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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Shall we dance?

A romantic movie is not a great movie if there isn’t a dance sequence.

Most of the time, we get to see a slow dance in these types of movies, all the more for the viewers to feel the intensity of emotions between the couple. You know like in the movie Chocolat.

It’s just something that is a given.

So why does this movie have so much impact on a lot of its viewers when there isn’t a slow dance?

The dance in TMOOD is even fast and short but they were able to convey so much of Ray and Livy in this sequence. Emotions from uneasiness and shyness all the way to their having fun.

It’s such a great scene.

To think that Skeet is supposed to be teaching Keri to dance. As you know Keri is the better dancer (coming from a dance background and MMC), the acting is so authentic that the viewers will believe that she isn’t and Skeet has all the right moves. He’s just great at doing that in the entire movie.

I love the way he sways with her with a very quiet directive from start to finish. The way he looks at her and then the way she uneasily looks at him.

This is one of the favorite scenes I love replaying in this movie. It's just me being a frustrated dancer I guess.

And why is Skeet's hands higher on this shot? (hehe)... all the more curious to see the outtakes of this as well. Keri said she enjoyed it the most that the four of them had to take dance lessons for this scene.