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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Saint Debbie/Ep 10 - Installment 3


I happen to be sandwiched between two great TMoODer writers, such huge shoes I'll be filling here for the next couple of days. Top that off with less than usual Paul/Skeet time and this entry makes it really really exciting--right!

Let's just hope I'll do some justice to this next 15 minutes of this episode as I haven't done one of these for a long, long time.

Here goes...do try to keep your head from hitting the keyboard.

It picks up when all hell breaks loose and Paul runs after the snake man and Evie tries to calm Daniel down. This leaves Alva all open to score major good guy points from Debbie by heading over to the snake and doing the chivalrous deed of grabbing its head and putting it away and out of harm's way inside a guitar case.
Playing up the damsel in distress role, Debbie fishes for some loving from the only guy she has eyes for by moaning the magic words-"ow", "ouch", "it hurts". Now tell me, even for a stoic character like Alva, you'd think--nah--that won't work but, wow! he's got it bad here even insisting they go to the doctor and putting his arm around her.

Ow. Ow.

God bless the Saint and her Savior.

In the hospital, Paul paces back and forth next to Debbie while Dr. Bigler and Alva discuss her prognosis. It seems as though they've come across a self healing saint, won't even be needing a bandage.

Debbie still oblivious of Paul, who is right there up close and personal (by jove!), she glances over his shoulder over to Alva and the doctor. She has to rave on Alva's braveness to Paul (don't rub it in now). With a deadpan face he replies with "Yeah--he's like James Bond and Tarzan rolled into one".
With pen on pad paper, Paul becomes the determined detective by asking Debbie if she knew anything about what just happened to her. She doesn't know and for a split second there, Paul registered doubt on his face. Daniel suddenly interrupts and turns the conversation into a knock knock joke that elicited a very cute smile from Paul.

Alva enters and tells her she can go home. Excited and suddenly remembering that she had to be somewhere with Daniel, she jumps up and startsto leave. Paul offers to bring Daniel to church. Debbie proceeded to turn down Paul's offer if it were not for Alva who is just oozing with persuasion on this episode. She of course agrees. Paul thinks, you can have this one Alva.

Alva and Debbie arrive at her house. She immediately transforms into a self conscious gal, scrambling to tidy up the room and offers Alva something to drink and rattled off on all kinds of excuses from a messy house to being unable to go grocery shopping. She is firmly stopped by Alva, firmly as in, grabbing her upper arm and leading her to the nearest chair. After handing her a glass of water, the SQ investigator in him comes back, asking her questions that seem to lead to some solid conclusion but...Debbie is clever enough to turn the attention to him instead. He clarifies he doesn't speak the Queen's english but hails from Scotland. Alva finds out that their parents died in a car crash and Debbie was left to care for Daniel by herself at a young age. They realize they have something in common, that they have not been able to date as much.What a great match, don't you think?

Signs that Alva is in love...hint: notice the location of Alva's hands

Signs that Alva's been taking lessons from Paul... Can you identify what they are by these shots?
If you put yourself in Debbie's shoes, why do you think you'd be so nervous/jittery around Alva? Alva had immediately zeroed in on Debbie, why do you think the attraction was instantaneous?
Paul seem to show more of his uniqueness as an investigator here, is there something that only Paul noticed that made him to start doubting the authenticity of this so-called miracle?

Coming up next--some real investigation finally goes on.