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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Plan--what's up ahead

Is it safe to say that we've all got our Miracles DVD and have had the satisfaction of an unadulterated viewing of our beloved actor, the venerable and charming Skeet?

I am sure many of us are just anxious to talk about each episode, breaking it down to pieces like what we've done with the TMoOD movie. We've become experts on this after all.

So here's the consensus during our brainstorming sessions in the chat room.

Taking into account that there should be about +/-13 weeks before "Into the West" finishes its run on TV in June, we'll start our Miracles episode reviews this week on Friday.

Nothing complicated or serious (we never are anyway), we are here to have fun. However, we do need some moderation so we can follow what's going on every week since there are 13 wonderful episodes to talk about.

Each week we'll have an "Episode Host". P&P5 will start on the "Ferguson Syndrome" this week. Twelve more episodes are still for the taking, anyone interested in hosting, do sign up and put a stake on your favorite episode you'd want to host.

There are no definite format. I'll give the host full reign on how they want to write or post their entries on their favorite episode, if they so desire. P&P5 will start by throwing us some bits of observations and questions and the rest of us can comment and share their thoughts about it. We'll have a week to rave on each episode and so make sure you get your piece heard--participation is highly encouraged!

Rest assured, there will be no pop quizes just a LOT of Skeet talk I am sure.

Some ideas to help you get over your shyness on hosting:
  • Skeet mannerisms -- it's a way of getting to know our guy more.
  • What's up with the hair? -- any physical attributes that strike you enough to blog about it.
  • Strange phenomenon (is that on oxymoron?) -- what's Miracles without this, right?
  • Let's do a count on Paul Callan bruises, beat ups, fall downs -- a co'cola (a Pbright fave) everytime Paul gets hurt.
  • "Defribulator" moments (borrowed from Chris) -- hey, we've got plenty to go by in all the episodes.

Anyone needing screen caps to convey their point, P&P5 (our screen cap queen) or I can assist you with it.

Interjections between posts on any Skeet current news or sightings, TMoOD talk (of course) are definitely NOT discouraged.

It's our way to pace ourselves for the months to come, if we are adamant about keeping talk on Skeet active and alive.

Now let's have FUN!!!