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Sunday, May 08, 2005

More on Miracles: The Friendly Skies

This is the very first shot that you see where the group works as a team. Somehow, the way they powwowed in the janitor's closet turned quite interesting. We come to realize these three different personalities with different convictions somehow become a powerful group combined. How? Each of the character's thought processes here seem to feed off from each other, thereby coming to a successful and positive conclusion and assessment of the situation.

Alva says to Paul - "the dark is its own thing", "tell Paul".

Now why does that come up in this particular episode? What is the relevance of this phrase and the Friendly Skies? It seems off and somewhat put in, however, I cannot even begin to think that the writers would have done a slip up early on especially if it's just the second one of the series, they are too smart for this.

Has anyone noticed or felt any sexual tension between Paul and Evie? I know there should be one, everyone talks about it but I must be blind, because I haven't. Will someone please convince me otherwise? Is there chemistry between these two? I guess I expected to be awestruck like I was with the Ray and Livy characters, they've set the bar way up there.

Lastly, I've had the opinion that there isn't anything quite special about this episode until SG pointed out otherwise, and I've come to see it in a new light, because in it we see Paul's humanity, a caring person through and through. His inherent benevolence and sensitivity are apparent (thanks to Skeet's good acting) in this episode and I've come to appreciate Paul's character even more.