so angry she wouldn’t let Abby get a word in edgewise, "Ray’s family has never once judged me. Martha and Hank welcomed me into their family. Martha has helped me and has been like a mother and a sister to me. That’s the only reason you came to help, you were jealous."

Daniel had finished nursing, "I’m going upstairs to take a nap with my son. I’ll be down a little later to start dinner." She walked up the stairs leaving Abby alone on the couch.

Abby just sat there in shock, she could not believe Livy just spoke to her like that. She had never seen Livy that angry before. She didn’t mean to say Livy was stupid she was trying to defend father. But Livy was right, Father is a minister, he of all people should have forgiven Livy. Abby felt awful, she wanted to apologize to her sister, but she didn’t want to disturb her nap. Maybe she should leave, but that wouldn’t solve anything. Abby walked around the house, not sure what to do.

Meanwhile Livy lay upstairs, unable sleep. She could not believe she just spoke to Abby that way. She was surprised Abby did not leave or march up right after her screaming. She had never felt that angry before, but Abby was out of line. That was her own sister down there, the one person who should always be on your side. Livy realized that she used to be like Abby, then she came to live on this farm with Ray and his family. She realized that she could have been living at home jealous of her sister and Kent. She thanked God for the direction of her life. She thanked God for sending her to this farm, for sending her to Ray. She decided to forgive her father and sister even if they never apologized or accepted her and her family. Tears rolled down Livy’s faced as she held Daniel in her arms and watched him sleep.

While Livy and Daniel were upstairs sleeping, Abby had checked out the house. She saw little bits of Livy’s decorating style throughout the house. It was then she realized she was not just on any farm, but her sister’s farm, in her sister's home. She decided to keep busy by cleaning the house and folding laundry she found in a basket. After she had done a fair amount of cleaning she decided it was time to start dinner. She had watched her mother cook and considered herself to be quite a talented cook, she just hoped her city cooking would satisfy a farmer.

Ray walked in the front door, to as quiet hosue. As Ray walked into the kitchen, he noticed the table was set for dinner. He looked quite confused to see Abby in her fancy outfit cooking in front of the stove. She reminded him of Livy on her first day on the farm. The smell of Abby’s cooking filled the air, he was surprised at how good it smelled. "Where’s Livy and Daniel." Abby looked at Ray, not sure what to say, she began to cry, Ray just stood there, mouth open, not sure what to do.

"She’s upstairs sleeping with Daniel. We had a fight, I said some terrible things. I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to forgive me."

Ray sighed as he sat on a kitchen chair. He knew something like this would happen. Abby continued, "I didn’t know what do while Livy was upstairs, so I started cleaning, folding laundry, then I started dinner. But now I'm thinking that I should leave. I am so embarrassed."
Ray thought for a moment, then began to speak, "Abby, you're family, families forgive one another, families don’t abandon each other when they make mistakes. You and Livy are sisters, sometimes you’re gonna have a fight, as long as you forgive, accept, and love one another, that’s all that matters. Not a day goes by that I wish my brother were still alive, If he were here I'd tell him everyday that I love him. Abby listened to Ray’s words. She understood why Livy fell in love with him. She was wrong about Ray. He may be a farmer, but he was not at all simple. Livy was right, Ray had a genuine goodness about him, a wisdom that went beyond her own small world. She felt better after hearing Ray’s words.

Abby wiped the tears from her face, "Ray, I was wrong about you. I am very sorry. I have misjudged you from my first visit. Livy is lucky to be married to such a good man. I never officially welcomed you to our family." She walked over to Ray. Ray stood up not sure what Abby was going to do. She kissed Ray on the cheek and said, "Welcome to our family." Ray blushed, and said, "Thank you"

Livy had awoken from the smell in the kitchen, she looked at the clock and realized she had over slept. Who was cooking? She was about to bring Daniel down stairs when she heard Abby and Ray talking. She had heard their whole conversation. Livy began to cry. Her sister and husband were getting along. She couldn’t have asked for anything more. Did Livy her correctly, Abby cleaned, folded laundry and cooked? Livy was shocked, she had misjudged Abby helpfulness.

