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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ray at his finest

I'd have to give myself time to write my own version of a continuing story. I'll probably work on it this weekend. P&P5 and Pbright had totally worked hard to get their wonderfully written stories out in just these couple of days--I am so amazed, I don't think I can match the creativity of these two members! Kudos to both of you for a job well done.

I've been busy just getting as much stuff into this site as possible. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to Google search this site. I think Google's spiders for indexing is somehow missing us sadly. If anyone out there has ideas, please do let me know!

I am closing the day with Skeet's screen caps from the Beetbox drive scene.

Don't you think this look shows he's already fallen for her?

I think Livy said a bad word when she tried to shift gears :-)

It's so old fashioned that he's even too shy to have any of his body part come too close to Livy. Prudent or shy?

I think this is the fastest he's spoken in the entire movie. So fun to watch, he seems so unguarded and comfortable with Livy.

"Our farm", definitely such a sweet thing to say. He's totally committed to sharing everything with her. I always just look at Ray's facial expressions that I get to see Livy's reaction only on screen caps.

I think I'll just melt looking into those eyes!

and this sideway look is so hot!

That cringe and pained look is definitely effective!
I have to eventually load my screen cap pics on to this site as I've returned the album to private mode again. It's much easier for me to use them this way. So for those who've missed it, don't worry, you'll see them here as I'll be posting them every so often.
Please do not forget to vote for a sequel! See Rhwillut's entry below.
Good night everyone!