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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The underrated actor

What do we know about Skeet?

Not much data out there, I learned. Whoever his agent is, he's doing a dismal job of it or it could be Skeet's just a very private personality that he avoids the publicity? Whatever the reason, information on this actor is too limited and some quite outdated.

Why doesn't he get enough exposure like the other actors? I know he's come back from a brief hiatus from the business to help raise his kids but his comeback role in TMOOD didn't even get him much exposure either. I think Keri Russell got more of a welcome than he did.
Anyway, here are 15 things about him--add on if you'd like:
  1. Real name is Bryan Ray. Everyone calls him Skeet by everyone except his grandfather. He's taken his stepfather's last name, he won't reveal his biological last name.
  2. Birthday: 1/20/1970 in most sites I've visited. Skeetulrich.net (great site!) says it's 1969. I tend to agree with the latter not because it makes him older but because I was born in the 60s as well (latter part of it, ok? slightly older than Skeet)
  3. Had open heart sugery when he was 10. He has some wires on him still (I think on his ribcage). We found this out from Wes Craven who mentions in the Scream DVD that Skeet's reaction upon getting hit by an umbrella in the last scene was geniune because the stuntwoman totally missed the padding they placed on him.
  4. His girlfriend before was the girl who played the chearleader (bathroom scene) in the movie Scream.
  5. Went to NYU to study theater and before that was a Marine biology major at UNC.
  6. Has an older brother named Geoff.
  7. His stepfather is D.K. Ulrich and his uncle is Ricky Rudd, both NASCAR personalities.
  8. He's been in the business since 1996 when he starred in the movie the Craft. He made a number of small/bit parts as extra in some other movies before that.
  9. Married Georgina Cates, aka Clare Woodgate, in October 1997. They met on a party and she introduced herself to him. He says he knew it was her he was going to marry when he looked in her eyes (how romantic!)
  10. They had twins in March 2001, one of each. Lucky guy, I love twins!
  11. He's very proud of his son who is starting to expand his vocabulary and his daughter is slightly afraid of the dark. He calls them like an old married couple (cute!)
  12. They live in a 500 acre farm somewhere in Virginia. I read somewhere in Shanondoah county. That's such a huge place, I wonder what he does with that much real estate?
  13. He loves to ride dirt bikes and all wheel drives on it. I was proud how he came up with a witty answer when told by the host on a late late show that that was not farming and he replies with "but it's irrigation". If you happen to have seen that interview, I love the way his eyes rolled to the side when the host told him if they stayed in a five star hotel when they were filming TMOOD in Drumheller, Canada. Here's the link for those of you who haven't seen the clip, courtesy of Gothykredd (love your site too!): Late Late show interview. You will get to see another interview back in 2003 on the Wayne Brady show.
  14. He likes to make furniture. Mare Winningham in the DVD extra feature said that he built his own farmhouse in Virginia.
  15. You can tell he loves kids, was born to be a father, a good one at that. In movies and TV shows where he had to act with kids, you can definitely tell how he is very at ease with them. He wanted to retire at one point just to concentrate on having a family. What a down to earth guy!

I'll be adding on later when I get the chance--right now I have to get some of my chores in my own life done this weekend.

I've taken some screen shots of his wife in the Stiff Upper Lips movie. Don't you think they look like a beautiful couple or what?