Livy practically ran down the stairs with Daniel in her arms. They heard Livy coming, Abby walked over to the stairs. Abby and Livy looked at one another, with tears in their eyes they hugged one another, with Daniel in the middle.

Ray watched from the kitchen. He smiled, at the sight of his wife and her sister reconciling without using words. He wondered what Livy had said to Abby to make her cry? What had Abby said to make Livy so upset? He wanted to know, but knew that his wife would tell him tonight in bed. Livy loved talking to Ray and telling him whatever was on her mind. He loved listening to his wife talk to him in their bed, while he held her in his arms.

Eventually Abby and Livy made their way back into the kitchen. Ray looked at Abby, trying to break the ice he said, "Smells good, maybe you can give my wife some cooking tips." Livy playfully hit Ray on the arm and laughed. They all sat down to eat, as a family.


Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 4

Bam! Let's Kick It Up a Notch
Evie and Alva have just departed. Paul is contemplating his next move......

Rebecca is in the background, nervously babbling about Paul's wonderful friends. To think that they would come all the way to NY just to make sure he was OK. (Yes Rebecca, if you weren't such a selfish twit you might have real friends that would give a rip about you too) But Paul is brooding and only recalls the affectionate little shoulder squeeze Alva gave Rebecca on his way out. Paul pivots and shrewdly approaches Rebecca with out-stretched arms, indicating he is sorry. It's a disarming gesture and Rebecca is caught off guard by the return of his familiar conciliatory manner. As he moves in closer Paul continues, "Sorry I didn't do this........" then BAM! He smacks her open-handed right across her face!! MAN, OH MAN Who saw that coming?? "Possessed Paul" has just ratcheted this tortured relationship to the next level. PSYCHO SKEET is back!!!!

The force of the blow sends Rebecca reeling and she hits the ground hard with a thud. She tries to scramble backwards to get out of his line of fire, clearly shaken by Paul's new level of aggression. She's beginning to grasp that he has unresolved issues with their previous relationship. Paul squats down close to her face and makes reference to her promiscuity. It's not certain if he's flashing back to some specific event in their relationship or if the ghoulish possessor is working through some booty call issues of their own. Either way, Rebecca is about to pay an awful price for her hedonistic lifestyle.

"Paranoid Paul" launches into a campaign to insure that Rebecca is never tempted by another man again. He starts by ripping out the wall phone (I'd love to see the out-takes for that one) and ambles off to make other preparations. Rebecca is still crumpled in the middle of the floor, eyes wide as she watches Paul advance his reign of terror. Unfortunately, her choice of outfits becomes a complete distraction for the audience. She's sporting an attractive cream colored sweater, but has paired it with a flouncy black skirt and a Mary Jane-like shoe that makes her good foot look enormous! Rebecca is not a delicate gal and this particular styling just makes her look like some perverse school girl (and not in a good way).

We find Paul out on the front porch covering up the windows with planks. His construction skills clearly paying off as he makes quick work of securing their abode. As the camera pans back we see that Paul has taken the added precaution of tying Rebecca to the furniture while he is out and about. Obviously distraught, Rebecca is gnawing the ropes like a coyote, but to no avail. Never, never mess with a Boy Scout!

After some time Paul and Rebecca are found in the kitchen. Paul is back to guzzling "Old Granddad" and Rebecca is at the stove dumping a galloon jug of cooking oil into the community pot.

Paul sashays over and snuggles up close. He's obviously had a snoot-full. He seems filthier with each passing hour, and yet, on some primal level, still very attractive - some things you just can't smother. As he nuzzles closer to Rebecca, he whispers that she looks good. Obviously this is the ghoul talking because Paul certainly has a much better sense of fashion. Rebecca is rapidly assessing her options, trying to play this exchange to her advantage.

