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Thursday, June 23, 2005

More Manifest Destiny-ITW2

Now more Jethro moments with the very familiar Skeet mannerisms and gestures.

The surprised look (Nobody's Baby)

Curly hair look (Boys and Last Dance)

The dancing Skeet look (Kevin of the North)

The hand gesture (Singletons have a phone)

The raised eyebrows look (various movies)

oh and don't forget the suspenders and an array of hat collection.

I know you all probably enjoyed him standing on the carriage manuevering the horses across the river.


and Jethro wet and wild eyed in the river..

and lastly the all so believable vomiting scene by the prairie.

I know it's going to get uglier after the second episode, so might as well prepare for it and keep in mind the good side of Jethro tonight.