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Monday, March 21, 2005

Movie blunders anyone?

It's amazing how they practically made this movie with so much eye for fine detail-- from period costumes, props and location down to every character's mannerisms. Still, we, who have had the convenience of owning a DVD of the movie were now into finding the irregularities that existed in it--don't viewers do that all the time? hence, I feel it's not an unusual habit to do so. I am obviously psychologizing myself here, for my own sanity.

The faults are minute and they don't make a difference on the beauty and end result of the movie. Sometimes I feel like they did that purposely just to pique the viewers' curiosity.

A few obvious and not so obvious ones--

Someone from the IMBD board had pointed out that on the dance sequence (where most of the blunders are obvious), Ray and Livy were on their way into the dance floor even before the close up entrance, when Martha came running to meet them, happened.

This first shot shows Ray going for the side table near the door and picking something from it--could be a drink or some food.

Next thing you notice, they are dancing away in the background even before they were supposed to come into the dance floor scene.

There is also the cake-is-suddenly-replaced-by-a-drink-on-the-table-bit. Now this is one part where I agree --with pbright's idea--that there could have been another song between this two shots and also the dance probably involved more dancing for Ray and Livy. I love to think that pbright's assumption is correct, that they shared a slow dance that evening (dream on , dream on--sigh)...

Then--Ray and Livy all the way at the back dancing when they are supposed to be close by when Martha and the boys did their own version of the twirl that made Ray and Livy laugh.

You gotta be real attentive on this one, as they are dancing behind the crowd. Ray's head is visible on this picture on the right side. You'll have to rely on the good ol' slow-mo button to see them dance across the floor by the musician's stage.

Last but not least, it's not really a blunder...I call it sort of an anomaly...

Ray is happily looking at Livy instead of his sister who was being given a dedication by Slim. SWEET!!!
Anyone else out there who can point out some more from the movie? Please do share!