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Monday, October 03, 2005


TMoOD and ITW Similarities

I mentioned during one post that the reason I wanted to see TMoOD was because of Keri Russell. I had not seen many movies of Skeet Ulrich before. Now, of course, I am a big fan of Skeet’s! However, lets go back to Ms Keri Russell for a moment. Recently during watching the first 3 episodes of ITW (Yeah! We finally got it on TV up here in Canada!) I noticed that there are some similarities between Livy and Naomi. See if you agree, and dear TMoOD fans: feel free to add any more examples that you have noticed!  

LIVY: moved from Denver, Colorado to Wilson, Colorado by train

NAOMI: moved from Wheelerton, Virginia  to the west by wagon train

LIVY: moved from Denver, Colorado to farming country

NAOMI:   moved from Wheelerton, Virginia to the prairies

LIVY: married a man selected by Reverend Case

NAOMI: married a man selected by an elder woman of the tribe

LIVY: had a relationship with Edward before Ray

NAOMI: was married to ‘Skate’ Alfred Burton Guthrie Jr. before marrying Prairie Fire

LIVY: instead of Reverend Case choosing  Ray Singleton to marry Livy he could have selected any ole bachelor or widower in the county

NAOMI: the elder woman could have married Naomi off to any native, but she chose the chief, someone who was also mourning the loss of a mate and child

LIVY: Ray included Livy in ownership of his property: ‘our farm’

NAOMI: when Naomi gave birth to a son, she asked her husband ‘What shall we name your son, husband?’ and Prairie Fire said, ‘My son, our son, shall be called ......’

LIVY: story took place in 1945 during the Second World War

NAOMI: story took place between 1835 to 1845 during uprisings between Native Americans and the settlers moving west

LIVY: had to leave her family because of the shame of getting pregnant prior to marriage

NAOMI: had to leave her family behind because of cholera

LIVY: had to learn to cook

NAOMI: had to learn to cook Indian style over a fire without pots     

LIVY: Ray came to Livy’s aid when she had a backache (in the book), and the nightmare

NAOMI: Prairie Fire gave her cool water via his finger tips when she had a fever

LIVY: sat in the front seat of the truck with Ray

NAOMI: sat on the wagon seat with Jethro

LIVY: adjusted to life on the farm

NAOMI: adjusted to native lifestyle, wore buckskin clothes and learned the language spoken by her husband

LIVY: Ray was worried Livy might leave until after ‘the letter’

NAOMI: Prairie Fire would not trade Naomi for 7 horses and pelts. His reason: horses and pelts couldn’t sing! However, I’m sure it was because he loved her.

LIVY: Ray often had tears in his eyes, but he hardly ever let them fall

NAOMI: Prairie Fire cried when he was giving his daughter back to the Creator

LIVY & NAOMI:   parts of both movies were shot in Alberta, Canada on the prairies and in the mountains

LIVY & NAOMI: gave birth to HUGE babies! And both were boys.

LIVY & NAOMI: both husbands fell in love with their wives first and were willing to make marriage work

LIVY & NAOMI: both women eventually adapted to their husbands way of life, AND fell in LOVE with them!