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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Emmys

We somehow knew this was coming-didn't our instincts just tell us so? We hoped and we wished, we stood behind SU wanting this for him probably more than he did for himself. But, we knew in the back of our minds we were going to be up for a disappointment. And now it's here for sure.

After reading that 36-page list of nominations, today will definitely not be a good day for the TMoODer--I am sure it will define my day today. Now I ask-- Why didn't he/it get nominated at all???

I can't answer that question.

For in my mind, I only have one and only one contender. That pretty much says how much TV I've seen before, during and after TMoOD. The nominated names in the category where SU or TMoOD should have been are such established names, you'd immediately think, what were his chances there?

What can I say?

No matter what the list says, in my heart and mind, the movie DID make an impact on me (and 18 million+ viewers alike) and Ray & Livy were impressionable characters because of the actors who played them. So impressionable that they still live and continue on in our hearts and minds.

And this is something that will not change in how I feel about this movie.

I continue to hope that SU will get the breaking chance to be recognized for his talent one day and waiting for that one day will be something to look forward to in the future.