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Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Miracle distraction

It hasn't started yet and here I am interrupting the start of the Miracles series.

Sorry folks, just having a bit of a TMoOD withdrawal here.

I thought this would be the best time to have this picture before we delve deep into Miracles talk.

On this site's very first entry, it was noted that Ray and Livy's first meeting at the parlor was what started it all for us getting addicted to this movie and of course Skeet.

It occured to me that the picture below is what set us all to write fiction beyond the "Hallmark" feel--I think.

Ray's an inadvertent tease, cleverly sending messages subliminally.

I know he must be nervous and all but what's he doing slapping his butt in front of Livy? On their first day together in their own house--what was he thinking?!

There -- I just thought I'd let that out, now I am ready for the Miracles rave.