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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jericho Discussion: Episode 1 - Pilot

You’ve both been born on third base, quit pretending you’d get
a triple….” Spoken by Jake to his father and brother.

Before the bombs…

Denver, Colorado

It seems just like yesterday it was September and we were at the edge of our seats waiting in sweet anticipation of this show’s first episode. We were rewarded with our first shot of Jake Green (Johnston Jake Green Jr., 32) enjoying the passing scenery from the window of the train car. Dressed handsomely in his khaki jacket and a sling bag, he also sports short curly hair and his face looks less gaunt than in future episodes. He heads to the garage to uncover his vintage car and heads to his hometown Jericho.

Jericho, Kansas

The prodigal son apparently had missed his grandfather’s funeral and is home for a day to collect his inheritance. He brings with him a sketchy past that baffled everyone he meets in town. At the home front the family is divided, our Jake is obviously a mama’s boy. Intelligently conveyed to us by their seating arrangements and on opposite sides of the coffee table. His father and brother (Johnston, Eric) were unconvinced that he’s been reformed. They both feel threatened by his presence especially because Daddy’s running for re-election. His mother (Gail) seems to be the only person who knows what he’s been up to and who holds the key to his enigmatic life. He leaves town on a sour note after visiting grandpa’s grave.

Characters introduced to us:

Stanley, Bonnie and Mimi - Jake’s apparent best childhood friend and his deaf sister Bonnie. They own the Richmond farm. Also we get a glimpse of Mimi, the high-nosed IRS agent auditing the farm. Jake claims he was in the Army when asked where he’s been the last five years.

Gracie the owner of the general store in town. Then there is the brooding and frail looking Dale who is her right handy person and who is tormented by the rich spoiled girl in town. To Gracie, Jake tells her he’s been playing minor league baseball since he left town.

Jake finds Emily, the newly engaged teacher to Roger and who had a past with Jake. She knows when not to believe Jake especially after he tells her he’s been in the Navy.

Then there are the Sheriff’s deputies watching the President’s state of the union address on TV.

Last but not least, sweet and strong Heather with a bus full of kids. They are on their way back from a field trip.

The residents of Jericho are living their normal lives no matter how complicated and simple they may be. It’s an ideal town to follow through this catastrophic event. Let’s see how they cope, adjust and survive the times ahead.
1) Gracie imparted some local gossip when Jake visited her at the store, who were these people she was talking about?
2) What was the name of that rich girl we all love to hate. Her family, we later find out, owns the salt mines
3) What does the quote by Jake above mean?
We’ve got 22 full episodes – 22! That’s almost double of what we had with Miracles. So we did get a treat even if we now see an end to this promising series. We’ll get by and we’ll find our own closure. By now we are so good at filling in the blanks, this should be painless compared to the cancellation that CBS had tactlessly gifted its devoted viewers.

We will rehash the story and keep our senses delighted with Skeet scenes, memorable quotes, find hidden or missed innuendos from each episode and yes – of course – Skeet close ups and screen captures. Forget CBS.

Coming up--- The bombings and aftermath….

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