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Sunday, September 04, 2005

What the stars say

Here's a sampling of Skeet's horoscope reading from the past week courtesy of Kay. We think these readings seem eerily applicable to Skeet these days.

Sept 3

An extraordinary alliance with a work mentor or office buddy will help you break free of a limiting role on the job, and you've never been more grateful to be given the opportunity to spread your wings and fly. While you're overcome with gratitude, remember that it was your willingness to speak up and take a chance that got the ball rolling. The lesson? Go ahead and dare to be different. It sure beats the alternative.

Sept 2

A financial opportunity and distant locales are linked when it comes to your future success, so stay alert for any chances to travel, both with your job or on your own. In light of future opportunities, practice being respectful, but not knuckling under to different ways of thinking. The fact that you refuse to fit anyone's mold is the secret of your success. By being true to yourself, you make the most of chances that others might miss.

Sept 1

Surprise! You're about to find out that someone loves you very much -- and just in time, too. Lately you've been having your doubts about the solidity of this partnership, but they'll manage to show their devotion. Next time they seem a little off in the clouds, you won't take it quite so personally. However, this doesn't mean you can escape reality. To make this relationship even more solid, it's time to deal with some immediate issues.

Aug 31

Aquarius--Only chumps don't compromise. Keep that in mind if some stubbornness is coming up during your negotiations. In order to keep things moving forward, keep a broader view in mind. What brings the most benefits to all the participants? Can you delay some points that would provide instant gratification if it means you'll gain some rich long-term benefits? Try to convey those points to the other party if they're the ones who are balking.

Aug 30

Do you have big plans for the future? If yes, it's time to start laying the framework so you can make those plans come to fruition with a minimum of frustration. This might include some organizational type stuff, like getting your files up to date, or some big picture work, as you brainstorm what you want your life to look like. If you don't have big plans for the future, now's the time to start thinking about some, ASAP!