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Saturday, April 09, 2005

What are your favorite scenes?

It's now about time, that we vote for our best TMOOD scenes.

The poll will tabulate your choices and whichever scenes gets the TOP 10 highest votes will be the TMOODers' final favorite TOP 10.

It's going to be a tough choice for most of us but please only pick five (5) at one time.

You'll have to scroll down to see the poll box

Choose your top 5 special scenes from TMOOD
Burlap Bag
Dance Scene
The Kiss
Fiesta Omelette and Driving the "Claw"
Martha & Livy talk
Boating at the pond
First Meeting at the Parlor and Church Wedding
Beet box drive
Church potlock, meeting Mrs Pratt
Troy dinner scene
Family History at the Cemetery
Ray's Love Profession, Ring Scene
Ray sings to Daniel
Ray at the Library
Ring, Ring, Ring, The Singletons have a phone
Abby's visit to the farm
Thanksgiving at Martha's
Ray, Livy and Daniel at the Porch (final scene)
Livy's Nightmare
Ray and Livy's first dinner at the house


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