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Sunday, May 15, 2005



It takes an equally magnetic actor to push Skeet off the screen. For me, Keri didn't even come close in TMOOD. Raina is another matter. She is luminous! As the saying goes, the camera loves her. Her warmth and charisma dominate any scene she is in.

Paul certainly is attracted to women--and attractive to women!!!!! We know Skeet is quite capable of showing sexual attraction and nervousness (when Raina first appears at her father's lecture). Sexual heat is not a problem--just take a look at "You Are My Sunshine"!

What puzzles me is what I perceive to be Paul's tepid response to Raina's overtures. She is the aggressor here. Paul is supposed to be not only attracted to her, but in love.

I just don't see it in Skeet's face or his performance. Paul is respectful, but so was Ray, and Skeet managed to convey intense interest in Livy.

What gives? Does Skeet convince you of the depth of his feelings?

How so? Is he--as Raina says--just "wicked shy"?

Do you think I'm watching an Adam Sandler movie by mistake?