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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Habeas Corpus

Okay, all of you TMoODers!! We need your help! This post was born out of pure frustration. SF and I were whining about how much we need some fresh Skeet news, how anxious we all are to hear something regarding future projects. After the recent comments on how much we love ALL of Skeet's movie and television characters, we decided to petition them for any news they might have.

Dear Mr. Jack Bull Chiles,

It is with most sorrowful regret that I write to you this day. The lovely, genteel ladies of Skeeterville fret and pine over your absence, and that of Mr. Skeet Ulrich, he of the storied Carolina Ulriches. I fear we will all succumb to the vapors if we do not receive word of your arrival soon. Whatever is keeping you scamps away?

You know how much we adore your courtly, Southern manner...why, we must hide these giggles and blushes behind our fans at the mere mention of your names! Having two tall, strong, handsome gentlemen in residence, especially now that the social season is upon us, would be most welcome. I declare, I nearly swoon at the thought of you flirting with me here in the parlor! I beg you, Mr. Chiles, hasten your return, do not tarry for a moment, and please have Mr. Ulrich accompany you. I will be forever indebted to you both, and most appreciative in my favors....

Always and affectionately yours,

Miss Katy-Lynn Wilkes Carlisle Beauregard Ashton Sommersby

Ok TMoODers just some Friday fun here, make up your own personal letter/plea to Skeet using characters he played in his movies/TV roles. Be creative and enjoy it, think that MAYBE he might read our sentiments one day!