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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'm back after a long absence. Can't tell you how happy I am about that! I have a ton of catching up to do. Forgive me if I touch on things that have already been discussed.

I finally received my copy of 'Soldier's Sweetheart'. I'm sorry, but there wasn't anything I liked about this movie. (Could Kiefer Sutherland be anymore annoying??) I have to put this in the catagory of "Skeet movies I own but will never watch again". The other one is 'Chilly Dogs'.

I LOVE PSYCHO SKEET!!!! Forgive me if this topic has been discussed. (Remember, I have over 6 weeks of catching up to do). I thoroughly enjoy him near the end of 'Scream' when he goes completely nuts, and when I saw 'You Are My Sunshine'...OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I couldn't get enough!! I need more psycho Skeet!!!!

Except for the first 15 minutes, or so, 'You Are My Sunshine' is my favorite 'Miracles' episode. I don't like the first part of the show (before he's all possessed) because I don't think that Skeet and Anna Gunn have any romantic chemistry whatsoever. I'm sure you all are aware that this is the same actress who plays Stormy in 'Nobody's Baby'. (I kept thinking how familiar she looked but couldn't place her. My husband didn't have that problem though. Thank God, because I'd still be trying to figure out where I had seen her before). They were fine together in that movie, as friends, but as a couple, no, I just couldn't feel it. Maybe it's just me.

I love a singing Skeet! Wish we could hear more.

I'm anxiously waiting for 'Into the West'. I have seen a couple previews on the tv box. Looks like it will be really good. I hope there is a lot more Skeet than I am expecting. Timer is set for Friday 8pm.

So sorry, and sad, to hear that the rumors have finally been confirmed. I was so hoping he and Georgina would live happily ever after...

Saw the new picture at IMDB. While it's better than the other one (most of them are) it's still not what I would want up there. Can't we get a recent pic for crying out loud?

I've gone on enough.

Good to be back.