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Saturday, March 12, 2005

What started it all

Ever since watching this movie on Jan 2005, I was hooked. I think I've only seen one other Hallmark movie. The trailer was kind of interesting, it caught my attention--I love romantic movies and this movie had an intriguing concept which totally got me interested, arranged marriages.

Don't really know why but this 'custom' has been practiced by many cultures and it always fascinated me from the the time I was young how two people, unknown to each other before marriage, can make their relationship work. I've always thought, I am very grateful that I was NOT born into a culture like that, my, my, what could have been!

But this movie, I tell you, I'd place myself in Livy's position anytime! Ray is just very marriageable guy I should say. Just as I said, this is just one of the interesting parts of the movie.

So--to this site's readers. I've created this, not only to help myself find some peace of mind (I think you other addicts know how that feels) but also to interact and share thoughts and ideas about the movie plot and how it could have been and the potential it can be. The message boards have become so very interesting but I want to share some screen shots to fellow addicts. I feel it's easier to talk about a certain scene this way and appreciate it more.

Also, I've watched this movie so many times, I'd really hate to ruin my precious copy.

As you can tell, I am a Skeet fan. I did not know him before this movie or rather didn't notice him before but he totally captured me in this movie. So a lot of the caps are of his many facial expressions as I regard him to be the main and driving force of the movie along with Keri Russell and Mare Winningham.

It may not look like a message board but Commenting is up at the bottom of the page....would love to hear your thoughts and share this gnawing need inside of me.


For those of us who didn't think the actor portraying Ray would carry this movie--we were so wrong!

I do agree in one of the posters on the message boards that this first shot of him is what set it all.