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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You know you're a TMoODER when...

I was on holiday from July 28 to August 21, and I missed TMoOODing!
Soooo! You know you are addicted when:

- I took the book and movie with me!

- I did not re-read the book, but was always glad I brought it, just in case.

- I did see the movie three times: once with a sister, and once each with 2 different friends! I HAD to watch it with them, I did not trust them to get the story without my help!

- I checked Therapy for the TMoOOD as often as I could, and found that it sometimes didn't work well. Boy, was I glad to get back to my computer where it seems TMoOOD works best!

- Sometimes I had trouble finding the blog, but found that if I used the words Therapy, Skeet and Ulrich I had better luck!

- I started thinkin' 'bout Ray and Livy one night, and a story started forming. The next morning I wrote down some of my thoughts! The story isn't done yet, but soon!

- I had rented a car, and no word of a lie, "We're at half a tank." really happened!

- And the best one: I was walking through Wal Mart and my attention was drawn to a bin of DVD's. I almost walked by, but something made me skid to stop. It was really eerie. The first thing I saw was our Skeet looking at me from a DVD bin in Wal Mart! It was 'Chill Factor' and it was on sale for $5.88! I can afford that! So I bought it, and have seen it, and the best thing about it is Skeet! Not a movie to win awards, but his acting sure wins our hearts every time: Right!