She offers to cook fried chicken and the thought of a Sunday supper favorite seems to put "plastered Paul" in a good mood. He taunts her by hanging the keys to her escape high on a nail, just out of reach, then swaggers off to the living room to scratch and catch the football game.

After what she determines to be a safe period, Rebecca grapples her way up to the suspended keys. She's frantically trying them in the door lock as her captor appears in the background with a menacing little smirk - Rebecca's horror level rises as he slowly reaches toward her, scraping the coveted skeleton key hard along the wallboard.

Rebecca begins to quiver. She knows she has violated this fragile trust and once again has been proven unworthy. You're so right, my dear. Paulie is NOT happy.

Questions to Ponder:
How much did Rebecca share with Evie and Alva about the events of the previous 2 days?
Is the paranoia all Paul's or is the ghoul also working out their issues of infidelity?


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Recent Magazine Article

From a recent issue of Inside TV magazine. Also showed a picture of Skeet with his son, Jacob, taken at the West Coast ITW premiere.

INTO THE WEST star's heartbreaking divorce
Skeet Ulrich should be on top of the world right now: His new miniseries, Steven Speilberg's ITW attracted an astounding 21 million viewers its first weekeend. But at the New York premiere on June 6, the Scream star revealed to Inside TV that his personal life is falling apart. "I don'thave a wife anymore," Skeet, 35, said sadly.

He's been separated from his wife of seven years, British actress Georgina May Cates, 30, since October 2004. On April 18, Georgina filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. She is seeking spousal support and joint custody of their 4-yr. old fraternal twins.

It was love at first sight when they met at an Oscar party in L.A. in 1996. "She tapped me on the shoulder...the second I saw her eyes, it ran through my head, 'I'm gonna marry her'," Skeet (who was born Bryan) has said. "Like she had been my best friend in a past life and we had so much catching up to do."

Now his focus in on getting his son and daughter through the divorce. "The most exciting thing is shaping theri lives," he's said.


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Members in the house

Better late than never--I've meant to welcome new members this weekend but real life got in the way.

We've got two more officially initiated TMoODers added into our growing list of Skeet enthusiasts. I am mighty pleased that they've come out and expressed their desire to join and be part of the team.

  • lgl
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as the usual TMoOD cheer goes-- Welcome and have fun here!

NOTE: No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you today. Yes, I've made some changes again on the site, expanding the page a bit more to accommodate a bigger sidebar and therefore, a bigger Skeet slideshow.

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I am clueless....help!!!

I think I signed up.... but have no clue what I am doing. Hopefully with time I will figure it out, cause I love Skeet and think this place is great!



We have a son, Daniel.

Livy's first conversation with Abby after giving birth to Daniel.

It had been three days since Livy had given birth to Daniel, three days since Livy realized that Ray loved and accepted her no matter what her past held, three days since she confessed her love for her husband. Livy decided to call Abby and tell her she was now a mother. As she nursed Daniel she pondered what she would say to Abby.
Abby never helped her take care of their mother, nor did their father. Livy was hurt, but had no choice. She knew that society called for her to leave her schooling, she was single, while Abby was the married one. Abby had a home and husband to care for. Last time Abby was here she tried to get Livy to come home and lie about Ray’s treatment of her. Livy knew that Abby could spread rumors about Ray, and portray Livy as a battered wife. She could not do that to Ray. At that time, she cared for Ray but could not see herself as his wife, especially in the intimate sense.

