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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Saint Debbie/Ep 10 - Installment 4

I think I am experiencing some type of writer's block here and I think I'll blame it all on Alva (LOL). Got to thank Kay here because she's collaborated with me on this entry--thank you, you are such a lifesaver. Yes, the stalling was intentional, just can't get anything out of this pea brain of mine especially since it's not a Paul centered episode--call me selfish but this is a Skeet Ulrich blog.
I'm inspired!

In this portion of the episode, the best part I think is the conversation between Paul and Alva at Debbie's porch. It seems like they've switched roles here somehow, well, no, it's Alva who is not his usual self at all. I felt like Paul was feeling the frustration he had when he usedto work for the church. He's trying to prove his point to the unusually skeptical Alva here. He knows that Alva has fallen for Debbie but Paul knows the grave consequence of letting the whole town down will be much more catastrophic than breaking Alva's heart.

Paul is especially compassionate here towards Danny, concerned how devastated he will be when he finds out that his sister isn't really a saint. Paul's got it all made for him here, balancing the entire town on his shoulders and trying hard to open Alva's eyes so that Alva will realize that his gut instinct is leading him on wrong. Still, Debbie's pheromones are stronger, clouding Alva's senses, especially his natural investigative self.

Good thing there's a girl called Evie. Finally some help for Paul. This ex cop whose pretty face always gets in the way of how people percieve her on first meeting. Paul here, is working on his gut instinct and have not had the chance to really investigate the facts, but Evie is the one who really cracked this case. Interviewing the local officer from town, she gets away with some information that they can work with. She obviously knows how to talk to fellow officers as this officer gave her the respect she deserved.
Unfortunately, she had to prove herself to the snappy 83-yr-old-oxygen-lugging-woman who lives in a trailer about 100 miles out of town in Wyantville. Can't blame Evie for being irked at her after she says she's pretty but not really smart. Darn well proved herself there. She's way ahead with her keen ex cop eye. In such a short time, she's already deduced that the lady had been lying about not being in Three Springs for a year and that she's already noted that there were three tire tracks leading into her property.
Check out Paul's expressions, he was definitely awed by this smart girl!

The old lady was stupefied, stunned and I think regretful for saying that to her. Then she puts her foot deeper into her mouth when a car roars up the drive to the trailer and out comes the man who threw the snake at Debbie.

The plot thickens.....
Have you noticed that this story gave an avenue in showing the SQ trio their own distinctive role as a cohesive group and can you name it for each of them?
I had a conversation going on in my head about what Paul was thinking when she rattled off her observation to the old lady, thought I'd leave this to the readers - his expressions say a thousand words -- what do you think was he thinking through this?
I read a comment about Paul's hair here, I know at least one of you had noticed it in this entire episode, care to share what you have in mind?