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Tuesday, May 17, 2005



And what walk would that be, huh?

For me, it's an actor who set the standard for men with his sensuous saunter. When Richard Gere appeared in his Armani clothes in "American Gigolo" in 1980, he knocked women for a loop! Several obvious reasons, but one stunner was his walk, his languid, fluid grace as he moved from one place to another. Uh-huh, like you didn't notice the full frontal nude shots!

I confess when I finally saw the movie, I was so mesmerized that I tried to imitate his walk in front of a mirror just so I could figure out how he could get his body to MOVE like that! That's how sensual and unique it was.

On to Brian Ray Ulrich. Skeet is an excellent actor, we all know. That means he uses his body, as well as his face, to convey mood, tension, sexuality, emotion. What are your favorite moves? Hooooboy, here we go.... is this place rated X?

In short, how does your darling MOVE that drives you crazy? Ok, you're just asking for drooling stuff now....