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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ep 9 - final thoughts and movin' on!

I hope you enjoyed these installments of "Mother's Daughter". First and foremost,I really owe huge thanks to P+P5 and SF--they provided those INCREDIBLE screen caps using their technical support and wizardry!

I had a great time doing this episode--after I got over the jitters! Everyone has done such tremendous work on their episodes, it's a challenge to keep the quality at such a high standard. To all those who came before me, I salute you! :} To those who follow, relax and have fun!

Oh, I overheard this conversation by accident. (Alva was miffed at having to drive the SQV* back to Boston, while Skeet loaded the blimp with sauerkraut balls and candy Buckeyes. By the way, Skeet, you were a wonderful houseguest, hubby hardly knew you were here!)

Alva--Blast it, mate! I finally catch up to you, and you are off on yet another venture! May I be so bold as to ask, where to now?

Skeet--(With a grin!) You bet! Essentially, I'm making some return visits. First, I'm scootin' thataway, back down to Jecorbin's. Y'know, she's a fool for Patron and pecans! My next site, I'll be heading into the West, targeting Skeetrfan--she's making me waffles with Ghirardelli chocolate. Mmm....sounds good! Finally, I'll tractor back East to re-connect with P+P5--she's missin'me--for some ice cold Iron City, brats and ping-pong! We might even have time for a Steelers game!

Alva--By Jove, are these women never satisfied?

Skeet--(with raised eyebrows)I doubt it, but your guess is better than mine! These TMoOD'ers will do anything to make me happy!

*courtesy of jecorbin