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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Paul Trivia

Some information on Skeet's character Paul as first revealed in the bio sheet in this episode.

DOB: May 23, 1973 (our boy plays younger here but he does possess a boyish look)
Current Address: 758 Calumet Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
Previous Address: St. Jerome's Emiliani Orphanage, 24 Kenwood St, Boston MA 02109 (seems like he led a cloistered life)
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Father: Michael James Callan
Mother: Theresa Margaret Healy (deceased May 16, 1978, cancer) -- no wonder he looks disturbed, his Mom died days before his birthday.

Education: (blurred beyond legibility) He went to St Jerome's Orphanage school. Has a BA and MA. BA from Boston University and MA in Theology.

We find out later that he almost took his vows to become a priest.

This hairstyle somehow doesn't sit well with me. He looks like a man of cloth already, doesn't it?

Ok--if only there is such a man with these credentials in reality--bring him on!