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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mother's Daughter First Installment

Lancaster PA ...At an Amish farm, Hannah Cottrell's family is frantically attempting to reduce her raging fever. Incoherent, writhing in her bed, she calls out for her mother, Elizabeth. We see images of red fabric, fluttering in the wind. When her mother enters her room, she is horrified to see Hannah bleeding profusely from her wrists. Hannah is saying over and over, "you don't even know me, you don't even know me".

Meanwhile, in a Boston hospital, we see a little boy, quietly sitting near his mother's bed. In obvious distress, she reaches for him, saying, "Paul" Staff rushes in, the door shuts in his face. "Mommy?" A phone rings, and Paul Callan is catapulted from his troubled sleep. "Mom!"--he blurts out. Paul knows immediately he was having a recurring nightmare. It is Alva on the phone, brusque as always, telling Paul they must go to PA to investigate a case that may be stigmata.

When they get to the Pennsylvania facility, Paul is explaining to Alva that stigmata can be a "miraculous intervention". When Alva says the girl has no wounds, Paul replies, "Real stigmata has real wounds." Alva smirks, and says, "You're the expert!" (Paul looks back at him, wondering if Alva Keel knows about Paul's secret life as a film star!) Once in Hannah's room, Paul is his usual tender, caring self, kneeling to quietly question her about what she remembers. Elizabeth Cottrell enters the room, and they are all incredulous that there are no wounds at all under the dried blood.

Is it just a coincidence that Paul is dreaming of his mother in a hospital when Alva calls?
What are your thoughts on Hannah's condition?