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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Jane Magazine Article

I received something in the mail again, courtesy of Mr. Skeetrfan. I definitely have to share this with fellow --what are we now? -- WNSRs?

This was from way back in January 1999, when he just recently got married to Georgina. However, I have not read this and the pictures (though limited) were fantastic.

For that someone who has that farm tractor hang up--you know who you are, you will definitely have a blast reading this.

It's short but having little material to read out there, it will do for now.

I've made a dedicated page for it. And will also be available on the sidebar under the "Navigate" drop down menu for easy access in the future. I'll be adding this to our Skeet collection.

Want to read the article? click this ----> JANE MAGAZINE 1999 ARTICLE