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Monday, August 15, 2005

Mother's Daughter Third Installment

We next find Paul in New York City, and while talking to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan-Bryant, he receives confirmation that Hannah's bloodstained sheets match Lucinda's blood type. If this sends her parents reeling, when "Hannah" shows up at the apartment, but is really Lucinda, they are REALLY freaked out. "It's her, it''s her" moans her mother.

Paul and the Morgan-Bryants observe as 'Lucinda' wanders around, checking things out. She notices mom is old...well, hello??? We all age a bit in 10 years time, don't we? Next, her beloved dog (Sprocket,Springer, Spritz--whatever!)has gone to doggy heaven..she thinks she has only been gone 24 hours. She does recognize Paul and feels sick. (what does THAT do to a guy's ego??) She runs to throw up and Paul stands by in the doorway.

She stumbles to her room--and she is 'Hannah' again. (geesh!) She needs to lie down. On the phone, Paul tells Alva to quickly bring Elizabeth, he is trying to keep Hannah 'here'. Paul sits on the bed beside her as she remembers drowning, her mother pulling her back from the brink of death. As we see flashbacks to that day, there is a very creepy shot of the younger Hannah and Lucinda ...their eyes meet.

Paul is very emotional, begging Hannah 'don't go'....his eyes fill with tears as she says she cannot see her mother's face. "Who will remember me now?" Paul strokes her cheek, overcome as he tells Hannah her mother is on the way--this brings flashbacks of his own mother's death, of her reaching out to him. When Elizabeth next meets Hannah, now in NYC, she does not know her own mother, so totally has she become Lucinda.

Just some thoughts....
What are some of the things you noticed about this apartment?
What happened when Lucinda was sick?
When the drowning Hannah and dying Lucinda are able to see each other, what is happening at this moment?