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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mother's Daughter Fourth Installment

Sitting in a New York diner, Paul seems to be grieving himself, as he shares Elizabeth's pain over so completely losing Hannah. She questions her faith, saying she cannot trust a God who would do such a thing. As Alva leaves the table to take a call, Paul takes these moments alone with Elizabeth to try to console her, telling her it is not her fault. He tells her he tried to keep Hannah there, that she told him to tell her mother she loved her. Paul is visibly shaken, and Elizabeth intuitively questions him about his own loss, "....your mother?" He nods...."How old were you?" He struggles to whisper, "...five".

In their apartment, Lucinda and her mother are trying to bond...mom gives her 'Lucinda's' favorite dress. Later, she hears her parents arguing in the other room--"We don't even know her"--and she is devastated.

Paul discovers Lucinda missing, and finds the cryptic last line of her suicide note on a mirror..."you don't even know me", and they fear history will repeat itself. All this time the SQ guys were under the impression she had died from slashing her wrists, but in reality, she jumped off the roof of the apartment building. This is where they find her. Paul frantically calls to Hannah, but Elizabeth is the only one who can get through to Lucinda, by telling her how she lost her daughter, and begging her to live.

As she turns to come down, she slips, and Paul (our dashing hero!) catches her wrist--"I got you, I got you!" As he lifts her to safety, she walks right past Elizabeth and into the arms of her (Lucinda's) mother. And we see the red petticoat still fluttering in the breeze.....

Why do you think Paul is so emotionally involved in this case?
This was the most hideous excuse for a dress I have ever seen, care to make a fashion evaluation here??
Is there any significance to the red fabric?