Now she was eager to tell Abby how things have changed, how she and Ray loved one another and Daniel was their son. Livy had never known any man to be as kind and good-hearted as Ray. Most men would not accept a wife who had given herself to a stranger, let alone accepts a child that they did not father. Her own father certainly would have never done that. She was certain that Kent would not have either, no matter how much Abby praises him. It made sense to Livy why she had difficulty accepting Ray’s love, she had never known a man like Ray before.
Daniel finished nursing and Livy put him down for a nap, Ray just left to work in the fields. Martha and Ruth wouldn’t be here for another hour. She decided this was the perfect opportunity to call her sister, she pulled a chair up to the phone.
After a few rings, Abby picked up the phone. "Hello"

"Abby, It’s Livy, we have a son, Daniel."

Abby was silent for a moment, not sure what to say. She was overjoyed that she was an aunt, but those words, we have a son? Did she mean her and Ray? Last time she was there Livy was not in love with Ray, but obliged to stay on that farm. How could Livy stay with him, she had so many dreams to pursue, how could she stay on that farm?

"Congratulations, but what about Edward? What about your education, your future? I thought you were going to come home to have the baby?"

"Abby this is my home now. I have fallen in love with Ray, and he loves me, he is my future. I didn’t think it would turn out like this, but it has. I’ve never been happier." Livy then went on to tell Abby all that had happened since she was here last. Livy told Abby about Ray’s attempts to win her heart, Edward’s letter, Ray profession of love, the ring, the night Daniel was born.

Abby took in all of Livy’s word. As Livy spoke she thought about her visit to the farm. The farm was nothing like their home in Denver. It was a run down house, with no neighbors in sight. How could father expect Livy to live like this? Sure Livy made a mistake, but how much punishment would she have to endure to have her father’s love and acceptance back. When she saw Ray for the first time, she was expecting him to be an older man. He wasn’t old, but he was definitely a simple farmer, how could he provide a good life for her sister, let alone a baby. What kind of life could he offer Livy? All she could think about, was trying to explain to her friends how her sister, a budding archaeologist, is now a simple farmer’s wife? It was just too embarrassing!

As Livy continued talking Abby realized she hadn’t heard Livy sound this happy in so long. Abby knew Livy was lonely ever since she had to leave school to take care of mother. Since Livy was unmarried it made sense for her to put her education on hold. Abby was married and had her own house and husband to take care of. How could anyone expect Abby to help? Besides she had certain social obligations to fulfill.
Now Livy is married, happily married, as it seems, and a mother.

"You sound very content, I am happy for you." I am happy for all of you." I can’t believe you had the baby already. I can’t wait to see my nephew. Are you alright, has a doctor checked on you?"

"Ray’s sister Martha and Dr. McCutcheon both came over to help with the delivery. It was amazing giving birth to our son in the same house in which his father was born. Martha and Dr. McCutcheon showed me how to nurse Daniel and take care of him." Livy continued, "Martha and her daughter Ruth have been coming over to help, they should be here soon."

Abby couldn’t help but become a little jealous. "Sounds like you’ve got all the help you need."

Livy responded, "Martha has three children of her own, she’s a pro at motherhood. I’m thankful that I have her and Ruth to help me. But, I still wish you were here." Livy continued, "Oh Abby, he is so beautiful, I can’t wait for you to meet him. Please tell father that he has a grandson."

"Father will be so happy to here about Daniel." At least that’s what Abby hoped, but she didn’t want to hurt Livy’s feelings. "I’ll try to get there as soon as I can, with Kent still at war it’s pretty lonely here. I just might stay for a few days to give you a hand."

Before Livy could respond, Ruth and Martha were at the door. "Abby, I have to go, Ruth and Martha are here. I’ll call you soon."

"Give my nephew a kiss for me. Tell Ray I said congratulations."

"I will, thanks. Talk to you soon, bye."

