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Friday, March 17, 2006


Here's an update on the series Jericho. A page will be set up and attached to the tool bar soon so that we can all put everything together.

Quoted from Army Archerd:

What isolates the town of "Jericho" from the rest of the world? The town's Mayor, Gerald McRaney, was cautiously telling me about the CBS Paramount pilot which started shooting today (Friday). "There's no television, no radio -- we're cut off from everything."

Skeet Ulrich plays McRaney's prodigal son and Pamela Reed his wife in the show exec produced by Ridley and Tony Scott
It's McRaney's fourth series on CBS after "Simon And Simon," "Major Dad," and "The Promised Land." And he's bicycling to "Deadwood" in which he plays George Hearst father of William Randolph Hearst.

McRaney says David Milch is very accurate in his portrayal of Hearst and the beginnings of the family's empire.

Before ploughing into both shows, McRaney visited his former home in New Orleans -- he sold it three years ago but still has family there and in Mississippi. He reminds, "The devastation is unimaginable -- parts of New Orleans will never come back."

Read the original text at: ARMY ARCHERD posted on 3/17/06