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Friday, April 08, 2005

Music Videos

In the chat room tonight, we had talked about the upcoming release of the Miracles DVD. Most of us have not even seen this TV show when it aired in 2003. I missed even seeing a single episode, and I vaguely recalled the title.

I've only come to know more about this show from the save Miracles site and even had the chance to read on the episode transcripts (anthology) then. I've regretted that I didn't save those not knowing they will no longer be available now.

For those of you who may have limited knowledge about the 13 episodes that will be on the DVD, there are music videos that are available on the MiraclesHQ site. If you want to see Skeet in action, this is the best thing before the release.

The creator of the videos is a 16-year old HS student named, Natalie Kushner. She did a really good job with the six Music Videos she had produced.

Also, here are the pictures I promised the girls.

Miracles Music Videos