"Bye." When Abby hung up she began to feel emotional. She was happy that Livy was a new mother and found love in a marriage of convenience, but jealous of her relationship with Martha. It seemed that Livy was now the one with a home, a husband, and a family, while she sat in an empty house waiting for her husband to return home. It just didn’t seem fair to Abby.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

After's Daniel's Birth

I am posting this for mande with my apologies for a bit of a delay as I have been on vacation. Looks like another great one!
December 9, 1944

It had been a very long day at the Singleton household. That night at about 9:30 Livy and Ray got ready to go to bed. Ray carried the baby upstairs and into Livy’s room. He kissed him on the head and handed him to Livy and went to his room to sleep. After Livy fed the baby she put him in his cradle, then she put a pillow on the floor and sat down beside him. She watched her son sleep, listening to his peaceful breathing, and just marveling at what a wonderful gift he was!

After a few minutes Livy got up off the floor and got into her bed. She was so tired from the days events, but sleep would not come easily to her. As she lay there, she started to reflect on their busy day.

She thought back to around noon when she had done some more packing for her trip to Denver, fixed her hair and went downstairs. Ray was in the living room with Franklin. She was surprised about what he said to her next. With tears in his eyes he professed his love for her, and said that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. He took a ring out of his pocket and said, ‘That day when the preacher married us I forgot the ring. I have one now.’ Livy had said, ‘Ray, the truth is I don’t know that I deserve you. How do you know this could work?’ Ray said, ‘I know because some day you’re going to forgive yourself.’ Livy accepted his ring, but was still unsure of her feelings for him. Ray was such a kind, gentle man, and would do anything to make her happy, but she felt, at that moment, that she was still not worthy of him, and did not deserve his love, nor could she return his love. There was a moment of awkward silence between them.

Then she said she had made a commitment to meet the girls around noon, and since she was late now she said to Ray, ‘I’ve got to go meet the girls,’ and left in the truck. She tapped the gas gauge and noticed that she would need to go through Wilson to get gas before they started out on their trip. While driving, she looked at the ring Ray had given her. It was beautiful! She wondered if he had picked it out himself. A soft smile lit her face as she looked at the ring and thought about Ray.

Lying in bed still waiting for sleep to come, Livy continued to reflect on the days events.

By the time she met with Rose and Florrie it was almost 1:00. She apologized for being late. Florrie introduced her to Walter, and suggested they go to New Mexico for a drive. Livy was puzzled by Walter. He did not speak to her when they were introduced. When Livy said he would freeze in the back of the truck, and he said he would be fine, she detected a German accent, but he was dressed in an MP uniform. Livy was curious. She remembered when she had taken them to the mountains to look at butterflies, and Rose had discovered the picture of an MP uniform on one of the pages. Rose was upset that Florrie had put it in their butterfly observation book. Now Livy knew why the picture was there: she was sure they made the uniform for Walter to help get him out of the country.

When Livy and the girls got into the cab of the truck Livy did not mince her words. She was angry at the girls for deceiving her, and said, ‘You’re lonely and you’re reaching out for something to make it better. You can’t do this. You’ll be paying for it for the rest of your lives.’ Now, in the peace and quiet of her bedroom Livy recalled those words, and what they meant to her: that’s why she reached out to Edward, she was lonely, and so are the girls. And she knew only too well how bad choices could change the rest of your life.

As Livy drove the truck she had to make new plans quickly. She decided she wasn’t going to take them for a drive, or go to Wilson for gas, so Livy dropped the girls off and brought Walter to Ray’s house, her house. She left the truck keys where he would see them, and knew full well that if he took the truck he would run out of gas. After Walter left the house and started to drive away her water broke, so she called the sheriff and told him about Walter, and that she was in labour and needed some help.

When she was burning the MP suit and the locket with Edward’s picture in it, Hank and Ray came up the lane in Hank’s truck. Livy was so happy to see him! Ray said, ‘Livy, what on earth are you doing?’ And Livy, smiling, remembers saying, ‘I’m getting ready to have our baby.’ Ray picked her up and took her into the house while Hank went to get Martha. Ray and Livy prepared her bed for the birth, and Livy put on a nightgown, and got into bed, and they waited for Martha and the doctor to arrive. During the labour and birth, Martha helped Dr McCutcheon while Ray sat by her and held her hand, talked soothingly to her, and gave her any comfort he could. He would listen to Martha and the doctor for instructions to help Livy during the birthing experience. Livy smiled thinking about how helpful he was. He was so good to her! He was so patient with her throughout the whole birth. Actually, she smiled, he was patient with her all the time!

