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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The most heartbreaking scene

I know you may have your mind set on leaving but..
I can't let you go without telling you how I feel.
I've fallen in love with you.....
and... I love that baby.
For me you're the best thing that's ever happened.

Livy, you are a fine and talented woman
You're a pitiful cook, but....that doesn't matter, I can do the cooking..
I know you had your heart set on going to faraway places,
but there's a good bit of history right here in Otero County.
If you...like Indian canyons and dugouts, I'll help you find them--
You can dig all you want.

that day...the preacher married us I forgot the ring...
I have one now...
Ray, the truth is I dont know if I deserve you..how do you know this could work?
I know because.... someday you're gonna forgive yourself.

As I was preparing/transcribing the what I call "The Proposal scene" for today's marquee, I can't help but really get affected by Ray's profession of his love to Livy.

It just pulls my heartstrings, and it gives me the deepest sadness in the entire movie.

Right up there with the Kiss scene, I consider this to be the most romantic scene and at the same time the most heartbreaking scene ever.

When Ray's voice cracks and tries desperately to hold back his tears---I just say aaaahhhhhh....

I agree he's got nothing to loose and he had let his heart out just to win Livy back.

Writing down his words even gave it new meaning this late.

I believe that:

  • This is the time that Livy decided she won't be leaving for Denver to deliver her baby,
  • That she finally gave in and accepted Ray's love for her
  • Realized that living in the farm with Ray wasn't a bad arrangement at all,
  • She's accepted her feelings for Ray existed and that she doesn't need to hide it from him
  • She knew she was going to make another mistake if she decided to leave Ray and pursue the life she originally had in mind.
  • She realizes that she's most happiest and content in the company of Ray.

It just bothers me that they didn't write a whole scene about what happened after Ray said "someday forgive yourself" and the time she went to fetch the girls and the POW. I am inclined to think that Ray and Livy ended this scene in a beautiful happy way--the reason why Livy had that smile in the truck. It's just not about the ring that she's smiling about-what do you think?

After this, I am writing what I think happened just to satisfy my curiosity, does anyone else out there have an idea or want to explore more on what happened that time? It'd be nice to see different story lines on this missing timeframe.

Time to put on your creative thinking cap!