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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Message

I thought I'd pass this along. It came in my inbox today.

This is a message from the webmistress of Skeeter Net
Skeeter Net has been updated with fresh news, new links, and a link to
the "Magic of Ordinary Days" online petition! More pictures are coming
soon. Please take the time to read this special alert from
MiraclesHQ.com (an affiliate of Skeeter Net) about the "Miracles" DVD's:

Miracles HQ
Contact Miracles HQ Team
Individual Contacts
Miracles HQ Message Board


"MIRACLES" ON DVD: Help Us Make an Impact on Sales!

We know you're looking forward to April 19 as much as we are -- who
could forget the date "Miracles" is being released on DVD? Its release is
a triumph for "Miracles" fans -- and our last big stepping stone to
future "Miracles" projects.

Which means that this is our last big chance to act -- and your big
chance as "Miracles" fans to show your support for the show! We need fan
support more than ever to show how much interest there is in watching
Paul, Alva, and Evie on the small screen.

With your support, here's our gameplan:

1) For all "Miracles" fans to purchase the DVD's ASAP
2) To buy the DVD's from a single provider (we suggest Amazon.com --
so that it cracks their Top 10)
3) For fans to tell friends and family to buy the set from Amazon.com
as well
4) Fans also post raves and reviews in Amazon's feedback section for
the show, telling others why they should purchase this excellent DVD set

What next? With luck:

5) "Miracles" then cracks the Amazon "Top 10" in DVD sales
6) MiraclesHQ will send out a press release to promote this
accomplishment by you, the fans
7) Industry insiders will take notice

For this to work, though, we're asking for your support: Purchase the
"Miracles" DVDs from Amazon. Tell your friends. And post your favorite
thoughts about the show on Amazon in the DVD feedback area after
receiving your purchase.

The industry pays attention to the sales figures to gauge the
marketability of TV shows, both in syndication and with an eye toward continuing
or even restarting production.

This is our chance to show the business we mean business! And our last
chance to make a statement about how much we love this show.

Access the "Miracles" DVDs on Amazon via the link below:
We'll see you in the checkout aisle!

-- MiraclesHQ.com

As always, enjoy!