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Monday, July 18, 2005

Members in the house

Better late than never--I've meant to welcome new members this weekend but real life got in the way.

We've got two more officially initiated TMoODers added into our growing list of Skeet enthusiasts. I am mighty pleased that they've come out and expressed their desire to join and be part of the team.

  • lgl
  • Susan

as the usual TMoOD cheer goes-- Welcome and have fun here!

NOTE: No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you today. Yes, I've made some changes again on the site, expanding the page a bit more to accommodate a bigger sidebar and therefore, a bigger Skeet slideshow.

Can't recall when you've read something on this site? There is also a site search feature now added to make your navigation for previous entries quicker and hassle-free.

The page may take some time to load initially (due to bigger graphics, a resized slideshow, and loaded toolbar) but once you've got the page loaded, this should make coming back to the page easier. Please be patient.

I've moved things around, so feel free to accustom yourself to the new look.