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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mother's Daughter Second Installment

When we return to the Cottrell farm, an exhausted Hannah is carried to bed. A community elder questions why these "English" men are involved, and Alva answers him in flawless Pennsylvania Dutch...is there any language this guy does NOT know?? It's late, and as they turn to leave, they hear Hannah's maniacal laughter and find her sitting in the middle of her bed. Paul attempts to talk to her, and the 'wild' side of Hannah, who thinks Paul is cute, (!!!)wonders if he has some booze on him (she is craving some Patron perhaps?). He listens intently, as she tells him she is Lucinda Morgan-Bryant, and gives him her phone number, hoping he is not some old pervy guy.

Paul and Alva attempt to sort out the information they have so far. Standing in the shadows, Paul speaks to Lucinda's mother, who tells him Lucinda died 10 years ago. The next day, in the barn (Paul is lookin' mighty fine, if a bit over dressed) Evie's research tells them that Lucinda was a suicide. Paul decides to question Lucinda further, but in her room meets up with Hannah (hope you are all following theses switches, back and forth!) For some reason, she does not seem concerned to see this hunk in her room, and also does not know who the heck Lucinda is.

Meanwhile, Alva is talking to Elizabeth...who says, "I lead a simple life, but I am not a simple woman". She shows him Hannah's childhood drawings of her imaginary friend, "Linda". Discussing their information, Paul seems to shoot down any of Alva's theories. Paul is especially ticked when Alva mocks his religious view of heaven and hell, and refuses to accept that 'Hannah' may disappear---"Elizabeth is NOT going to lose her daughter!"

Why is Paul adamant about helping Elizabeth and Hannah?

Why is Paul the 'main' investigator in this story?