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Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's in your writing?

Being that the information on Skeet is quite scarce, this tmooder has resorted to analyzing his handwriting.

Employers these days are now starting to use this method to better assess their applicants. I've come across this in one of the seminars I've attended relating to my work and it's quite interesting how a good graphologist can analyze the hidden or obvious traits from just a small sample of one's longhand writing.

Sample Skeet Signature

I'm no expert, so even if I've read a book about this, I still resorted to having it analyzed by a more experienced source. The result is quite interesting. I've used this old article (Details article) that was published a while back, I think the only source that had his own writing so far as I am aware of. Keep in mind that this was back then when his life may have not been shaped by marriage, family and career yet. Also, it's important to note that he was quite "bored" with the interviewer and the interview session as well. His signature above I've noticed shows a lot more determination and certainty than the SAT test he did years back.

Additionally, the test sample writing isn't exactly the sample the handwriting folks are asking for but for now due to the impossibility of getting a real one from Skeet--this will do (again).

Got your attention now?

Here's what they say about our dear Skeet.

I feel I should also make a disclaimer that anything written here and the results of the analysis are purely due to this author's curiosity (and boredom)and enjoyment. These should be taken as mere theories and should not be misconstrued as definite data or facts for the actor Skeet Ulrich. Only Skeet will know what is true and real to his character.

If you are also interested in having your own writing analzyed, here's where you can get one fast and free:

Handwriting Wizard

Who knows what the result will tell about you--truth, untruth or just plain denial about one's self.

Just have fun!