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Monday, March 14, 2005

Invitation to become a team member

We have plenty of ideas, and quite a number interesting ones. It would be great to get it out and have it posted on a medium where other people can enjoy and hopefully maybe some of our ideas can be picked up to be in the sequel--wouldn't that be nice!

Having said that, I want to give credit to those who have those ideas and would like to share with fellow addicted fans of the movie. So I am willing to add you as TEAM MEMBER into this blog. I will remain as administrator but becoming a team member will enable you to post your ideas into this blog and get it published under your name.

Interested? What to do if you decide to so?

  • Send me an e-mail (skeetrfan@yahoo.com) and in turn I will send you an invite to that e-mail address provided.
  • Once you receive it, click on the link provided and register yourself as a blogger for Blogspot. If you are currently a blogspot blogger, you can use your existing account or create a new one. Blogger requires that you have an account as you will post under this name and account.
  • I will receive information that you've accepted and will see your name on the team members page available for the administrator.
  • You can start posting your ideas!

I think it's a very fun idea to be able to read other people's point of view rather than from just one source (me). I do have my own ideas and will be posting my own as well.

I do think I should set some rules though since we'd be sharing the same space and since I will be administering the blog:

  • Explicit or use of offensive language on a post will not be published.
  • Our posts should be focused on either of these two subjects only: TMOOD and Skeet Ulrich.
  • You can post and share data or information about the actor Skeet Ulrich on this blog as well, I won't limit it to just the movie. It would be great to have a good source of updated information on him in more than one site.
  • I would love to see Skeet get an award for this movie. He truly deserves it. So talk about his performance and the movie would probably be one avenue we fans can pursue.
  • We do want to maintain a Hallmark kind of feel movie/sequel. Although we can probably do better than what they've just filmed.
  • Let your imagination run free--that's what this therapy is for!

Come on and join the fun!