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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Actions speak more than words

It's a Hallmark movie, what do you expect?

Although I should give them credit for making it really wholesome and clean and the cinematography is just breathtaking, we were left wanting for more at the end of the movie.

I think the success of the movie lies not only with the actors but also the person behind the camera, the director.

Many of us had rewinded and replayed this movie countless times, some even frame by frame just to find some of the subtle things and errors (worthy of a separate entry) that happened throughout the movie. Regardless, beside the errors, which were just minor ones, you will be awed by how much the actors were able to convey the needed emotion for each scene. I wonder if the director had to slow-mo the scenes as well just to make sure that there weren't mistakes in those.

One particular scene that hasn't been discussed before in the message boards is the day that Livy leaves for Denver to have her baby. There were plenty of discussion as to why she still decided to leave when they looked fine during Thanksgiving. The timeframe between that and day she leaves is presumed to be approximately two more weeks--indicated by Florie's favor to Livy.

When Livy was on her way down the stairs and Ray was waiting in the parlor, it somehow registered to me that up to that point, Ray is still hoping that she won't be leaving after all. Note his anticipation and his body language, his standing up real straight.

By the time Livy rounds the corner and Ray sees her, his shoulders immediately slumps down for a very brief moment. I think he realizes then that she was serious about leaving him. So sad but being a great guy as he is, he delivers the most romantic lines I've seen in any movie.