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Friday, May 06, 2005

Miracles Episode Two : The Friendly Skies

Friendly skies? More like deadly skies, isn't?

Reminiscent of an X-file story line where the government gets involved to contain an unexplained phenomenon. A plane load of passengers "disappear" from the sky for more than a minute and reappear with each passenger experiencing a personal supernatural event.

In the commentary, we find out that this was the second episode that aired as a continuation to the pilot. This replaced "The Ghost" which was initially intended by this series creator to follow the Ferguson Syndrome.

This episode is quite significant because it is where the three main characters are introduced.

(of course I only get to show one special picture, there are two more characters in this show-really)

Oh but wait--- I get to ask the questions this time too.

Three main characters in a series isn't usually a magic formula for a successful show but it seem to have worked for this as each character have their own strong fan following. Why do you think the creator decided to have three instead of two main characters - why not just Alva and Paul or Evie and Paul?

When Alva talked to Paul in the park, he tells him: "You are a very good investigator, someone I desperately need in light of the coming darkness" and "You play a large part in all of this Paul".

What does he mean by this "darkness"? Was he talking about the end of the world (as Paul had asked) or is he just there to play the devil's advocate to add more doubt to Paul's beliefs? And why of all people, it would have to be Paul who will play a large part in this event?

I don't mean to inundate you with all these questions. I viewed this episode a second time thinking it's not worth a discussion--it was literally drawing a blank on me. Then these first few lines proved to be an eye opener after all.

To whoever reads this, focus please! --I know there is a very distracting picture below this post, so take your time with these questions.

More to come...