It was after 7:00 in the evening by the time the baby boy was born. Just after welcoming the baby into the world, Ray had to go to the barn to do the chores. While the doctor assisted Livy with some feeding and baby care instructions, Martha put fresh sheets and blankets on Livy’s bed, and put blankets and sheets in the cradle for the baby, and then went downstairs to make them some supper.

Shortly after Ray came into the house, after doing the chores, the doctor left. Ray saw Livy holding the baby in the living room. He sat in front of her, and she looked up at him, and held the baby out for him to hold. Ray sang a song to the baby, the one his father had sung to them as kids. Ray kissed the baby on the forehead and then looked up at Livy. She had been observing how wonderful he was with the baby, and had a smile on her face for him, but when Ray looked at her she became unsure of herself, and her smile faded. Ray leaned forward to kiss her, and she met him half way. It was an awkward kiss because he was holding the baby and both were leaning forward, but she still felt some uncertainty.

Livy smiled as she recalled the events of the day, but there was still something nagging at her. She got up to go to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, Ray was in the hallway. He said, ‘Everything all right?’ Livy nodded and said, ‘Umhm.’ She looked at him, it was after 11:00 and Ray was awake.

Livy said, ‘Did I wake you?’
Ray said, ‘No, no, I wasn’t asleep.’

Livy said, ‘Oh.’

Ray said, ‘I was just thinking about all that happened here today.’

There was an awkward silence between them for a moment.

They both started to talk at the same time, and each said, ‘Sorry.’

Ray said, ‘Uh, you go first.’

Livy said slowly, ‘Um, all right. Ray, I want to thank you for all your help and support today. You have no idea how much it meant to me to have you there beside me.’

And Ray said, ‘I was happy to do it.’

Livy said, ‘And I was wondering what you thought we should call the baby.’

Ray looked at her with raised eyebrows. By her demeanor he thought maybe she was still thinking of leaving, and here she wanted his input about the baby’s name!

Ray said, ‘I, I don’t know, I haven’t given it much thought. Have you?’

Livy nodded said, ‘Yes, actually I have. Um, I know that the baby’s birth date is so close to the date of Daniel’s death, um but I was wondering,’ she swallowed and took her time, ‘if you would mind if we named him after your brother Daniel?’

Ray was in total shock! He still thought she was going to tell him she was leaving, but here she is asking for permission to call the baby, their baby, Daniel!

He could not speak for a moment, and this started to alarm Livy. She looked up at his face and realized that he was very emotional and was having trouble getting his words out.

Ray said, ‘Could we go sit down, maybe on my bed uh so as not to disturb the baby?’

Livy was very nervous.

Ray knew that Livy probably would be uncomfortable sitting, so he ensured that she was okay and then said, with his voice cracking at times, ‘I believe that my brother Daniel would have considered it an honour for me to name my son after him.’ Tears filled his eyes, but none fell. After a moment Ray continued, ‘And I know he would consider it an honour to know that you are the mother of his namesake,’ and in a whisper he said, ‘Daniel.’ After a moment he haltingly said, ‘So does this mean you are staying?’

Livy looked up at him and met his eyes and said, ‘Umhm.’

Ray was overjoyed! But there was a nagging question in his mind: is she staying because her father, in shame, sent his pregnant daughter here to marry him and that she felt she had no other choice? He said, ‘And why are you staying?’

