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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Miracles Episode Three : The Patient

CAN I KISS YOU? kissss



CAN I KISS YOU? kissssssss

In the hospital, Raina and Paul check on Dr. Bauer's condition. The two meet in the hall, and Paul determines that Raina is leaving for California that day, and she does not need the ride he offers to the airport. With her characteristic warmth, Raina says, "I'll miss you.... You're a good man. You keep looking for that light. You'll find it." As she looks steadily at Paul, he asks, "Can I kiss you?" With an intake of breath, she responds, "Please."

I have to say I am relieved that Skeet does not indulge in the Grand Canyon approach that dominates most movie love scenes. You know, where the kissers open their mouths so wide they rival the unhinged jaws of snakes. To make matters worse, they then proceed to chew on each other's mouths as if they were beavers that hadn't had a meal in weeks.

So what do you think of Skeet's kissing? His lip-lock skills? Details, details, women! I know some of you are devastated by HOF kisses (Hands on Face), but here, Raina does the HOFFING. Do anything for you when Raina runs her fingers through his hair? What do you make of Paul wiping his upper lip after the kiss?

The mashed noses bother me every time. He insists on coming at a woman straight on. Why doesn't he turn his face at an angle to avoid this? It seems so simple....Other signs of strangeness have been raised by fans on this site, but I'll let you bring those up.

What, you are so destroyed by Skeet you don't care? Good enough!

But be forewarned: I have irresistible bribes, and I'm offering him unlimited lessons.