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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It seems you are all entertaining yourselves with talk of *signs*, sighting and personal opinions. I think it's a great time to launch the forum. I've been working on this project (during my free time) for a couple of weeks now and I guess it's a *sign* that the need for it seem to have leapt out of the comment section of the blog of late and the fact that Jericho is coming out soon.

I've been hesitant to deploy the forum only for the reason that the blog might be neglected but...I think there is good purpose for everyone to have the forum as well as the blog. The fiction will remain and continue to be posted in the blog. The forum, I've created for the sole purpose of organizing our chat and discussions. We are TMoODers at heart but Skeet has other projects that we might want to talk about as well. Our comments, through the course of time, may, have and can be buried -- in the comment section. There had been great discussions in the past that we'd like to be able to re-read and find, so I think the message board/forum will be the appropriate venue to keep the talk and excitement alive.

I've put up a guideline and a simple help section somewhat. It's still in the works and I intend to expand on it as we go along. You would have to register to be able to post in the forum but once you're a registered member, you will also be able to start a thread/subject that you may want to bring up or discuss.

Please read the rules/guidelines firsthand and do remember that the purpose of the forum is to keep things organized so everyone can follow a certain conversation.

Enjoy -- the FORUM