Livy said softly, ‘Besides the fact that this is the day our son was born, there was something else that made this a special day for me.’ She told him about Florrie and Walter, and how they had deceived her, and how she told Florrie that she was reaching out to Walter for love because she was lonely, and she knows that that is why she reached out to Edward. She then told Ray that when he said, ‘Because one day you’re going to forgive yourself,’ it finally made sense to her. Her whole life should not be ruined by one mistake, and she would work at forgiving herself.

Ray put his arms around her and held her close. He whispered three words, ‘My wife, Livy.’ Livy buried her head in his chest and felt the loving comfort of her husbands arms around her. After a few minutes he loosened his hold, tipped her head back and kissed her, slowly at first, and then passionately, on the lips. She responded to his kiss with all the love in her heart for him. For the first time they could feel the love that had been growing between them. For both of them, the nagging thoughts in their heads finally stopped: they were home!

Ray and Livy stood up, and Ray carefully lifted Livy up and carried her out of his bedroom and into their bedroom. When they were snugly settled in their bed together Livy softly said, ‘Ray, I love you.’ And Ray said, ‘I know.’


Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 2

Afternoon Delight.........................?

Although evil lurks all around, the night passes without incidence - Rebecca is up and dressed - for someone who complained that it took 20 minutes to brush her teeth in her injured condition, she must have spent the entire morning wiggling into this complicated ensemble. Paul ambles down the hall in all his rumpled, "just slept", glory - viewers take pause - there is an angelic glow that surrounds this vision of manliness - no wait, that's just in my head - sorry.

Anyway, it's well past noon and Paul has managed to sleep the morning away, but now he's refreshed and ready to seize the day. He offers Rebecca her crutches and insists that she practice getting around.

They share a little light banter, apparently trying to build some sexual tension. It may not be evident for the Paul-Rebecca pairing, but it does seem to be working for the rest of us. Who is this "playful Paul"? Our seminary boy is acting outright frisky!! Before we know it Rebecca has stumbled into an awkward closeness of Paul's embrace, but this time Paul offers no resistance - the two are quickly lip locked and not looking to come up for air any time soon.

Holy Moly! Paul's hands are everywhere - they're pawing and clawing at each other with the passion of two teenagers at a drive-in movie - we're certain that "priestly Paul" will surface soon, but the clothes are flying off with the ferocity of a category 4 hurricane - Rebecca has cranked her womanly ways into high gear - they flop back on the bed - Paul scrambles up on top of her and it's obvious that "procreating Paul" is now in charge!! I had a little trouble with the DVD here - first, I accidentally hit the rewind - 17 times - then I got it stuck on slow-mo - then I smoked a cigarette. Now THAT'S "Must See TV" !!!

We see the two rolling around under the sheets, but something is not right about this - as he pivots toward the screen we realize it's the ghoul in bed Rebecca!! What? Paul appears in the bedroom watching the two lovers, then "poof" it's all a dream!! (Or is it?)

Paul awakens with a start in the bed with Rebecca - (oh nuts, same problem with my DVD rewind)

Paul confesses his dream - Rebecca tries to blow off his jealousies, but it's apparent that this is a sensitive subject for these two. Rebecca leans in close and chides Paul about smelling like cigarette smoke - she needles him about his "secret smoking" habits, but Paul is in a dark mood. He denies all and stomps off to the bathroom in a huff.

Safe in the sanctity of the throneroom, Paul tries to get a grip on his emotions. In less than 24 hours he's hopped back into the sack with the very woman who "ripped out his heart and stomped that sucker flat" - Has he lost all control? What has become of his principles? Why would he venture down this path again? Paul is clearly tormented and his audience is clearly aroused - Rarrrrrrrr - that Paul is sure a cutie!! And judging by the hair, quite an athlete too!!

Paul swings the medicine chest closed and jumps back with a startled shiver as another ghoul makes her presence known!!!!!!!!!!

Questions to Ponder:
Has an evil force taken possession of Paul or is he in control of his actions?

Does the ghoulish woman see Paul as her abusive husband?