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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Miracles Episode Three--The Patient

Mr. Friendly--Stand Up Comic

Ok, sick joke....

Sweet-faced Sherwood is a victim of locked-in syndrome, which is called Sakovsky's syndrome in this episode. Patients with this incurable disease cannot move any muscles; they can only move their eyes. I can't imagine a more horrible fate, and yet, innocent-looking Sherwood becomes possessed by a flip entity, Mr. Friendly. This "guy" has the best lines in the episode, except for a most memorable line from Raina (later).

When Paul realizes what Friendly is up to as he and Dr. Bauer visit Sherwood's room, Paul tries to open the door, but Friendly blocks it with his wheelchair. Paul pushes the wheelchair out of the way.

Friendly: Oh, nice, shove a cripple!

Alva tries to take a Polaroid of Sherwood to capture the aura of the entity.

Friendly: That isn't my good side.

Alva locks himself and Friendly in the room because he knows what he has to do--kill the patient in order to kill the entity.

Friendly: Oh, you're locking us in! That's kinky!

Sherwood is a tragic patient, yet the writer has him possessed by Friendly and his off-the-wall humor.


How does the humor add to--or detract from--the story?

Do you like this kind of skewed humor?

Why does the entity call himself "Mr. Friendly"?